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Daniil is a Chief Executive Officer at the Ukrainian Students for Freedom. Currently he pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy in the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. He has been in libertarian movement since 2014, right after the Revolution of Dignity. He was moderator of the Liberty Classes in 2014-2015. In the spring of 2017 together with Mykhailo Lavrovskyi and Mariia Chaplia created Ukrainian Students for Freedom. Become CEO in the winter of 2017.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «I am in USF, because I believe that only a new generation can change our country. The generation of those who deliberately chose to remain, to fight and to protect our Motherland. For us, people who have been trying to change this country since times of Revolution is essential to unite. We believe that future Ukraine can be oasis for those who is thirsty for freedom. And we are working in order to create this oasis.»

Daniil Lubkin

Dmytro is currently studying at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and pursuing his Master’s degree in law. He is also a Vice-President of BETA Ukraine and a member of Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine. Dmytro found out about libertarian ideas in 2015 during Kyiv Liberty Classes. In 2017 Dmytro applied for a Campus Coordinator program and finally realized his libertarian nature. Since then Dmytro is a member of Ukrainian Students for Freedom.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «Being a part of USF team not only gives a great chance to develop personal skills and get precious experience. It also provides the unique opportunity to legally struggle for personal and economic freedoms, to reform old inefficient system of public governance and to change people’s view of state, rights and liberty. »

Dmytro Usik

Mykhailo is a co-founder of USF and the head of its advisory board. He grew up in the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia. He studied at the University of Chernivtsi from 2014 to 2016 and Donetsk National University from 2016 to 2019. In 2017 Mykhailo moved to Kyiv to develop Ukrainian Students for Freedom – an NGO he created with Mariia Chaplia and Daniil Lubkin to promote the ideas of liberty among Ukrainian youth. From 2015 Mykhailo was an active member of Students for Liberty, where he held the position of Regional Director for Eastern Europe. During the spring of 2018, he was a research intern at the Cato Institute, DC, USA. Mykhailo participated in the elections to Verkhovna Rada in 2019. In September 2019, he was appointed as the CEO of the Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation — leading pro-market think tank in Ukraine.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «For me, the ideas of liberty are not some imaginary ideals, but the purpose of my work. USF focuses on two things: youth and freedom. Youth, because we believe that only people born and raised in an independent Ukraine can change it. Freedom, because, as human history shows, it is a universal cure for the poverty of any nation. I, as well as like-minded people from USF, do not want to seek happiness elsewhere, but I want to build it here and now. Freedom has always been the highest value for Ukrainians. Therefore, I am convinced that it will be the best instrument for our prosperity.»

Mykhailo Lavroskyi
Любов Войтович

Liuba is a 4th year student at the Institute of Journalism of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. She studies «Publishing and media editing». Liuba joined the Ukrainian Students for Freedom in the summer of 2020. Now she works in the PR department of the organization as a social media manager.

Ukrainian Students for Freedom is an organization that develops the future generation of leaders who will change Ukraine.


Liubov Voitovych
Вероніка Купецька

Veronika is from Lutsk, where she finished 11 classes of school-lyceum. In 2018-2020 she implemented intense project activities at Youth Center of Volyn, she was appointed School Vice-President on this term, made a significant contribution to city students’ self-government. Also, she has been a member of the School Parliament of Lutsk. From 2019 to 2020 Veronika was registered at AYCO “Foundation of Regional Initiatives of Lutsk” and Youth Council of Lutsk. After Western congress in July 2020, she joined ”Ukrainian Students for Liberty”. In May 2020 she successfully passed the election to Ukrainian Leadership Academy. In September 2020 Veronika has started studying at Kyiv University of Borys Grinchenko in the educational programme ”International Law”.

For me, the USF mission is the main goal in the context of youth political and personal development. I believe that young people are now a potential driver of the whole society (Ukraine in particular) and in order to build a structured future in the country, to spread the ideas of personal freedom, such indifferent initiatives exist. I am proud to be a part of it. USF is about valuable experience, implementation of cool projects, changes here and now.

Veronika Kupetska
Єгор Шаповалов

Yegor was born and raised in Kropyvnytskyi, he was engaged in climbing and almost didn’t study from childhood, nevertheless, he succeeded in all areas. Yegor entered the Kyiv National University, majoring in international economics, and easily won the European Cup. He became a “domestic libertarian” in 2016 when he saw with his own eyes the striking difference between Hong Kong and China. After that, Yegor became interested in economics and became a real libertarian. He is currently working as a financial analyst and tells economic tales, as well as preparing for a marathon.

USF is one of the most important projects for me nowadays, and I am sure that this will continue for many years.  USF is about people. Those who are joyful and at the same time serious, initiative and even more initiative, pleasant and intelligent, erudite and those who have their hearts on the right side. The primary thing, USF is about individuals, each one with their destiny, happiness and grief, but immeasurably fascinating.


Yegor Shapovalov

Anton continues his law education at NaUKMA, where he attains Master`s degree. In the university he discovered libertarianism in the law perspective in the work of Brian Z. Tamanaha. Decided to join USF after participation in Student Model Congress (2018), which was organized by USF.

Anton Bondar

Alyona — PR manager of the USF. She was born and grew up in Berdyansk. Graduates of the Agents of Change School in 2017. She is a fourth year student at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University specializing in Advertising and Public Relations. She met with «Ukrainian Students for Freedom» during the first Student Model Congress and then she began interested in libertarian ideas.

Alyona Kara

Anatoly was born and raised in Kiev. From 2014 to 2015 he studied at the Nаtional Medical University. Since 2016 he has been pursuing Philosophy at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, searching solutions to the issues that Ukrainian society is faced. In 2019 he joined the USF, though he had known about the organization for a long time before.

Anatoliy Didyk
Кирило Димов

Kyrylo was born in Odessa. In 2015 he entered National University “Odessa Law Academy”, the Faculty of International Legal Relations, where he got a bachelor degree in 2019. He is currently a 2nd-year master at NU OLA of the European program TEMPUS. Since the school years, he has been engaged in active social activities such as charitable and volunteer projects, educational events. Since 2017, Kyrylo has participated in the provision of free legal aid for vulnerable groups of people. Since 2018 he has been a volunteer of the Odessa International Film Festival. In 2019 Kyrylo was one of the organizers of the “Vyshivankoviy Festival”. Since 2020 he’s been an activist of the Odessa branch of the NGO “Solidarity Youth”, as well as vice-president of the Student Trainee Exchange Programme of the European Law Students Association (ELSA Ukraine). Kyrylo is also a graduate of the Anti-Corruption School from NABU, the Young Reformers Lab program, programs for candidates in local elections from the National Democratic Institute. He is also a candidate for deputy of the Odessa city council in the 2020 local elections. Kyrylo became interested in the ideas of freedom becoming a member of the Students’ Model of the Congress in February 2020, and later – the Leadership Program from Ukrainian Students for Freedom. Since September 2020 Kyrylo has been head of the Odessa branch of the NGO “Ukrainian Students for Freedom”.

Ukrainian Students for Freedom is a team of incredible people who are changing the country and doing everything to make Ukraine a better place for us and our children. We make history, we influence processes, we make the government listen to the youth. We fight for freedom for every citizen of Ukraine since freedom is one of the most valuable virtues we have. We have the right to choose the place of study, we have the right to choose the music we listen to and the food we eat. We have the right to choose how to protect ourselves, how to treat ourselves and which cars to drive. We have the right to choose what to say and what to think. And, most importantly, we have the right to choose how we live. This is freedom. This is what we are fighting for


Kyrylo Dymov
Анна Тимошенко

Anna was born in Sumy, where she lived until she was 14, and then moved to the capital with her parents. She graduated from music and art schools, and from high school with advanced German. During her school years, Anna was an active leader of the student self-government of Kyiv, a participant and organizer of all-Ukrainian and international UN Models. She is currently studying at the Bogomolets National Medical University. Not only clinical medicine is of her interest: Anna is keen on art and social sciences. She became an activist of the USF in 2020 after participating in several events.

“Ukrainian Students for Freedom” is the largest and strongest public organization I know. These are smart, enterprising, persistent young people united by the idea of freedom. They demonstrate integrity, by showing an action, influence on the society that we live in, they make people more educated and change modern Ukraine. I say this honestly and confidently because I felt the role of these people for my outlook. I believe in USF, and I am proud that the organization has become an integral part of my life.

Anna Tymoshenko
Андрій Філіпов

Andrew grew up and lived in Zhytomyr, where he studied physics at the lyceum and then graduated from Zhytomyr Technological College (at KNUBA) with a degree in Software Engineering, and then entered the 2nd year of a private university UACU in Kyiv for international economic relations. He joined the libertarian movement in Ukraine after the Student Model of the Congress, where he learned about the USF. Since then, he has not missed almost any event that took place in Zhytomyr or neighbouring cities.

Each institution is not some abstract thing, but it consists of absolutely unique individuals. And USF is, uppermost, people: even if I knew that this is the only libertarian student movement in Ukraine, I would not have joined it if there was not such an incredible group of wonderful personalities. 

Personally, I find a view of economic relations in the libertarian ideas pursued by the USF because this is the only main thing that worries me in the actions of the authorities. USF opened a wide circle of like-minded people across the country, and in six months in the organization, I have friends in every part of the country. Besides, three of them visited me, and I came to stay at four of them. 


Andrey Filipov

Oleksii is a student and a public figure. Hailing from the city of Vinnytsia, he studies at the Vasyl Stus DonNU specializing in Political Science. From 2018, he is a volunteer and ambassador of the nationwide project «Building Ukraine Together». Organizes various events on the topic of national-patriotic education of youth and ecology. This year he passed the USF Leadership Program and became a member of the organization. Volunteer Coordinator at the “DILY” Eco-Festival.

Oleksii Nazarenko
Ярослав Жданович

Yaroslav moved in 2014 from Brzezany to Ternopil. In 2018 he received a bachelor’s degree from Ternopil National Pedagogical University in the field of “History”, in 2020 – a master’s degree in “History” and “Philosophy, analytics of social processes.” Since 2020 he has been studying for a postgraduate degree in Political Science at the Western Ukrainian National University. Graduate of the programs “Higher Political School”, “Institute of Political Education”. Trained in a think tank — VoxUkraine.

Chief Specialist of the Youth Policy Department of the Ternopil City Council. Youth worker. Project coordinator of the NGO “Ternopil Science Center”. Member of the Supervisory Board of the NGO “League of Students of Ternopil Region”. Regional coordinator of the personal and professional development program “State Creator”. Regional coordinator of the contest “Youth Capital of Ukraine”.

He joined the libertarian movement in the summer of 2019, when he got to the next USS congress in Vinnytsia. He founded the center of “Ukrainian Students for Freedom” in Ternopil.

«Ukrainian Students for Freedom is a community in which it is convenient to be yourself. A community whose members share the values ​​of a free Ukraine and a free market.»

Yaroslav Zhdanovych
Іван Котляров

Ivan is an activist of the USF. He was born at the town of Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, where he finished 11th grade 3 schools. In 2020, having entered the Kharkiv National University, the internal certificate for the specialty “jurisprudence 081” At August 2021, the rock is going with successful leadership programs, joining the Ukrainian Students for Freedom. He is engaged in cycling tourism and writing scientific statistics about law and history, also he likes volunteering, and he’s especially delighted with children at different rates.

«In philosophy, freedom is independence, the absence of oppression and restrictions that link the socio-political life and activities of any class, society as a whole or its members. But for me it is freedom of choice. A person must choose where to study and work, where to live. A person should have the right to think and say what he thinks. Every opinion, even a false one, deserves respect. No bad thoughts, no bad tastes. But some states, forgetting about freedom, restrict access to information, prohibit expression, monitor individuals, and prohibit free movement in the world. And how many economic relations are limited by the state! Only by moving to full economic freedom can we forget about stagnation and restore the country’s economic development. That is why I believe that without will we cannot feel safe, we cannot find our place in a world where our rights are constantly restricted.»

Ivan Kotlyarov
Євгеній Бурлай

He was born in a nice place, Kherson region.
I’ve been doing sports all my life, but sometimes I spend more time sleeping. I love to lie down with “crumbs” and watch cartoons)

«USF is a big and fun family.»

Yevhenii Burlay
Алекс Леврінц

Alex is a USF activist. He grew up in Uzhhorod, where he graduated from school. From 2017 to 2021 he studied at the Uzhhorod National University in the field of “Geodesy and land management”, from 2021 he changed his specialty to International Business. He joined the libertarian movement in the summer of 2021 at the USS Congress on the Kyiv Sea. In his early student years, in addition to studying, he traveled a lot and discovered how other nations live and tried it on himself, which developed an objective vision on the standard of living of many nations. Which inspired him to change something in his own country for the better.

 «The idea of ​​freedom is not just a concept, it is a lifestyle. Freedom is the most important value today and I like that USF sees and values ​​it no less than I do. USF is free youth and youth who strive for freedom. This organization understands how important it is to coordinate a fresh and progressive young brain for things that will rebuild this country for the better. There is an extremely large potential that cannot be missed.»

Alex Lawrence
Владислав Курочка

Vladyslav was born in Cherkasy, since 2018 is a student of Cherkasy State Technology University, Speciality “Political philosophy”. From that moment he became interested in public activity and political life of Ukraine. In 2021 he joined the USF in order to find a force that could change the future of Ukraine.

