The mission of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom is to unite, educate, and mobilize young Ukrainians.
The cornerstone of our mission is to build an All-Ukrainian network of young leaders. We pride ourselves on selecting members who follow our ideals, and who we believe have the potential for leadership.
Much of the our training for new members is focused on education and increasing awareness. Our members are taught through both experiences in the classroom and and practical experiences. Each and every member has the chance to learn about different spheres of leadership; from communicative skills to policy making.
Our organization takes direct action to change Ukraine. We are dedicated to mobilizing all our recourses and all of our leaders to support liberty. We are involved in a wide range of activities; from supporting policy proposals to hosting and funding events.
Ukrainian Students for Freedom had its beginnings in late 2014. We held the first libertarian event of its kind in Kiev. It was dedicated to memory of the great Georgian reformer Kakha Bendukidze. In his honor, the Summit gathered together more than 300 people. The event catalyzed the formation of a libertarian movement among our generation—the young people of Ukraine.
For Liberty
The summit gathered more than 300 people and launched the development of the Libertarian movement among the generation of young Ukrainians. Since then, our activists, acting on behalf of the international organization Students For Liberty, have organized many educational events in various Ukrainian cities.
Ukrainian Students for Freedom was established in 2016 as we realized that more than just education was needed to move our country forward. Our desire to live in a better Ukraine pushed us to rethink our mission. So, we developed our mission on two levels. We believe that this strategy gives us the ability to impact our politics in both the short run, and on longer time horizons.
With these changes came almost immediate results. Our pool of supporters grew exponentially. In the past year, we have expanded our active units to 7 regions in Ukraine. We aim to expand this network to all of the regions of Ukraine.
We are a non-profit project
who wants to change Ukraine for the better.
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