«During my, not so long life, I had the opportunity to try life in other countries but decided not to look for a better life, but to create it. Since then, I have been looking for people with whom I can make changes, protect and restore civil rights. I see my future together with USF because I see in these people the potential for making changes. Often, it is students who become the driving force of the country’s development, and therefore such a combination of young people united by the ideals of freedom is a powerful tool for creating the future.»

Vladyslav Kurochka
Анастасія Умецька

Anastasia is a USF activist. She was born in the city of Nikopol, but for greater opportunities moved to relatives in the Dnipro at the age of 9, still lives here. In 2020 she entered the Alfred Nobel University in Dnipro, specialty “Political Science”. She has always been at the school for comprehensive development and participated in all competitions and contests. 2018-2020 was the winner of the regional Olympiad in Spanish. 2018-2019 was the winner of the regional competition of scientific works in the Academy of Sciences. At the university in the first year (2020-2021) she took part in 4 conferences and the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in e-democracy. In the spring of 2021 she passed an internship at the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration. When choosing a specialty, she decided that she wanted to further develop not only herself, but also her state and its citizens. Therefore, she chose political science and from the first year began her career in community service and volunteering. In 2021, she became a member of “Duit” and an activist in the USF. In addition, she practices aerial gymnastics and has been playing chess since she was 6 years old.

«USF is about a large scale. The scale of opportunities for public figures, the scale of the number of like-minded people, the scale of the desire to develop and to be developed. Every night in the company of the members of USF is accompanied by breathlessness and ants on the skin from incredible success stories and dreams. For me, USF is motivation and inspiration.»

Anastasia Umetska
Старенченко Олександра

Lesya is the youngest USF activist. She was born in the beautiful city – Chernihiv, where she studies and graduates. From an early age she was interested in political life and volunteered. Already at the age of 14 she began to lead an active political life, joining pro-Ukrainian organizations that share her views on the development and future of Ukraine in general.

«I have known about USF for a long time, and from time to time I traveled with them at various actions and rallies. However, she was able to become a member only this summer, in the Leadership Program. Why did I choose this organization? Because they share with me the idea of ​​freedom, which is very important to me. After all, as the great Nelson Mandela said: “Freedom is indivisible; the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me.” After the Leadership Program, I realized that I want to change the country for the better with this team, with these people, side by side to build our country.»

Olexandra Starenchenko
Тетяна Коробова

Tatiana is a USF activist. He lives and studies in Dnipro. She entered the specialty “Political Science” in 2020. He is also the head of the press service of the public organization “Duit”, which deals with youth development in the Dnipropetrovsk region. She joined USS from the Leadership Program in 2021 in the summer.

«USF, in my opinion, is a very cool organization, thanks to which you can develop firstly yourself, and secondly spread it to others. You are very charged when your environment is always striving for something new and modern. There is always some progress that always pushes you to fantastically steep steps. I am very glad that I came across these sunny and relevant people.»

Tatiana Korobova
Ірина Купчак

Irina grew up in the city of Kalush, where she took an active part in the life of student government. Since 2019 she has been a student of the Cherkasy Educational and Scientific Institute of the University of Banking of the educational program “Management”, where in 2020 she was elected the head of the student government. Attended the largest youth summit “BOM”. She joined the libertarian movement in the summer of the 2021 Leadership Program.

«Ukrainian Students for Freedom» associate me with the fact that: This is young people who create change in the state; -is an environment of like-minded people who protect and embody the ideas of Freedom; This is the opportunity to be who you want to be.»

Iryna Kupchak
Софія Рябоконь

Sofiia was born and bred in Kyiv. For some time she used to be a professional athlete; she also has a title of Master of Sports of Ukraine in synchronized swimming (or artistic swimming). At the present time, she is a forth-year student at the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” (NaUKMA) with a specialization in “International Relations, Social Communications and Regional Studies.” In addition, she`s doing her Bachelor’s degree in Management in sports activities at the National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport. Sofiia is a member of the International Relations Club (IRC) at NaUKMA, which was founded by her aspiring group-mates. In the coming year, she will volunteer for the LevelUP project working in a non-governmental organization in Iași, Romania. She hopes that in the future she would be engaged in cultural diplomacy. Sofiia joined the USF after completing a leadership program in 2021.

«Long story short: fire holds no terror for this brood» (рядок із балади Шевченка “Гамалія”; переклад Дж. Віра)

Sofiia Ryabokon
Софія Миронюк

Sonya who became a member of USF just by applying for the Leadership Program and only then she liked the people there and the whole idea of organization. She’s from the small but really beautiful and inspiring town, Zalishchyky. And if you had never heard about it just look at its pictures and enjoy it. She took a gap year after graduating from school and she thinks it was one of the best decisions she’d ever made. She studies Political Science in Ukrainian Catholic University, travels a lot, writes nice texts, runs almost every morning and sometimes goes to international programs.

«As already mentioned, I learned about the organization by accident – applying for the Leadership Program – and already there, getting to know the ideology and views of the members of the organization, I realized that they are close to me and that I want to be part of this community. I see great strength in the giant youth movement, which is based on the right (in my opinion) values, the participants of which are incredibly interesting and intelligent individuals. Therefore, I know that we will continue to create a country of free people, as we are doing it now.»

Sofiia Myroniuk
Олександра Григоренко

Olexandra is an activist of the USF. She was born and lived in Kryvyi Rih until she was 17 years old. After school, she entered the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv for the program “Cultural studies”. She joined the USF Lviv branch in August 2021, when she entered the Leadership Program.

«For me, freedom is the highest human value. USF allows me to promote this idea among Ukrainians in the community of my like-minded people. I am sure that the very people who fill the USF are the driving force of our country. These active, progressive, talented and unrestrained young people are changing our homeland for the better every day. Freedom, and as a result a happy successful society, is what I strive for together with the USF.»

Olexandra Hryhorenko
Віталій Ткачук

Vitalii. He lived in Zdolbuniv, near Rivne. Student of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadim Hetman since 2019, Economic Cybernetics. In Zdolbuniv, the deputy chairman of the youth council. In Kyiv, the chairman of the social and cultural committee of student self-government of his own university. Likes to joke.

«USF [ukrainian: УСС] is not only Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen [ukrainian: УСС too]. 🙂 It is a modern student movement that seeks to integrate the ideas of freedom into everyday life. They are united by the fact that they are ready to do everything for Ukraine, to make the maximum effort that they have.»‎

Vitalii Tkachuk
Юлія Назар

Yuliia Nazar has been an active member of Ukrainian Students for Freedom (USF) NGO since 2021. She was born and raised in the picturesque and beautiful city of Ternopil. She studied at the elementary school with in-depth study of the foundations of economics and I.Franko Ternopil Ukrainian Gymnasium. At present, she is mastering the occupation of “Design” at Ternopil Cooperative Vocational College. She takes an active part in the student life of the college and she is the chairman of the Student Government. Studying problems young people are faced with urged her to search for information and like-minded people, whom she found among the active members of the «Ukrainian Students for Freedom»‎ (USF) NGO. Participation in the Leadership Program 2021 shaped a clear vision of the future and made her realize that students and young people are the driving force of our country.

«Young people, students, in particular, have always been the driving force and have taken leading parts in all the most important events in the turbulent history of our nation. I am convinced that it is the conscious youth, coming from all over the country and united in one team, will be able to change the situation in Ukraine for the better. Freedom is the most valuable thing we possess, it is something we have been fighting for throughout centuries, and still, we limit ourselves within some boundaries, restricting our freedoms, losing the opportunity to be free through illiteracy and our own ignorance. Therefore, I believe that young people should unite and defend their freedoms together, improving their own positions, ensuring a secure future for themselves and their country.»‎

Yuliia Nazar
Олександра Волошина

Olexandra is an activist of the USF. She was born in Rivne, where she studied at a school with in-depth study of foreign languages, then moved to Kamianets-Podilskyi, where she graduated from the historical profile of the lyceum. Since 2017 he has been studying at the Ternopil National Medical University in the field of “Medicine”. She joined the libertarian movement in the summer of 2021, when she became a member of the Leadership Program on the shores of the Kiev Sea.

«”USF – is about people.” You will hear about it constantly and from everyone who is in this organization. And it really is. It is about those conscious students who have an irresistible desire to change something for the better, to defend freedom and build a country. It’s about those people with whom you understand, they are so close, about those who are always ready to help and support you. It is about those who will give you the sincerest hugs, their warmth and energy. These are insanely inspired people who are constantly working to make us all comfortable living in the country we call home. USF is about freedom. Everyone’s freedom to be themselves, to be individual and independent. USF – about opportunities. Opportunities to create, implement their ideas and promote them in the lives of Ukrainians. USF is about lifestyle, home and people.»‎

Olexandra Voloshyna
Юлія Ткачук

Julia was born and raised in Sambir, Lviv region. In 2020 she graduated from high school and entered the Ukrainian Catholic University, where she studies sociology. From school she took an active part in the life of the community of her city, she is a member of an organization that cultivates team work, leadership and moral qualities. In addition, Julia has been working (on a volunteer basis) with children for several years, organizing camps and helping with studying. In 2019 she participated in camps from Peace Corps, so she has experience working with American volunteers and organizing community projects. She is interested in politics, participated in the UN Model Student and the UN Model Summer School together with NaUKMA and MacEwan University in Canada. At the moment, there is a VP of Finance and Fundraising in the UCU MUN Club. She joined USF in 2021 after the Leadership Program.

 «After the Leadership Program, I realized that I had become a member of another incredibly cool family. Yes, USF is a family, which you can share absolutely everything with joy and sorrow, victories and failures, laughter and tears. Here you are accepted as you really are, you are listened to and heard regardless of someone’s own beliefs and opinions. USF is about freedom in all its dimensions. Also, Ukrainian Students for Freedom are people who really cares, people who not only talk about problems but clearly act to solve them. USF members are people who are committed to a common idea, values ​​and work in spite of everything. The educational part and purpose of the USF is very important, because it allows us to keep abreast of all current events and political processes in the world, and in Ukraine in particular. However, it is definitely me, you and we who move this community and our country.»

Julia Tkachuk
Катерина Якимечко

Katya studies to become an actor at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. She has been involved in orienteering since childhood. Katya loves the freedom she can feel in her hobbies. She wants to see more confident and free people in everyday life. Now she is an activist of the USF since Program of Leadership 2021.

«USF for Katya is impetus to do useful things with like-minded people, that know what they want and go to their aims confidently.»

Kateryna Yakymechko
Дмитро Гребенюк

Dmytro was born in Zhytomyr. He started working as a designer when he was in high school. Now he works at, a startup that makes the best cryptocurrency tracking app, as well as at BWN Group, which is focused on the improvement of Ukrainian electronic services.

I have been interested in libertarianism for a long time, and since 2020 I have been helping the USF center in my city.

«Among the USF I found wonderful and free people, with whom I can do a lot of cool projects. USF for me is the opportunity to improve my country and, someday, the whole world =)»

Dmytro Hrebeniuk
Катерина Скидан

Kateryna is an activist of the USF. She was born and raised in Severodonetsk. From 2019 to 2021 she studied at the National University of Pharmacy as a pharmacist-cosmetologist, but took a sabbatical. Now she is developing his own business. Tattoo master. She joined the libertarian movement in the summer of 2021

«I believe the USF will come to what everyone needs: a free society with a minimal role of the state in all processes.»

Kateryna Skydan
Богдан Малик

Bohdan is a USF activist. He grew up in Kyiv, where he finished school. He has been studying Law at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy since 2020. He takes an active part in student life: a member of the student organization “KYT” and “Buddy”. He devotes his free time to self-development, participates in various scientific conferences and he is interested in the possibilities of non-formal education. An active member of ELSA and EYP. Conducts active public activities. He became interested in the libertarian movement at the end of August 2021, when he joined the Leadership Program.

«Once I heard from His Beatitude Liubomyr Husar the following statement: “Your freedom ends where the freedom of another person begins”. This seemingly simple statement stuck in my memory. Since then, I began to assemble the puzzle of the concept of “Freedom”. For me, freedom is an opportunity. Opportunity to choose, to use the rights we have. It is tolerance and respect for others. But this is not the end of «Freedom» — it is something much more, something that I will learn with USF.»

Bohdan Malyk
Юлія Зюбровська

Julia is a student, activist in the USF and in life. She was born and raised in the village Bila near Ternopil, although she spent most of her time in Ternopil, where she finished school. In 2020, she joined UCU for the Ethics-Politics-Economics program. In addition to studying, she is a member of the student organization POLITclub UCU, where she writes and voices podcasts, writes achievements for social events, organizes various events. She did an internship at the Vox Ukraine think tank. Now she’s having an internship in the consulting organization Hromada UA.

«The USF organization was a revelation for me. And I am sure that one day it will become such a discovery for many young people who will change our country for the better – in the direction of the ideas of freedom and justice. The values of freedom have always been close to me, so I am very glad that I was able to join an organization whose value base is freedom. Although our state is going through many trials, if there are such organizations as USF, there is definitely hope for the better days we are making today.»

Julia Zyubrovska
Єлизавета Михайлина

Lisa was born and raised in Kramatorsk. She is a second-year student at the Faculty of Economics of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. She is studying International Economics. She loves math, drawing, screenwriting, dreams of an acting career, in her free time likes to make toys, play the ukulele and read books about Statistics and The Witcher. Lisa knows how to organize any event, and she will love to create decorations for it. Everyone close to her says that she is a sincere and empathetic girl.

«‎USF is an incredibly friendly team united by a common idea – to change Ukraine for the better. These are people with whom you can communicate with any of those. These are people you can contact with any request. USF is about sincerity, help, warm hugs and smart people. When I got here, I finally realized what I needed in life.»

Yelyzaveta Mykhailyna
Тетяна Кошарська

Tatiana was born and continues to live in Zhytomyr, where she graduated from english gymnasium. She is currently a 3rd-year student at the Zhytomyr Technological College, majoring in Software Engineering. The events of the Revolution of Dignity and their consequences strongly influenced her views and ideas and, having become better acquainted with libertarian ideas at the course “Svoboda 101” and at the Program of leadership 2021, she joined the organization. She is currently part of a small (yet) Zhytomyr center.

«‎USF is really a family that is not connected by blood, but by common ideas and spirit, what links all of us even more. It is an organization that unites people who can change our country for the better. Also there are people with whom you can laugh, relax and spend hours discussing various topics.»

Tatiana Kosharska
Кирило Іванов

Kyrylo is an USF activist. He grew up in Severodonetsk, where he graduated from school and is currently a fourth-year student at the Volodymyr Dahl East Ukranian National University, majoring in International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies. He was imbued with the ideas of libertarianism back in 2018, because according to him, these are the very ideas that reflect his inner convictions and attitude to the world. He joined USF when he went through selection for the Leadership Program in 2021

«Ukrainian Students for Freedom is one of the few organizations in Ukraine that promotes changes in society and the state for the better through the ideas of individual freedoms and minimal state intervention in all spheres of life. It is an organization that promotes the idea that the happiness of each individual is the most important value and that really implements these ideas. That’s why I’m with USF.»


Kyrylo Ivanov
Назарій Бірдус

Nazarii is a rational person with an optimistic outlook on life. He graduated from 179 gymnasium in Kyiv with a bunch of unnecessary diplomas and entered KPI to understand what ‘computer science’ is. At the same time, he studied journalism, where he received a diploma with honors, and his parents are very proud of this fact. Most of the conscious life is associated with the desire to travel and entrepreneurship. That’s why he regularly gets involved in dubious startups because the experience of failure is much better than its absence. As of 2021, he continues to study at KPI.

«Sooner or later, people begin to ask existential questions. What is the meaning of all this? What is my role? And no matter how tempting the idea of copying the answer from someone may seem, you have to look for the answer for yourself. When these questions came into my life through long reflection, I found the values that I now consider to be the benchmarks for myself: freedom and justice. Fortunately, I am not alone in these aspirations, I have found a circle of like-minded people who are ready to support and ready to act. That’s why I’m in USF.»

Nazarii Birdus
Богдан Хромець

Bohdan is an activist of the USF. Born and ended school in Kyiv, where in 2021 he entered KNUTE, specialty of “International Economics”. In the period from 2018 to 2020 took an active part in organizing “Model United Nations” conferences in Kyiv. He learned about USF in 2020 from the “Stop Shkarlet” protests. After participating in the “Leadership Program 2021”, he joined the «Ukrainian Students for Freedom».

«Since childhood, I dreamed of changing life in Ukraine for the better. While I was growing up, I became interested in rhetoric, politics, economics, history, philosophy, and over time, my aspirations and ideas took shape. Freedom, as the highest value, the ideas of libertarianism and later the USF played a major role in shaping my worldview. I see the path that Ukraine must follow and in the USF I’ve found a community that shares my aspirations and ideals. Ukrainian Students for Freedom is a family of like-minded people. Our views may not coincide in everything, But we all dream of one thing – to change Ukraine for the better. And we will do it.

Bohdan Hromets
Ольга Гайдай

Olga was born in Kryvyi Rih, where she graduated from a lyceum with honors. In 2020 she moved to Kharkiv, where she is currently studying at the VN Karazin Kharkiv National University at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. She learned about the libertarian movement from a friend and, interested in its ideas, joined it in mid-2021 when she decided to join the Leadership Program 2021.

«For me, Ukrainian Students for Freedom is a very wide range of opportunities and a community where people inspire and charge to act; it is a special atmosphere, invaluable experience and new acquaintances; a place where you will always find support and are not afraid to be yourself.»

Olha Haidai
Антон Мельохін

Anton is an activist of the USF. He was born and raised in the small town — Oleshky, near Kherson. He graduated from Oleshkivska gymnasium №1 in 2019. In the same year he entered the Kherson National Technical University, majoring in 121 ‘Software Engineering’. He is the head of the student rights protection sector in the student parliament and leads an active lifestyle at the university. He learned about USS through a friend and joined the libertarian movement in August 2021 at the Leadership Program in Kyiv.

«USF are people who inspire and push you to change in the country. People who know what can make Ukraine economically free from other states. These people know that everyone has their own rights and is a free person. It is in USF that there is an atmosphere of protection and love. Together with these people, I can change the country and do better. USS is a family I found and I don’t want to lose!!!»

Anton Melyokhin
Аліна Голенко

Alina was born and raised in the Khmelnytsky region. Since 2018 she has been studying at Ternopil National Medical University. Specialty “Pharmacy and Industrial pharmacy”. From the second year, she is a member of the Student Parliament of TNMU, where she worked as the head of the Information Sector for the last term. She joined USS in 2021 for Leadership Program.

«USF for me is first and foremost about people. People who are impressed by their active public position and desire for change, who are ready to fight for their ideas till the last. I got to know about the USS in 2020 and just admired their courage, so when I saw the questionnaire for the Leadership Program, I immediately filled it out. USS is about freedom, ideas and family!»‎

Alina Holenko
Володимир Доценко

Volodymyr is an activist, political scientist and just a good person. He grew up in Odessa, but it is not entirely clear where he was born. At the end of the ninth grade of school, he was faced with a choice: to develop spiritually, to carry the light of science into the darkness of ignorance, or to become useful to society. In 2018 he became an electrician. Then he changed his mind and in 2020 he entered the National University “Odesa Law Academy” in the direction of “Political Science”. Co-founder of the public organization Center for Political and Legal Studies.

«To me, freedom is not a suspicious abstraction from academic walls, but rather a practical principle for achieving happiness that rests on two pillars: tolerance and responsibility. The most successful societies are free societies, and they are not known for unity, but for diversity and tolerance of cultures and worldviews that are not destructive. And only in such a society does a person bear responsibility for his life, for the decisions he makes, he values the fruits of his labor and is responsible for the consequences of his actions for those around him. It was in the “Ukrainian Students for Freedom” that I found myself in full agreement with these beliefs. It was as if the “Ukrainian Students for Freedom” saying: «Do you like this future? Take it and do it! We’ll help you, just take it and do it!»»‎

Volodymyr Dotsenko
Максим Шуляка

Max was born in Dubno, Rivne region, but grew up in Lutsk. There he graduated from high school (studied in three schools, by the way). In 2019-2020 he carried out active project activities in the Youth Center of Volyn, together with youth NGO “FRI Lutsk”. In 2021 he graduated from the Ukrainian Leadership Academy (Kharkiv). He studied at Lutsk National Technical University in the field of “Management”. He also participates in the Erasmus + exchange program in Lithuania. He joined the libertarian movement on the Leadership Program 2021.

«I have always defined freedom as one of my core values, without even understanding the reason, I accepted freedom as an axiom, as a given, as what should be, and what you cannot get rid of. But, as people say, only those who have been deprived of it can feel true freedom. I was lucky to be born after the Soviet Union, and it would seem like why should I complain? But the Maidan, the Russian aggression in the eastern region of Ukraine have shown me that freedom is not really such an ephemeral, flying value in the air. It is absolutely tangible, and it really becomes much more tangible, just when someone are trying to take it away. I’m an exchange student in Lithuania, I have traveled to many countries, but I had no desire to stay there, I had a different thought in my head: “I want Ukraine to be even better.” And I am ready to work and work, and now I have another great team – USF.»

Maksym Shuliaka
Ганна Шойко

One day, 9th-grader Anya bought a Netflix subscription and turned on the series “Suits” – from now on her life will never be the same… Now she is studying at NaUKMA Law School, fighting for human rights, filming moments in photos, collecting vinyl and continuing to dream of becoming the Harvey Spectrum one day.

«For now, for me, USF is an enterprising youth that promotes the ideas of libertarianism, but I hope that someday USF will become a family and a circle of like-minded people for me.»

Hanna Shoiko
Олександра Корінь

Oleksandra is a student of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Studying at the Faculty of Economics for the specialty “International Economics”. She was born in Kyiv. In the past she was a professional karate athlete, holds such titles as Europe and world champion. She took part at MUN conferences on repeated occasion, in 2018 was the best delegate.
Also, she takes part in volunteer activities and the organization of forums on a regular basis. Love art house movies, techno festivals and daddy Freud. Got acquainted with the concepts of Liberalism in 2021 at the summer leadership program of the “USF”.

«For me, USF is one of the opportunities for the realization of creative ideas and thoughts. And at the same way, a place where you can not only find friends who you will spam memes, but also to form the right outlook on life.»

Oleksandra Korin
Максим Джаман

Max is an activist of the USF. He grew up in Chernivtsi, where he graduated from the Lyceum of Philosophy and Law № 2. Since 2020 he has been studying at Chernivtsi National University in the field of “Geodesy and Land Management”. He joined the libertarian movement in 2021 after completing the Leadership Program.

«For me, Ukrainian Students for Freedom is first and foremost a community and environment in which I can move, people and my country to a free and prosperous life together with like-minded people.»

Maksym Dzhaman
Валерія Домасова

She was born and grown in Chornomorsk , where she has done some volunteer projects which help of the “School of Leaders”. Now she studies film directing in Kyiv University of culture, and she is dreaming to convey ideas of freedom with help of art

«For me, It is a place where I found like-minded people , It is an opportunity to improve myself and make the world a better place.»

Valeriia Domasova
Павло Гуль

Pavlo — average student of Kyiv-Mohyla academy, which appreciates ideas of economic freedom.

«USF has become an ardent interest for me. I want to be really important by communicating with the members of the organization.»

Pavlo Gul
Юлія Мащенко

Julia is a girl from the beautiful city of Ukraine, Cherkasy, where she lives, studies and works. Her specialty is a teacher of foreign languages, she’s fond of dance and art. Since 2021 she has been an activist of the USF.

«USF are people who want a better future. USF are the events that bring together Ukrainians and people from all over the world. This is an association that can change Ukraine for the better!»

Yulia Mashchenko
Богуслава Чех

She was born and raised in Lviv. She studies at the Lviv Polytechnic National University. She became a member of the «Ukrainian Students for Freedom» in 2021.

For me, «Ukrainian Students for Freedom» is about possibilities. Possibility to be in an environment of active like-minded people. Possibility to study together, to rest together, and to change ourselves and our country.

Bohuslava Cheh
Катерина Поліщук

Kateryna studies at “History and archeology” faculty, Grinchenko Kyiv University. She had lived in Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Vinnytsia cities, but after that she moved to Kyiv.
Kateryna studied at Ukrainian Leadership Academy at 2019-20 years.
She is interested in the topic of education in Ukraine, educational activities for children and youth.

«I’m not sure if I fully felt what USF is in practice. At the same time, at the start I can say for sure about: values and commitment to ideas in all actions; love and inspiring atmosphere within the community.I feel sincerity in USF and actions “not for a tick”. And according to this, that actions have the impact on the output 🙂 Glad to join!»

Kateryna Polishchuk
Катерина Каширна

Kateryna was born and raised in Kropyvnytskyi. During 2002-2015 she professionally danced in the folk choreographic ensemble “Snowdrop”. A graduate of the Central Ukrainian Scientific Boarding Lyceum of the Kirovohrad Regional Council. She graduated in political science at the Volodymyr Vynnychenko Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University (2019) and in public administration and administration at the National Academy of Public Administration, under the President of Ukraine (2020). The main interest is youth and educational policy. She was an active member of the branches of public organizations “Let’s do it, Ukraine!” (coordinator of the eco-festival CHISTOFEST), “FRI” (activist), “Ukrainian Association of Students” ( the creation and head of the regional department 2018-2019, president of the organization December 2019 – April 2020). Her achievements include the revival of the city’s youth council and the creation of a regional youth council. She studies memes as a political technology and a tool for influencing the consciousness of the electorate. Believes that the public sector needs to implement an institutional approach in its activities, as well as adhere to the values ​​declared by them.

«I knew about USF since its inception, but joined in 2021. What is this organization about? I will answer in the words of W. Churchill: “Hawks fly higher if they fly against the wind.” USF is really like that because the desire to live in freedom and be free is strengthened in the actions they take. I know for sure that joining the USF is a significant period of my life.»

Kateryna Kashyrna
Богдан Білецький

Bogdan is studying law. But he did not make this choice on his own – he was helped by dozens of people from different organizations, generations and fields of activity. And he is proud of it, because he values ​​people and communication the most and tries to take the most from it.

And Bogdan is a perfectionist. He likes to do everything perfectly and not give up, even if he has to go around a hundred roads).

But because self-esteem is most valuable to him, he wants to talk about this path: he wanted to win sponsorship for an environmental project from Unicef, did not win, so he passed several academies and organized World Cleaning Day in his area.

«For me, USF is three months of subconscious understanding that you have finally found YOUR NGO that will ACCEPT and SUPPORT you. And then, 6 days of COMMUNICATION with people from ALL OVER Ukraine, from different specialties, but with an easy origin of conversation, because you are united by a common idea of FREEDOM. But all the members say that USF is a family, and although I feel that USS is only the relatives, I TRUST that I will also become a member of this family.»

Bohdan Biletskiy
Вікторія Вербовецька

Victoria is a USF activist. She was born and raised in Lviv. In 2018, she began to actively engage in volunteering and activism in the field of ecology, urban planning and politics. In 2021, she became a co-founder of the Pustomyty Youth Council, where she worked on the creation of the Youth Center, entered the UAP at the Faculty of Journalism, and became an activist of the USF

«I first learned about USF when I was looking for like-minded people who were ready to support Serhiy Sternenko. Then I realized that USF is a community that is united not only by an idea, but also by real actions. USF is those students who are united by the same thirst for freedom and future that united students on granite in 1990 and on the Maidan in 2004 and 2014. USS is about hot hearts and cold minds»

Victoria Verbovetska
Ксенія Полякова

Ksenia is a USF activist.
She was born and lives in Chernivtsi, where she has been studying at the Chernivtsi National University Professional College of Yuriy Fedkovych since 2020.
After the Leadership Program 2021 joined to the libertarian movement.

After entering college, she is actively involved in public activities. In addition to USS, she is a deputy of the Youth Council at the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration, she is delighted art and SMM.

«USF for her are people who are ready to change themselves and the world around them. These are gatherings of like-minded people who always turn and are ready to help at any moment. USF is a powerful team that strives to make our country better and free.»

Kseniia Poliakova
Данило Юркевич

Danylo is a USF activist. He grew up in Chernivtsi, where he graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum. Since 2020 he has lived in Kyiv, where he studied at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute at the Faculty of Information and Computer Engineering. He joined the libertarian movement after the Leadership Program 2021, although he had been interested in libertarian ideas before, thanks to friends. He found out about USF through the meeting “Freedom to Sternenko” organized by them in Chernivtsi.

«USF is first and foremost about the people who fill it. And the filling of USF is really great. An organization that has gathered so many ambitious, smart and active people together cannot be bad.»

Danylo Yurkevych
Лідія Мошенська

Lidiia was born and raised in Kharkiv, where she now studies in V. N. Karazin University. Her major is history and archeology. Since February 2018 she started to volunteer as a member of the youth organization AIESEC. She graduated from the Mariupol branch of Ukrainian Leadership Academy in 2020. Lidiia joined «Ukrainian Students for Freedom» in August 2021 during Leadership Program.

«For me freedom is one of the core values. It’s something that in my opinion unites all Ukrainians. That’s why I’m glad to be with people who share my ideas and explore together the ideas of freedom.»

Lidiia Moshenska
Всеволод Марценюк

Vsevolod adheres to three basic rules:
1. Keep learning all the time. The world never stands still, so self-education allows me to keep up with the times.
2. Do it well. Perfectionism helps maintain quality. If you study, then for the maximum score. If you participate in a competition, then win. If you take on a project, then make it perfect.
3. Inspire others. Teamwork is one of the most effective working methods. Therefore, the ability to maintain a team spirit is important.

«Ukrainian Students for Freedom is a team of incredible people who pay special attention to educational projects for young people, acquaint young people with the works of prominent philosophers and the works of great economists. Everyone has a choice: does he want to be free. Freedom of mind is exactly what makes us truly free. You can be free physically, but the mind is more important. Education is an essential foundation of this freedom. That is why my like-minded people and I pay so much attention to educational projects.»

Vsevolod Martsenyuk
Богдан Чумак

Bohdan was born and grew up in Vinnytsia. Later he moved to Kyiv to study at Taras Shevchenko National University, majoring in Economic Cybernetics. During his student years he became actively interested in economics and libertarianism. In 2021 he became an activist of the USF. Runner, mountain climber and train lover.

«As for me, liberty is a key value. It is impossible to imagine my life without it and I want to defend and fight for the opportunity to feel free. In USF I found those people who share my ideas and beliefs. Together, we can make our dreams come true!»

Bohdan Chumak
Ірина Саєнко

Iryna is an activist of the USS. She grew up in the city of Sumy. In 2019 she took part in the project “School of Leaders of Change” which was aimed at improving the city. In 2020, she attended her first protest and a few months later learned about the USS after the “Stop Scarlet” action where she participated with the Sumy branch. In 2021 she graduated from art school. Lysenko and received the award as the best student.

«”Ukraine will be free or uninhabited”, these words mean a lot to me and in order to spread and defend the ideas of freedom, I joined the USF. But if we move away from pathos, USF is a cool community, vibe people with unreal life stories. USF is something more than just an NGO about freedom, USF is a family.»

Iryna Saenko
Микита Русаков

Mykyta was born in Kryvyi Rig. After finishing school, entered lyceum, studying in the English department. After having passed ZNO, applied at KNLU with a degree in Marketing and advertising. “Saying frankly: that’s possible to try studying economics in the university of linguistics”. In 2021, Mykyta joined the USF.

«And slowly we moved to my opinion about USF. Everything has just started for me. That’s why I’m full of hopes. However, on USF, when I am listening to the others, saying “USF is a family”, I begin to agree with them. I see those friendly, caring people. There is a special atmosphere. And this is not only about love, but their willingness to act. Next to these people, you start being active, curious, motivated to further changes.»

Mykyta Rusakov
Дмитро Бураков

Dmitry is studying economics, in 2018 he worked in Austria, and from 2019 in corporate finance. He reached freedom ideas empirically in work and scientific researches. Since 2020 he has promoted a free economy on his own channel and book-writing from 2021. He believes that it is always necessary to move towards freedom, and his task is to know how to do it.

«USF is a group of active people united by freedom. That’s the opportunity to promote ideas to a friendly and focused community that will synergistically make us more effective and bring our ideas to reality. An investment in the future that I am willing to make.»

Dmytro Burakov
Ельвіра Полупан

Elvira is a representative of the active youth of Ukraine, who understands that helping others is her vocation and that the well-being of our country depends on the coordinated work and interaction of each of us. She lives in Kharkiv, a city that inspires and provides all opportunities for self-development. She is a 2nd-year student at Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, majoring in International Economic Relations. She recently graduated from the Kharkiv School of Volunteers AVA (Active Volunteer Association), is currently a certified volunteer and is actively involved in organizing many events in the city of Kharkiv. An empathetic girl who is used to living at a crazy pace and doing a lot of important things at the same time.

«USF for her is the most sudden, but is the best decision in her life. USF is first of all about people, opportunities, self-improvement, travel, training, a realization of dreams and own ideas. This is something that will stay in the heart forever.»

Elvira Polupan
Віталій Зубик

Vitaliy is a student who, in the 5th year of his studies at the university, managed to jump into the last train and became an activist of the USS and never regretted it. He was born from Ternopil, and obtained a granite bachelor’s degree in law in Lviv. He loves to travel to Ukraine, because trip is, first of all, freedom, and for him it is the main value. During his student years, he actively participated in self-government at the university. From 2016 to 2020 he was a member of the Student Council and the Academic Council of the Faculty of Law of LNU. Ivan Franko. In addition, in 2019 he passed the competition and took part in the all-Ukrainian exchange of students between universities, which gave him the opportunity to be for 2 weeks at the Ostroh Academy.

«USF is first of all about people. People who love and respect their freedom and others. Freedom to everything: views, thoughts, actions, etc. These are people who do not care where they live and what happens in society. They have their values, principles, virtues and adhere to them. USF has united and unites cool, sincere people with whom you want to do great things. This organization is designed to shape the minds of young people, for whom it is important to develop their country and build a society of conscious, thinking people.»

Vitaliy Zubyk
Нікіта Храмов

Nikita is an activist of the USF. He was born and raised in Kyiv, where he also attended high school before enrolling in Taras Shevchenko National University. To answer the question “who will you work for after graduating from university?” he chose a speciality that would be more interesting – political analyst. Yes, because this occupation, according to Nikita, will aid in the transformation of Ukraine. Is a great economist capable of assisting the country? Without a doubt. He can do it, but only if he is given the chance.

«I am convinced that freedom is a necessary element of a healthy society, but people are often pushed incompatible ideas with freedom instead. In order to fight them effectively, the accumulation of paternalistic myths and the belief in a “strong hand” requires like-minded people. It is for cooperation and fruitful work with people for whom freedom is not just a good word – I am where I am – in the USF. Of course, if we move away from the pragmatic part and think about people, I was extremely impressed by their quality. This is the best community I’m happy to be in.»

Nikita Khramov
Оксана Огієнко

Oksanka was born in Kyiv. She is only a three-year law student, but she already works as a lawyer of Revolution of Dignity and in NGO “Save Protasiv yar”. She knew about USF on Kharkiv lawmaker school, where not only legalized sex-work and also knew about libertarianism.

«Here is i have believed in myself.»

Oksana Ogienko
Даніелла Дешко

Daniella’s native town is Mukachevo. She was a volunteer in a local public organization and worked as a project manager. She loves photography and ski freestyle with everything in her. Daniella was a member of the national team of Ukraine from 2018 to 2020. After participation in Leadership Program 2021, she joined Ukrainian Students for Freedom.

«Freedom for me is not just 7 letters, but the most important value. I believe that it is what mostly makes people happy. Joining USF became a turning point in my worldview and perception of personal, economic, and political freedom. People here are in complete love. USF is family.»

Daniella Deshko
Артем Іваницький

Artem successfully reviewed the biographies of the USF participants and was impressed. Future participants may not survive that experience. So Artem made sure everyone survived and left his biography unchanged.

«I love people. I love people more than anything, even more than food (and I can call myself a foodie). USF is the catalyst that caused the biggest surge of that abstraction in my heart that is called love, because to meet so many people in one place is not an easy task.»

Artem Ivanytskyi
Марія Анісенко

Maria Anisenko is a student, active, goal-oriented, vivacious, good choreographer. She studies in the 4th year of the International Economic Relations specialty. In the first year, she became head of her department and held the position for 3 years. She is engaged in volunteering and community activities, development and accommodation of projects. Organizes trainings, seminars, lectures. She is a member of two youth councils.

«To me, USF is a great homeland, a great family, students, young people who can change our country for the better with their strength, spirit and attitude. Show everyone that pain and change them. The freedom to express your thoughts and words can scorch history, and the most interesting things can happen.»

Mariia Anisenko
Олександр Якібчук

Olexandr is an activist in the USF. He grew up in the village. Lazeshchyna, Rakhiv district, Zakarpattia region, where he graduated from school. From 2016 to 2020 he studied at the Yuriy Fedkovych National University of Chernivtsi in the field of “History and Archeology”, in 2020 he entered the master’s program at the Yuriy Fedkovych National University (specialty “History and Archeology”). He joined the libertarian movement during the Leadership program “Ukrainian Student for Freedom” in August 2021. In 2019, he volunteered for the International Archaeological Expedition led by the University of Austin (Texas, USA) and the University of Bucharest (Bucharest, Romania). In 2020 he became a deputy of the Youth Council at the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration.

«For me, the idea of freedom is a goal that should be pursued by every individual who strives for self-development. In its activities, USF relies on the following things: freedom and individualism. Freedom because, as history shows (the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity), the ideals of freedom are interconnected with the development of Ukraine, and it is the ideals of freedom that will give a chance for development. As for individualism, it is a necessary thing for each individual to develop himself, and it is individualism that will give a person the right to self-expression.»

Olexandr Yakibchuk
Дмитро Бондаренко

Dmytro is an activist of the USF. He was born and raised in Uman, where he is studying in 11th grade. From an early age he was interested in geography and political science. Dmytro joined the USF 2021 and taking his first steps in political career.

«Freedom for me is ability to make decisions and be responsible for them. When I learned about USF, I realized that this organization was exactly what I was looking for. Libertarian youth formation, which promotes individualistic values ​​and provides prospects for development in political life of the country for the most talented and active students.»

Dmytro Bondarenko
Володимир Устименко

Volodymyr Ustymenko, born in Cherkasy, is currently studying at the Cherkasy State Technological University, majoring in Political Philosophy. He has been involved in public activities since 2018 and is a member of several public organizations. For the last 2 years I have been engaged in political activity, I ran for deputies of the city council in the local elections of 2020, but I did not become a deputy. I am currently an assistant deputy.

«USF is the opening of the year for me. Over the last year, I have been observing the activities of the organization and realized that in most things my views coincide with the fields and actions of the organization. USF are young people in whose eyes that eternal flame of freedom burns. When you see the eyes of these young people, who are filled with a thirst for freedom and positive change, you cannot stay away. So I decided to join and give a part of myself to this organization, to these people. And I am sure that when these thousands of ardent hearts unite, we can do everything and we will do it. Together and to the end and this day will come.»

Volodymyr Ustymenko
Софія Грещук

Sofia has been an activist in the USF since 2021. She grew up in Zbarazh, Ternopil region, where she graduated. He is studying in the 2nd year of the bachelor’s degree of Ternopil National Pedagogical University named after Volodymyr Hnatyuk. Actively participates in the student life of the university.

«USF for me, it’s about free people. Free in terms of their rights to life and activity. We want and make the future where the young generation is the generation of change. People here are the main driver.»

Sofia Hreshchuk
Святослав Гніздовський

Founder of Alter Ego — a mobile app, collection of mental models and philosophical therapeutic practices from the greatest historical thinkers. Harvard University Fellow. BA in Global Economic History at Ukrainian Catholic University.

«As a person who works at the intersection of academic research, technology, and entrepreneurship, I see the ideas of freedom as particularly applicable. I believe in the Ukrainian libertarian movement and assume it has a great potential for creating a unique startup ecosystem in Ukraine.»

Sviatoslav Hnizdovskyi
Денис Трохимчук

Denys is an activist. He grew up in the city of four cultures — Berdychiv. From 2017 to 2020 he studied at the Zhytomyr College of Pharmacy after graduating it he entered the National University of Pharmacy in Kharkiv. Unfortunately after some time he realized that pharmacy is not his vocation therefore he decided to be transferred to distance learning. In that time Denys entered the UAL and found himself absolutely passionate about design. In 2021 Denys decides to join the USF.

«For me, USF is about struggle and change, not only external but also internal, about friends, community, hugs and self-building. USF is about freedom in all its senses. It is important to have a community that shares your values ​​and is ready to defend them. This organization has become one of the reasons why I am still not an immigrant to any of the Western European countries.»

Denys Trokhymchuk
Єгор Цецульніков

Yehor is a new USF activist. He was born in Mykolaiv in the Russian family. In 2017, he completely changed his usual environment by entering the history department of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. At the time of 2021, he has not yet left the most relevant specialty of “the best university in Ukraine.” He studies the Spanish experience of state transformations towards democratization and integration into the European community. Among the main achievements: victory in the defense of work at the Academy of Sciences on the achievements of the Reich in the field of shipbuilding during the occupation of Ukraine in 2017; volunteering as a translator at the 2018 Champions League final; teaching Spanish in Algeria under the AIESEC project. Joining the USF is a natural evolution. From vivid episodes to a system of self-realization.

«A universal tool for implementing both their own ideas and long-standing projects in the regions and beyond. The youth is already going in the right direction, and the USF is giving the diamond a cut. So the chaotic thirst for non-standard young people turns into a structured worldview based on the values ​​of freedom. And most importantly, with the ability to choose exactly how you evolve.»

Yehor Tsetsulnikov
Софія Євменкіна

Sofia is a USF activist. She grew up in Slavyansk, where she graduated from high school. She has been studying at NaUKMA in Economics since September 2020. She joined the libertarian movement in August 2021, when she joined the Leadership Program.

«I consider freedom to be the most important human value. That is why USF is suitable for people who are also not indifferent to personal, economic and any other freedom. Being part of USF means constantly finding like-minded people and generating new ideas that should make our world a better place.»

Sofia Evmenkina
Сергій Щербина

Serhii has been a mathematics teacher in the village of Didivshchyna, Kyiv Region, since September 2021. He teaches at the school for the program Teach for Ukraine. He was born in the Odesa region in the small village of Kozatske. Prior to his teaching career, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, worked as a developer in Odessa IT companies. A graduate of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy.

«Freedom is one of the greatest pleasures in this life. It is important to understand it, protect and not restrict others. It was in order to learn this even better that I joined the USF in 2021.»

Serhii Shcherbyna
Уляна Завадецька

Uliana is a USF activist and an active volunteer. She comes from Ivano-Frankivsk region. She is currently studying in Lviv. Actively participated in student government, danced. She graduated from art school and arts and crafts. From 2017-2021 is a student of LNU named after Ivan Franko.
Joined the libertarian movement after the “Leadership Program” in 2021.

«USF is an opportunity to show your public speaking skills, it is an acquaintance from all parts of Ukraine. It’s a huge community of like-minded people who want to live in a free state. It’s a huge family that will always support you, encourage you and inspire you to take action.»

Uliana Zavadetska
Ольга Гордовська

In her hometown of Kremenchuk, Olga graduated from the Polit Lyceum and entered the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics in 2020. She is interested in science, culture, cannot imagine life without sport. One of Olga’s hobbies is debate, thanks to which she defined her views as libertarian.

She joined USS in 2021 after the Leadership Program.

Olha Hordovska
Віталій Козенко

Vitalii is a football player in the past, a doctor in the future. He was born in Konotop, smoked his first cigarette at the age of 3, after which he was probably vaccinated against them for life. From 10 y.o. he played in the football team at national and international tournaments abroad. At the age of 17 he entered the NMU.O.O. Bogomolets, where he studies now.

 «USF is about a young impulse directed in the right direction. USF is a place where you can not know anyone, but talk to everyone. USF is a place where you can feel at home.»

Vitalii Kozenko
Тереза Барчук

Teresa is a student, a new USF activist. She was born and lived most of her life in western Ukraine, city of Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Since 2019 she is studying in Kyiv. She studies Eastern culture, Arabic and Judaism. In the summer of 2021, she has been taking part in the USF Leadership Program, where she decided to join the organization. She believes that there is no perfect political and economic system, but she respects libertarianism a lot and considers freedom as a basic human value.

 «USF is a community of young proactive people, who knows what they want from the government and from themselves. For me, it’s about a common vision, movement and community spirit. Work hard, play hard, join the USF:)»

Teresa Barchuk
Ілона Мітусова

Ilona was born and grew up in Kramators’k, Donets’ka oblast’. She has become a resident of the project theater laboratory, where was able to meet and learn from cultural figures of Ukraine. A member of multi-artistic association “DЄD”. She took part in the international project “The future of Europe”.
Ideas of liberty have always been crucial in her life and she found out about libertarianism thanks to Program of Leadership by USF, after which she has become a member of the organization.

«I firmly believe that freedom is one of the most important values ​​of humanity. Freedom to act, speak, choose. That is why the ideas of libertarianism turned out to be so close and understandable to me. Therefore, I‘ve been happy to find a community that unites extremely different people who have similar values ​​and are ready to defend their position and fight against the improper functioning of the system. We love our country, so we care about its future, and as it’s known to be in our hands. I am proud to be a part of this big family that brings changes for the better future of our state!»

Ilona Mitusova
Святослав Попович

He was born in the municipality of Zolochiv in Lviv region. From 2016 to 2022 he studied at the National University “Ostroh Academy” in the field of “Political Science”. A grassroots activist, engaged in political and legal education. He participated in election campaigns as a functionary of the election headquarters.

«For me, the USF is a cool company of diverse people where you can find like-minded people as well as soulful libertarian theorists. Yet, in spite of everything, some of these people can become such close brothers and sisters to you that you are ready to go through life with them.»

Svyatoslav Popovych
Ніка Токаренко
Bila Tserkva

Nika has been an USF activist since the summer of 2021. She was born and grew up in a town near Kiev called Bila Tserkva. There she graduated from 11th grade. In 2017 she entered information technology at the Vinnytsia University of Technology (VNTU). In 2021 I finished my bachelor’s degree. I went for a master’s degree at the same university.
During my student years she was an active member of European students’ organization BEST (Board of European students of technology). For 4 years of my membership was the organizer of many events. And also spent the whole year at the Executive Board in the position of Vice President for Human Resources.
She attended two international student courses in Romania (2018) and Greece (2019).
Since 2020 works as a project manager in an IT company. When he has free time, he is engaged in photography.

«From the first day of the Leadership Program, I realized that freedom is something that can be achieved. That “state affairs” are not only state affairs. The Ukrainian people can influence everything that happens. And first of all we are Ukrainian students who can change the future of Ukraine. I have hope and fire, which will definitely help us at least for a while to get closer to our goal.»

Nika Tokarenko
Олександра Козловська

Oleksandra — USF activist, psychologist. She grew up in Vinnytsia, but has lived and studied in Kyiv since she was 16 years old. Oleksandra believes that if you want to change the country for the better, you must be those changes. I got into USF quite because of my friend, who has been a member of this organization for 2 years.

«What is USF — it’s a family, it’s change, it’s the future.»

Oleksandra Kozlovska
Ярослав Буханенко
Yaroslav Bukhanenko
Орест Микитюк

He was born in the beautiful city Chernivtsi of Bukovyna land. He absorbed love to Ukraine with mother’s milk. At the age of 1 his first word was “Bandera” instead of expected “mom” or “dad”. He took part in Maidan when he was only 14, because even at a young age he was understanding that independence should be fought for. And now at the age of 20 he enters USF, becomes serious civil activist.

«I believe the future of USF depends on its members only. Freedom and strong principles are strengthening this organization.»

Orest Mykytiuk
Олександра Ковалик

Oleksandra — member of USF. Joined organization this year. Work as a journalist.

«In USF I feel like part of the big family and big idea. »‎

Oleksandra Kovalyk
Олександр Андрєєв

Born and raised in Odesa, he was studying in lyceum “Prymorskyy”, where he was an active member of a city-wide student government association. Despite numerous clashes with the school administration, he graduated successfully and got the highest possible grade for the Ukraine-wide English final exam. He was a student of Ukrainian Leadership Academy in Kharkiv, where he first discovered the USF organisation. In the spring of 2021 he founded an NGO “MO “APOKAZHY” and remains its leader to this day. He joined USF on August 24th, 2021. Oleksandr is residing in Kyiv at the moment, where he studies social work at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. He is an active citizen and a volunteer. Currently, he performs an internship at Vox Ukraine.

«I’m used to hearing the words “You won’t change anything”. These words are inherited from the soviet oppressive government that was clamping down upon any hint of individual initiative and freedom. But I wasn’t getting it: why I won’t change anything? I’ve got my body, my brain, and my beliefs: you can do anything with these! That’s why I was doing and will continue to do what I believe is right – just because I am able to do that. And if anyone will try to stand in the way, the only way forward is to fight back. In USF everyone does the same thing – fights for their freedom and beliefs. That’s why it’s an honor for me to be a part of this community of people who believe in the same ideas as I do, who aren’t scared of uncertainty, who are truly free and proud to be. Do you hear their sing?»‎

Oleksandr Andreev
Джастін Есіобу

Justin is a fresh and motivated USF activist who joined the organization this year. His whole life is connected to Kharkiv. He grew up there, graduated from school in 2019, and is currently a third-year student at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University studying at the School of Law. During the time at the University, he took part in more than ten different educational (and other) events, projects, courses and internships in different parts of Ukraine. The brightest experiences he had were: in 2019-2020 – successful completion of the course “Critical Thinking and Advocacy in a Free Society”, which was taught by American and Canadian professors, lawyers, prosecutors and judges, as well as participation in a complete Moot-Court resulting in the Internship 2020 conducted by The Leavitt Institute For International Development (TLI); in 2020-2021 – participation in the IX and X Summer Schools “Rule of Law and Constitutionalism” involving judges of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts of Ukraine, the European Court of Human Rights, as well as other prominent pundits of the Ukrainian jurisprudence. Equally valuable for him was his participation in the Leadership Program 2021, by virtue of which he got acquainted with the organization as a whole.
Now, Justin, besides his activism in the USF, is an active member of the European Youth Parliament Ukraine, GR-Manager of the Students League of the Ukrainian Bar Association – Kharkiv Branch, a player of the professional basketball team “Kharkivski Sokoly-Universbasket”, and author of several scientific works on philosophy and law.

«USF for me is, foremostly, a platform of consciousness. All the Ukrainian citizens, as well as citizens of many other modern democratic and social countries, are granted with a myriad of rights and privileges. However, the majority of them forget that the price of possessing these rights is carrying respective responsibilities. Indeed, from my point of view, one of the elements of genuine freedom is inventiveness and going beyond ONLY past a complete study, comprehension and perception of rights and responsibilities (or other fundamental opposites) in their entirety. By coordinating this process, focusing primarily on youth and valuable learning, Ukrainian Students for Freedom are gaining their widespread recognition.»

Justin Esiobu
Руслан Лаврущак
Ruslan Lavrushchak
Мар'яна Багдай

Mariana — student, activist, finding and creating myself.
Honestly, I cannot describe myself in 3 words – so contact me and we will communicate!
From Drogobych, graduated from the gymnasium. One year have studied chines philology at KLNU. Took an academic pause and spent 10 months at the Ukrainian leadership academy. Now studying politics at UCU.

«Enjoy being free and create a free society. Freedom is the greatest value for me, want to be a part of building it in my country.»

Mariana Bagday
Ніка Дмитренко

Nika grew up and graduated from school in the small town of Lubny in Poltava region. She joined public activism in 2020 from BUR-camp. Acquaintance with USF took place in 2021 on the Leadership Program.

«USF for me is people with very different views united by one understanding of freedom.»

Ніка Дмитренко
Сергій Черевань

Sergey was born into a family of teachers. Since childhood, he was fond of history and literature, dreamed of becoming a writer. True, later his interests changed: he was interested in IT, the guy even headed a programmer’s circle at school.

Since 2019 he has been studying at KhNURE with a degree in Software Engineering. Sergey is a member of the university debate club, actively participates in the social life of the university.

«For me, libertarianism is not just about the free market and the right to self-defense. This is the awareness of the direct threat emanating from the state. My goal is to build a limited and decentralized political system in Ukraine.»

Serhii Cherevan
Сергій Подтинченко

Serhii is a brave dream worker. He was born in Odessa but now do his best to take the capital by his talent. He is a 3rd year student of Kyiv national university of culture and arts. His biggest dream is to become a famous actor.

«‎I was faded for long, trying my best to find a real home, a real family. USF — is a place of brave honest strong people, who make big things happen, who fight for Freedom and help people follow their dreams.»

Serhii Podtynchenko
Катерина Воєвода

Kateryna grew up in Kyiv and is an alumna of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy. She fundraised 70 Ukrainian-language books to the Bakhmut Library. During 2020-2021 she volunteered for 220 hours. One of the organizers of an educational forum for young people from Crimea and the East of Ukraine. She worked for 3 months in the organization UAnimals, which protects animals rights. She is a first-year student at UCU, majoring in Political Science.

«‎In USF I found a wonderful community of people with whom I want to create Ukraine. I feel unity with students from all over Ukraine and I understand how powerful we are together.»

Kateryna Voevoda
Ярослава Ланевич
Kryvyi Rih

Yaroslava is an activist of the USS. She was born and lives in Kryvyi Rih, where she graduated from school and college in the restaurant business. In 2021 she entered the college in Enterprise. Since 2018 she has been a plastunka of Kryvyi Rih. She is an active volunteer in Kryvyi Rih.

«For me, freedom is about freedom of choice. I saw an advertisement on Instagram and learned that my friend is already an activist of the USS. This is the best team of like-minded and real friends. I think we will light up and show us.»

Yaroslava Lanevych
Аліна Бугаєнко

Social entrepreneur, an active student of USF and a bit of a philosopher.
Since 2020 she has been a student of KNEU and the Ukrainian Social Academy. Head of the organization “Enactus KNEU”. Founder of the social enterprise “Gradus DOBRA”.

«USF is a community of those who take responsibility for the future of their country, rather than complaining about its past. It’s a family of strong, interesting, ambitious, ideological and free students. We are moving towards a common goal together, because, as E. Lets said, the price we have to pay for freedom decreases when demand grows).»

Alina Bugaienko
Тетяна Зарубич

Tatiana was born in the small village of Kulykovychi, where she graduated from elementary school. Later she moved to live closer to Lutsk in the village of Rovantsi, where she studied. She always studied well, because even then she knew that knowledge is the key to success. In 2017, she entered the Lutsk Pedagogical College to become a teacher. She had dreamed about this profession since her childhood.
Since her student years she has been interested in civic activities.
He is currently a member of the Youth Council of Volyn, the Student Council of Volyn and the Deputy Chairman of the Student Council of Lutsk Pedagogical College.
She admits that she found about USF by accident, but as soon as she saw it, she immediately filled in a questionnaire for the 5th Congress of the Leadership Program 2021, which changed her outlook and vision for life.

«USF are young strong leaders who are needed by our state, who are united by a common idea, the same vision of change at all levels.»

Tatiana Zarubych
Анастасія Тьопенко

Anastasia Topenko is a student of one of the best universities in the country. She was born and raised in Fastiv, Kyiv region. He devotes a lot of time to work and self-improvement. In her free time she pursues hobbies and develops herself as a portraitist.

«Everyone understands and perceives freedom in their own way, but it has one meaning. Every day more and more people think about it. USF was just that impetus for change for me, and I started these changes with myself and my thinking.»

Anastasia Topenko
Олексій Гришин

Oleksiy is a USF activist. He was born and raised in Kharkiv, where he graduated from school. At school, he was most interested in history, but due to the belief that it is impossible for a historian to make money, he entered the Kharkiv Aerospace University, majoring in systems analysis and management. Around the same time, he became involved in music, and over the next four years participated in various music projects in Kharkiv as a bass guitarist. For some time he worked in heavy industry as a locksmith and electrician. As part of this work, I visited Russia for the first time, but was very disappointed in the Russians. In 2020, he received a bachelor’s degree and continued to study for a master’s degree in the same specialty where he is still studying. He is currently working in the IT field as a WEB developer.

«USF for me is a hope for the future of Ukraine. Throughout my life, I realized that I could not hate anyone or anything as much as I hate the USSR. USF, in turn, gives faith in the fact that the vast Soviet legacy, which is no longer possible to erase from the heads of my parents’ generation, at least will not be passed on, and will no longer be able to spoil the lives of free Ukrainians.»‎

Oleksii Hryshyn
Володимир Літвіненко

Volodymyr Volodymyrovych — Lviv public figure, psychologist and lawyer, delegate from USF. He was born in Mukachevo, where he graduated from law school. In 2019, in connection with his ideas, he moved to Lviv, where he gradually moved to the management of Ivan Franko Lviv National University, having not studied for a day, he took the documents and transferred to the specialty of law. In 2019-2020 he was the PR Manager of the international organization Isaac. In the winter of 2020 at the All-Ukrainian Congress he became acquainted with the ideas of liberalism and in 2021 became the Lviv delegate from the USS, and since then he has been a real Student Chaplain.

«USF is something that cannot be included in 5 sentences or in the info package of the program. A place where open, sincere and courageous youth are built. Freedom above all, it is worth noting that we understand that everyone has it from birth. Liberal organization where the main value or priority is the Personality.»‎

Volodymyr Litvinenko
Ярослав Гриньов

Yaroslav is an activist of the USF. He was born in the glorious city of Dnipro, but grew up in the small town of Izmail, then later moved to his hometown of Dnipro where he continued his studies at school and after graduating from 2016 to 2020 in the “Professional College of Rocket and Space Engineering DNU” for in the field of “CNC machine tool maintenance” later retrained and entered from 2020 to 2023 in the “National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine” and is now a third-year student receiving a bachelor’s degree in “Information Technology and Modeling in Economics”. He joined the Libertarian Movement in 2021 on a leadership program.

For me, USF is a very unusual experience, since I happened to be accidentally given a questionnaire by my informatics teacher and I filled out the questionnaire. After completing these leadership program, courses, I realized that it is our ideologies of freedom that coincide and that this is the place where I can feel free and fight for my freedom not alone, but with someone. USF are those people with whom I would like to compete for the idea of freedom and well-being. And together with them to realize their ideas, and possibly projects.

Yaroslav Hryniov
Анна-Андріана Онисько

Anna-Andriana has been an activist of the USS since August 2021. She was born in Lviv. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a teacher. After school, she entered the Ukrainian Leadership Academy, so she was living in Kyiv for a year. Traveling through Ukraine, listening to interesting lectures, Andriana understood what she would like to do in life. After ULA, she entered the Ukrainian Catholic University, the program “Ethics-Politics-Economics”. Andriana is currently an intern at the Center for Civic Initiatives, volunteers for Lviv Volunteer Kitchen and orphanages, does sports, likes art, and works as an English and math tutor. She loves freedom, life, people and her cat.

«As obvious as it may sound, USF is about freedom. Moreover, freedom in everything. Freedom is supported here, both at the personal and state levels. As a future political scientist-economist, I am very impressed by this. Freedom is progress and something without which no state could succeed. Freedom is the most I want for Ukraine.»

Anna-Andriana Onysko
Кирило Білітюк

Kyrylo comes from Volyn region. He studied at Lutsk NTU in economics. He is currently receiving a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Trade, Exchange activity. Interested in economics, technologies, commercial activity. Member of the European Circular Economy Forum 2019, LEAP 2021 Summit. Joined the libertarian movement by 2021 after participating in the Leadership Program.

«There is no life without freedom, without the air that is given to us from birth. It, like love, is the most necessary postulate of existence. Understanding this opens a bright path for us and inspires to work fruitfully in a team of like-minded USF.»

Kyrylo Bilitiuk
Юлія Костів

At the time of joining the USF, Julia was 17 years old, which she spent in the most picturesque city — Chernivtsi. After graduating from the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, and after a year at the KNU majoring in Applied Mathematics, Julia still decided that law, as a specialty, she prefers. And now, for 2 years, she has been studying in the specialty and at the university that she really likes. It was her active student and a social life that led her to libertarian ideas, and later to the Program of Leaders, from which this story began…

«From childhood, little Julia fought for justice, but it was not always possible to achieve it. That is why, at a more conscious age, she decided to join the USF to change the state for the better together with like-minded people today.»

Julia Kostiv
Олександра Квятковська

Olexandra is an activist and a member of Rotary International from Cherkasy. Introduces youth policy and promotes libertarianism among the youth of the city. Represents Ukraine and its youth at the district level and is always indifferent to the problems of society. “Service beyond self” is one of the key principles of her work.

«The fire of freedom is exactly what lives in my heart and echoes in the principles of the USF . This is not just a common phrase engraved on my body – it is real hope for a better future for our people, whose idea unites the hearts of USF members from different parts of the country. This is the way to fight for the generation of unborn offspring, which makes our hearts beat in unison and the blood boils in our veins. This is exactly what unites, unites, kinship and nourishes us. This is all of us.»

Oleksandra Kvyatkovska
Єлизавета Крохмальова

Lisa was born in Luhansk, graduated from school in Kharkiv and went to university in Kyiv. She has been volunteering since 2018, and that was the first step to an active social position in life. Lisa is USF activist since 2021.

«USF is an unreal community of charming people. Here you can find both support and motivation for new achievements. We strive for freedom and justice. «Ukrainian Students for Freedom» not only talk about it — but also fight for what they believe. There are so many stories, so many ambitions and plans… I’m really proud to be a part of it.»

Yelyzaveta Krohmaliova
Любов Битківська

Lіubov has been an activist of the USF since August 23, 2021. She was born in Ivano-Frankivsk region. In 2016 she graduated from ninth-grade school. In the same year she entered the Ivano-Frankivsk College of Technology and Business, where she studied “Finance, Banking and Insurance”. After graduating from college, she entered the Institute of Management from the Western Ukrainian National University. Since 2021 she has been studying Marketing at one of Lviv’s universities.
In 2020, in her free time from work and study, she started volunteering.
She joined the USF team at the 2021 Leadership Program.

«‎How to understand what your core values ​​are? — To answer the question, “For what are you ready to give your life?”. I’ll say i have this is freedom”. The history of Ukraine has made us understand its price. The older generation has made us understand how important youth activity or inaction is for the country . I want to be useful to Ukraine, to build it for future generations. We will be happy in old age if the youth of the country is happy. That’s why I joined the USF.»

Liubov Bytkivska
Артур Шевцов

Artur was born and raised in the city of Uzhgorod. In 2017, he began his studies at the bachelor program of Environmental Science in Lviv. After few years, however, he reconsidered a variety of questions concerning his life, the outer world and the society, in which he lived. As a result, currently, he is doing his Master’s degree in Philosophy and is a member of USF.
Apart from his activity in the organization, Artur always strives for learning and working on his worldview. This especially applies to his proactive language learning and philosophical inquiries.

«I believe that every mature citizen of whatever country has to be purely conscious about those principles that he perceives to be the most valuable for maintaining healthy and responsible society. However, reasoning alone cannot do the whole job, because if it does not lead to deliberate actions, this is no more than a completely disengaged fantasy. USF is a powerful team of leaders that focuses on precise actions directed at the achievement of the well-being of the Ukrainian people, instead of merely pretending to do so. Moreover, they are people who have a clear understanding of what they strive for. These two characteristics will inevitably lead us to achieve our most principal goal, which is to ensure Freedom and dignified existence of the Ukrainian people.»

Arthur Shevtsov
Валерія Мізин

Valeria was born and raised in Khmilnyk, Vinnytsia region. In 2019, due to her extraordinary love for the sea, she moved to Odessa, where she is currently studying at the ONU named after II Mechnikov in the field of “management”. She became interested in libertarianism during university lectures and decided in 2021 to join the Leadership Program.

«For me, USF is an association of proactive youth, the best of the best and the most effective way to change Ukraine, because students are the driving force. These are people you can rely on and go hand in hand with. It is both an informal community and an important activity.»

Valeria Mizyn
Ірина Будзан

Ira was born and raised in Lviv, graduated from high school with a mathematical bias “Yeshan”. Since 2019 she is a member of the non-government organization “Debate Federation of Ukraine”. Since 2020 she has been studying Psychology at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

«USF for me is a community of people united by a strong belief in the idea of ​​freedom. This is about an organization that is already doing everything to improve our state. It is about understanding that without struggle you will not achieve anything and readiness to fight to the end.»

Iryna Budzan
Максим Лань

Born in Lviv, Maksym is still studying at school at the senior year. In June 2021 he participated in the St. John’s University’s summer program. Maksym will start his first year at the university in fall 2022. He speaks fluently in 4 languages. In August 2021 he joined USF.

«I joined the libertarian movement in August, at the end of the leadership program.»‎

Maksym Lan
Микита Анікєєв

Mykyta — was born in the city of Stakhanov/Kadiyivka. He studies at ENU V. Dahl at the Faculty of “Information Technologies and Electronics”. In 2020, he became interested in the activities of the USF. He joined the USF in 2021 on the leadership program. Engaged in economics and volunteering.

«I see the USF as one of the driving forces for the freedom of Ukrainian society. It is a free society to be a stronghold of the proper well-being and prosperity of Ukraine.»‎

Mykyta Anikeev
Дмитро Дараган

Dmytro is an activist of USF. He was born and grew up in Kharkiv region. From 2019 has been studying at Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, earning a bachelor’s degree in computer design. Until 2020, he was inclined to left-wing radical ideas, but in that year he became more acquainted with the ideas of libertarianism and classical liberalism, although he was initially critical of them. At the same time, he has learned about USF. During the quarantine and self-isolation period, he had a lot of time for reflection and studying philosophy. Eventually, he has realized that socialist and communist ideas are unviable and had nothing in common with the ideas of Freedom, and he had chosen classical liberalism. In 2021, he finally decided on his views, passed the “Leadership Program” and became an activist of the USF.

«USF is a community of people, who builds his country according to ideals of Freedom, as it should be. These people were born free and they haven’t another way, except stay free. Freedom of Ukraine costs very much, but there are a lot of things to do, so, we mustn’t stop now, we must achieve our goal — really Free Ukraine. USF unites free and zealous young people, without whom the achievement of our goal is impossible.»

Dmytro Daragan
Анастасія Горяйстова

Anastasiia was born in Kherson, but all her life she spent in beautiful and small town Nova Kakhovka. In 2020 finished Economical Lyceum, and she took a part at Ukrainian Leadership Academy. From 2021 started to study at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (Slovens’ka respublika).

«I began to explore what libertarianism is at the age of 15, and during this time I realized that my political views directly stem from my ethical ones: the ideas of freedom, individual sovereignty, and objective morality are at the heart of them. First of all, «Ukrainian Students for Freedom» for me is about young people – an active community with a clear ethical position and specific goals for changes that we are ready to implement in our country.»

Anastasiia Horiaistova
Катерина Мальована

Kateryna Malovana is a 4th-year student as an international economist at Shevchenko University. I visited the leadership program 2021. I learned about this organization from an acquaintance. Having visited it, I will say that it’s cool to find like-minded people who understand you.

It was fun, especially morning exercise and getting up. People support and understand you. Like-minded people increase your self-esteem and self-confidence. I recommend visiting the organization. I also recommend simplifying the introductory courses, because they look a bit totalitarian towards future members.

Kateryna Malovana
Єгор Осіпов

Yehor is a KNUTE student who entered the Leadership Program at the invitation of friends, but despite his skepticism, he is very surprised that there are similar organizations in Ukraine. After that, he realized that libertarian ideas not only converge very well with his own views, but also demonstrate how it is possible in practice to achieve prosperity for all citizens of our country.

«USF is a place where you can find like-minded people who also value freedom and individuality. And this is great, because the future of this country and the whole world is behind free and extraordinary people.»

Yehor Osipov
Павло Олексієнко

Pavlo is just a regular activist from Kyiv department of USF. He was born in Oleksandriya city, where he had lived until university admission. Pavlo is very interested in software engineering and math, that’s why he is studying “Applied Mathematics” in Taras Shevchenko KNU. He was enrolled in libertarianism in 2018 when he met with the Ukrainian and Russian communities and started to study political philosophy. Pavlo successfully tried in helping the community by developing useful software. He believes that the absolute principle of private property is the key factor in achieving a free and eudaemonistic society.

«USF is a true family. It is a community that shares the principles of freedom, non-violence, private property and personal responsibility, people who respect each other and help individuals and society develop. Here you can find those with whom you will change the world for the better, real people who are not afraid, do not hide, are honest and responsible. USF is the only one of its kind and definitely the best.»

Pavlo Oleksiienko
Роман Царук

Roman was born and raised in Kolomyia in the Carpathians. He graduated with honors from Kolomyia Medical College, then entered the Vinnytsia National Medical University, but after a while changed his profession and became a student of the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. During his student years he was an activist of NGO FRI” and NGO “Student Brotherhood of Vinnytsia”: he organized events, worked as a social media manager and accountant; has extensive experience in volunteering.

«I am convinced that the key to the prosperity of a society is respect for everyone’s rights. As Nelson Mandela said, «To be free is not just to break the shackles, but to live in a way that respects and increases the freedom of others.»  Ukrainian Students for Freedom is a combination of a hot heart and a cold mind of active students, people with whom I share my life values.»

Roman Tsaruk
Дмитро Євдокимов

Dmytro is an activist of the USF. Originally from the Sumy region, where he graduated from high school.
He studies at Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv. During his studies, he took two academic vacations. The first for the UAL, the second – for service in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
He joined the libertarian movement in the summer of 2021, during the USF leadership program.

«For me, Ukrainian Students for Freedom is proof that Ukraine is not a failed state.»

Dmytro Yevdokymov
Денис Зейналов

Denys grew up in Rozdilna, Odesa Region.
Has an active civil position. Participant in a large number of volunteer, environmental, political and educational projects. He engage in public and political activities.

In February 2020, Denys was elected a congressman for the project “Student Model of Congress” from the NGO “Ukrainian Students for Freedom”.
In August 2020, Denys passed the USF Leadership Program and became an USF activist.
Since 2020 – a student majoring in “International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies” Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University.
From October 1, 2020 to October 25, 2021 he was the secretary of the Odesa branch of the USF.
From October 9, 2020 to October 27, 2021 he was the head of the southern cross-region of the USF.
In August 2021 he became a functionary of the USF.
From October 25, 2021 – Adviser on project activities of the Odesa branch of the USF.

«I consider myself as a conservative liberal. The freedom of man as a person and as an artist must be 100% guaranteed. Economic freedom is the confidence in the honesty and transparency of business-state relations. At the same time, changes aimed at liberalizing society must be implemented carefully and gradually. Reforms have never been and will never be quick and easy. It is a complex and time-consuming process that requires us to be resilient and patient. USF and I are making changes that make history. We make history for the future!»

Denys Zeinalov
Анастасія Богомолова

Nastia studies Journalism and Social Communication at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. She grew up in the small town Desna. During the school years, she actively participated in the life of her gymnasium and community. In 2018, she joined the Association of Alumni of the Academy of Sciences. Here she heard about libertarianism for the first time. Closer acquaintance occurred only in 2021, when a well-tuned targeting on Instagram led her to the Leadership Program.

«USF become a place of strength and inspiration for me. Here that I met people who truly believe in freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, freedom of self-expression, freedom of actions. People gathered here know that freedom is not a blue dream, but a completely achievable goal. And they are ready not only to talk about the importance of freedom, but also to build it here and now. And USF is not just about ideals. It’s about like-minded people, emotions, heated discussions, motivation, friendship, support.»

Anastasia Bohomolova
Марія Фещенко

Maria was born and raised in Kyiv. In school, she was always interested in history and politics. Mariia participated in various volunteer projects, conferences, took part in the district school government. After 10th grade, Maria went to the United States with the FLEX program. She lived in Michigan. The girl also had the opportunity to travel to Washington for the Civic Education Workshop, where leaders from different countries learned more about community initiatives, movements, grassroot projects and how to use this experience at home. Maria is currently studying in the 2nd year of international communication at the Institute of International Relations in Kyiv.

«I have always been inspired by people who fought for and defended freedom. I am also inspired by USF. Many people said that USF is about people. I agree because there are very cool, interesting and motivated people. And I’m glad to be among them.»

Mariia Feshchenko
Роман Булік

Roman is an activist of the USF. He comes from the small but cozy city of Lutsk, where he graduated from lyceum. Since 2019 he has been studying economic cybernetics at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. He joined the USF in 2021.

«USF is a group of incredible people who are not indifferent to their future. It is a community of young leaders who value freedom and understand how important it is. With USF you can implement any initiative that promotes the values ​​of libertarianism and freedom.»

Roman Bulik
Олександра Литвіна

Oleksandra is an USF activist. She was born in the town Izium, Kharkiv region, where graduated from school. Since 2018 year she has been staying at the Kharkiv National University of V.N. Karazin, at the faculty of “History and archeology”. She joined the libertarian movement in late August 2021, following the Leadership Programs.

«We all strive for freedom. Surprisingly, not everyone has it nowadays. If you think you are free, then reconsider this question again. What or who does your choice depend on? And do you have it at all? In most cases, we are offered a ready-made version, without asking if it suits us. That is why I am happy to be part of a team that fights to be free, to make society free. Having the right to choose and not being afraid to make a choice are the main characteristics of freedom, in my opinion. I also undertake to defend them.»

Oleksandra Lytvina
Роман Грабков

Roman was born and raised in Kryvyi Rih. In 2020 he went to Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, majoring in software engineering. In 2021 he moved to Khmelnytsky and went to Khmelnytsky National University in the same major. In 2016, he became interested in economics and politics, as well as programming. In the same year, he became acquainted with the ideas of libertarianism through the book “Capitalism and Freedom” by Milton Friedman and became the editor of several libertarian communities. He has been involved in activism since 2019. In 2021 he heard about USF, passed the selection, and became a member of the USF Leadership Program.

USF for me is a circle of like-minded people who share the most important idea – the idea of freedom. I am very glad to be among young and ambitious people with a fire of freedom in their hearts, who are doing very cool projects and building a libertarian Ukrainian society.

Roman Hrabkov
Мар'яна Савагірова

Maryana was born and raised in Kyiv. She studied at the lyceum, where she actively participated in self-government, and in 2019 she chose the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in the field of management and business administration. Mariana also volunteered for such projects and events as Accelerate forum from Terrasoft, Business Constructor, exhibition “WOW Ukraine”. She took part in a scholarship program from DeciedEd, in which she helped future entrants with the choice of the future. I learned about USF by chance when I saw the questionnaire for the Leadership Program.

«For me, USF is a community of the coolest people I’ve been looking for a long time. The openness, support, active life position and purposefulness of each participant make this project incredible. And although we are all here for different reasons, but with one goal – to create a truly free society.»

Maryana Savagirova
Олександр Малець

Oleksandr moves forward to his goals, has a lot of experience behind him. He is a student of the National University “Chernihiv Polytechnic”, chairman of the NGO “Ukrainian Monolith”. He has been interested in the news world since the age of 12, studies various spheres and development of both Ukraine and other countries. He had 9 months of international development experience in Kuwait. He is not ready to leave Ukraine, he is ready to fight to the end for its independence, freedom and development. He is convinced that Ukraine can develop only thanks to caring and active youth in all sectors of the economy.

«USF is a space of trust and communication. Each is unique, has its own experience, opportunities and influence. Only together we can change Ukraine for the better!»

Oleksandr Malets
Анастасія Корицька

Anastasiya is an active person who includes in her life a large number of areas — social activity, education, work, political activity, project work, mentoring of active youth around. She studies at the National University “Chernihiv Polytechnic”. She has a scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Leonid Kuchma Foundation. Activist of the NGO “Union of Women of Chernihiv Region”, co-founder of the NGO “Ukrainian Monolith”. She has experience in the realization of festivals and projects at both local and national levels. She teaches children and adults financial literacy in an interactive form for 5 years. She is ready to help everyone and knows that life is a movement that brings results!

«USF is a community of active youth of Ukraine with whom each of us has the opportunity to share their own experience. I want to develop projects because USF inspires and shows that I am not the only one who wants to change Ukraine for the better!»

Anastasiya Korytska
Артем Бакутін

Artem Bakutin is a member of the «Ukrainian Students for Freedom» organization, which he joined in 2021. He spent his entire life in the friendly city of Odesa, where he earned a degree in European and international law. At the age of 21, he became seriously interested in politics. He joined the organization “Solidarity Youth of Odesa” during the 2020 local election campaign, where he now heads the education department. Works in the field of intellectual property and IT law. Psychology, business and foreign languages are some of his other passions.

«Freedom is not given. One must fight for it” – is my life motto. USF is a group of like-minded individuals, who understand the meaning of these words. So, we can create the new generation of leaders by working together.»

Artem Bakutin
Анна-Марія Сенчишин

Anna-Maria is from Drohobych, Lviv region. From 2016 to 2019 she studied at the Lviv Lyceum of Physics and Mathematics, where start actively volunteering. Now she continues at such events and actions as BookForum, Zakhidfest, Molodvizh, “Mykolay will not forget about you”, Music Festival in Lviv. In 2019 she began studying at Lviv National Medical University. Danylo Halytsky, specialty pediatrics. In 2021 she became more interested in the ecological situation and became an ecoactivist, together with the organization “Let’s do it, Ukraine” was one of the coordinators of World Cleaning Up Day, in her hometown volunteers at the sorting station, contributed to its creation, disseminates environmental initiatives. She joined the Ukrainian Students for Freedom after the 2021 Leadership Program.

«Only after attending the Leadership Program I realized that the ideas that I support are echoed by many more people. This is truly a unique community in which it is cozy, safe, comfortable and they always try to help you. I want to create a cool Ukraine with these people and go to its beautiful future together.»

Anna-Maria Senchyshyn
Валентина Проніна

Valentyna was born and grew up in the city of Kharkiv. From 2014 to 2020 she spent time in Chuguyiv, where she graduated from high school. In 2020, she returned to Kharkiv, now she studies at the Kharkiv University of Radioelectronics in the field of software engineering. She first learned about USF at the “Kharkiv City Council Model” in March 2020. She joined the Libertarian movement in the summer of 2021 during the Leadership Program.

«USF is the freedom to be what you really want to be. You are now joining a large group of like-minded people who are always ready to listen to and support your ideas. Also, here I feel a great opportunity to implement ideas for the development of Ukraine and self-development.»

Valentyna Pronina
Орест Коханевич

Orest is a first-year student of Sociology at UCU. He has been an active member of PLAST for six years now. He is active in public life and after graduation, he lacks a year to feel how they live in different parts of the country and work in many fields. During this year, especially improved navigation communications, critical thinking and behavior in extreme situations. In 2021, USF was joined by USF leadership programs and the understanding that views of the organization actually interact with its owners and address the static states of members.

«This is an organization that brings together people with the same views who do not wait and today change their country for the better.»

Orest Kohanevych
Єлизавета Дуденкова

Yelyzaveta is a USS activist. She was born and grew up in Kyiv, where she studied 11 years in a specialized school. There she took an active part in school life and student government. In 2021 she began studying at the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” in the educational program “Law”. Elizabeth has been a member of the “NaUKMA Spudey Brotherhood” since the first year. She joined the USF in the summer of 2021, when she first learned about the leadership program and became interested in libertarian ideas. Elizabeth is also an active participant and organizer of scientific and practical conferences “Model UN” since 2019.

«In my opinion, USF means much more than any other student organization. It provides an incredible number of opportunities for self-realization of students and their patriotic and educational activities. When I first got into the leadership program, I was really impressed by the people I met there. I’m going to make an effort to develop the USF and spread libertarian ideas in the future, because I consider them the most effective strategy for the country’s development. I believe that youth is the main engine of positive changes in Ukraine and in the world in general.»

Yelyzaveta Dudenkova
Іван Теллуріан

Ivan was born in Donetsk and moved to Kyiv due to the Russian occupation of the city. Since 2015 he has been engaged in business and public activities defending libertarian values. From the age of 16 to 17 he is engaged in 3D visualization, astrophysics, rocket engineering, mathematics… He entered the KPI at the Faculty of Aviation and Space Systems, he then dropped out and was trying to make his aerospace startup. In 2018, he sees that Elon Musk is already making enough progress and changing his focus towards Programming and Artificial Intelligence. In 2018 he entered the Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, in 2019 he dropped out and was going to make a revolution in education through AI. He’s also implementing many other projects and promotes English as a second language in Ukraine.

«‎For me, Freedom and its ideals are what make me live. I do not see any meaning in life without Freedom. I just live and do what I want and I believe that everyone in Ukraine and in the world should have such a right! I want to live in a free society, and because of that, I decided to join the USF.»

Ivan Tellurian
Ксенія Суріна

Me, Surina Ksenia, was born in 2003, definitely do not regret that this very birth took place. Lately, my life has become so full of events, emotions and new people that I am delighted with it. I used to paint pictures, now I paint my happy destiny. I love reading books, especially classic works. In 10th grade I went to karate, so you can always ask me for help. I also love to cook, take pictures and eat delicious food.
Now I am studying to become a doctor in Vinnytsia, but my soul is somewhere in the wilds of the African jungle.
In short, I hope I will not be beaten for such an unconventional biography.

«‎Not even a few days will be enough to tell what vibe I caught from these students. It’s just an incredible organization with incredible activists. I have never received so much useful information and new cool impressions. So, I can say that USF is the best because they really deserve this title because they carry out a lot of educational work among active young people, involving them in the creation of a new, strong and progressive Ukraine.»

Kseniia Surina
Єгор Гринишин

Yehor is an activist of the Chernivtsi branch of the USF. He grew up in the city of Khmelnytskyi, where he graduated from the Khmelnytskyi Collegium. Currently, he is studying at the Yuri Fedkovych National University of Chernivtsi in the field of “Political Science”. He joined the USS after participating in the 2021 Leadership Program

«‎USF is, first of all, a family that will always help and support you in everything. This is the place where you are loved as you are, appreciate your every opinion and are ready to argue on controversial topics.»

Yehor Hrynyshyn
Данило Слюсаревський

Danylo grew up in Kyiv. In 2018 he entered the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” to gain a “Philosophy” bachelor’s degree. He is interested in political philosophy and religious studies. He heard about USF from other students and joined the team after completing the leadership program in 2021.

«‎For me, freedom is inextricably linked to responsibility. That’s why I chose USF for myself. In the organization, I see a large team of people who share my view and believe that freedom cannot be obtained as a gift, but you need to make an incredible effort for its preservation and multiplication.»

Danylo Sliusarevskyi
Віталій Побережний

Vitalii — student-historian from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Chose his specialty deliberately, believing that acknowledgment of the past could be very helpful to understand the present and to create the future (economic future, for example). Does volunteering in «Building Ukraine Together», on festivals, writes articles in Mohyla-paper «Spudeiskii visnyk».

«As for me, USF is an incredibly worthy organization because of its respect for individual and liberal values. Also, members of this NGO are ready to support your own undertakings and even to finance them, or to suggest you myriads of abilities to join projects which already exist.»

Vitalii Poberezhnyi
Роман Лисенко

Roman was born in a small town in Cherkasy oblast but had spent almost all of his life in Kyiv. Since 2021 he is studying Public Administration at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Since middle school, he was interested in public activism, was a member of the Darnytsia district children’s parliament, and was a school council member. Roman found libertarianism almost accidentally as he was bored, thus scrolling through Wikipedia. However, he instantly became interested in it. In 2020, he discovered USF but became a member only in 2021 after Leadership Program.

«‎I have always wondered why people have to fight for their rights, for their freedom. I was surprised by the fact that censorship is still a thing; people are being persecuted for their views, which do not coincide with the views of the authorities. When I learned about USF, I realized that freedom is the primary value for me. Freedom is the ideal we must strive for together.»

Roman Lysenko
Дар'я Бєляєва

Daria is a beginner activist of the USF organization. She was born in Zaporizhzhya, where she graduated the school and entered Zaporizhzhya Polytechnic National University, or ‘mashinka’ as locals say. She participated in UGRAD international student exchange program in 2020-2021. She was also engaged in several courses from Klitschko Foundation in the beginning of 2021, including the Democracy Hub/Youth Leadership course. She joined the USF after the 5th Leadership Program 2021 had been ended.

«‎USF is an organization that based on the principle of connection between the past, present and future. We can read it on members’ faces. This thought follows you any time you see the yellow T-shirt with the inscription ‘Free’ on it. The freedom that the SFL promotes is the free choice of how you dispose of your past and present to build the future.»

Darya Belyaeva
Дмитро Парнак

Dmytro was born in Vinnytsia. At school, he took an active part in the life of his community and often organized local events. Now he is studying IT at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. In 2019, participated in the Erasmus+ youth exchange, that was the point when he understood the real power of young people to change the country. After the Leadership Program in 2021, Dmytro became a member of «‎Ukrainian Students for Freedom».

«‎For me, USF is, first of all, a community of true friends, of people who really care about the future of their country. This is exactly the place where you can not only share your thoughts and goals but start achieving them right now. USF is about living in a free Ukraine that we are building together.»

Dmytro Parnak
Наталія Чоботок

Nataliia was born in magnificent Lviv, but for 17 years has been living and developing in Kyiv. She is a fourth-year student at National University of Kyiv-Mohyla academy.
She highly appreciates Kantian’s principles of freedom, and actively distributes them among surroundings (so far successful).
Kids are one of her biggest appreciations, more precisely their development and growth. So, in 2020 Nataliia and her young team hold two events for the school students about reforms, and how important they are to achieve freedom and welfare.
Nataliia actively explores the world, will gladly share her travel stories, the recipes of favorite cakes, discuss the social development or will go hitchhiking.

«‎In USF there are no coincidences. For a few years, I’d been seeking for a right place to finally in 2021 found people who are ready to share with me a tent, a dinner, a talk, the values, and the place on meeting for freedom.»

Nataliia Chobotok
Андрій Колодяженський

Andriy is from the Zhytomyr region. He graduated from Zhytomyr Road College in 2019 with a degree in “Car and Engine Repair”. Starting from the last year in college, he became interested in graphic design, and then start to work in this field.
He cannot live without active recreation, hiking in the mountains and adventures. He is interested in volunteering and various projects, so he has a lot of educational camps, volunteers and projects in his baggage.

«I am impressed by the activities and values of USF. People in this organization are the environment in which you want to be. Because such people are the driving force of change in our country.»

Andriy Kolodiazhenskyi
Олена Бабак

Olena is a USF activist since 2021 in the city of Kropyvnytskyi. She grew up in the small town of Bobrynets in the Kirovohrad region, but has lived and studied in Kropyvnytskyi since 2016. From 2016 to 2019 she was educated in “Accounting and Taxation” in one of the city’s colleges. Since 2019 he has been studying management at the Central Ukrainian National Technical University.

«For me, USF is about people, about opportunities for development and realization of their plans. This is where I can feel free. I am free to express my thoughts, ideas, hypotheses and I will know that I will not be convicted for it.»

Olena Babak
Анастасія Громова

Nastya was born in the small town Kamyanske, while growing up she realized that the world needs radical changes, and from 2018 she began to engage in public activism, always looking for opportunities to improve something in Ukraine. In 2020, she entered the Dnipro State Medical University, majoring in medicine, because since childhood she dreamed of being a doctor. After getting acquainted with USF at the Leadership Program 2021, she realized that she was looking for these people.

USF are people, a large number of students who want Ukraine to be truly free. A big family that will always help and support. These people are able to create comfort and a whirlwind of crazy emotions anywhere, even in the forest, even singing songs in the subway. We don’t just talk, we teach and act. And this, in my opinion, is the most important.

Anastasia Hromova
Михайло Доненко

Mykhailo grew up in the Zaporizhzhia. Since 2018, he has been actively involved in the organization of MUNs and events dedicated to the comprehensive development of youth. Co-founder and head of PR & HR departments in the NGO “HurryUP! Ukraine”.

Mykhailo takes an active part in promoting Ukraine’s modern vision of politics in “The Last Capitalist” team. He also works in the team of “SHPALTA” (independent media), DeepStateUA and a number of other authoritative resources of the Ukrainian telegram. Mykhailo participated in and organized actions in support of Ukrainian political prisoners, the Ukrainian language and other relevant topics for Ukrainian society. He has long been interested in the political life of the country, but became acquainted with the ideas of freedom only in 2019-2020. He participated in the Student Model Congress in 2020 and the Leadership Program 2021.

«USS is about freedom and a team of like-minded people who are making changes now. USS is about friends who are able to modernize Ukrainian society.»

Mykhailo Donenko
Анна Собчук

Anna was born in Kropyvnytskyi and as a child was engaged in everything imaginable, from studying in music and dance schools to horseback riding and several weeks hiking trips. All her life she tries to teach to the maximum and achieve the set goals. Currently, studying computer science at KPI and is a member of various organizations, as she believes that active student life is a guarantee of good memories in old age, and also believes that all the best is yet to come.

USF is one big family that will always help and support. These are also the people who are able to change Ukraine and our world for the better. These are the students you admire as a child reading about youth, those whom you remember with love and warmth and about whom you will tell your grandchildren in old age.

Anna Sobchuk
Артем Рудиченко

Artem is an activist of the Sumy branch of the USF. He was born and raised in the village of Mezhyrich, Lebedyn district, Sumy region. After graduating from school he entered Sumy State University, majoring in “Accounting and Taxation”. During his student years he participated in various projects. I would especially like to mention the Ukrainian-Czech project, which was aimed at developing academic mobility at the university. After that, the following year, he participated in the program of personal and professional development “Statesman”. There I learned about USF. Over the past year, he has taken on three projects organized by various USS units. After that, he decided to join the USF and in the summer of 2021 successfully completed the leadership program.

«USF is about values. I believe that freedom is one of the most important values ​​for the Ukrainian people, we have paid a great price for it. USF gives me hope that sooner or later we will be able to overcome all difficulties and reach the European standard of living and free ourselves from the care of “big brother”. The values ​​of freedom are not empty words for us. Even the word “Will” is encrypted in our coat of arms, so this is enough for me to be convinced that the Ukrainian people will never betray the values ​​of freedom.»

Artem Rudychenko
Микола Франко

Mykola is a USF activist. He grew up in Odesa, where he graduated from the Richelieu Lyceum, studying with the best teachers in his city. He was not a socially active person at school, but everything changed after the gap year that Kolya took after school. He became a student of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy, where in 10 months he completely changed himself, his environment and his worldview. He became acquainted with the ideas of libertarianism at the ULA, and when he realized that these ideas were close, he applied to the Leadership Program 2021 at the suggestion of a friend. From 2021 to 2025, Mykola will receive a bachelor’s degree in IT and Business Analytics from the Ukrainian Catholic University.

For me, USF is not just about things like conventions, hikes and trips. USF is an opportunity to influence changes in Ukraine here and now, without waiting for the moment when everything will be decided for you. USF is a powerful tool of civil society, and as we know, society itself shapes and changes the state. I am happy to be among the people with whom I share values and ideas. I am happy not only to talk about the problems in Ukraine, but also to join in solving them. USF is a great opportunity for that.

Mykola Franko
Владислав Лопуга

Vladislav is a recruit from the Kyiv cell, an activist of the USF. Originally from the Rivne region, where he graduated with honors from a gymnasium. In 2021, he received a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and now the Kyiv university – KNUTE – receives financial education under the educational program “State Audit”.

He joined the libertarian movement in 2021 after completing the Leadership Program 2021. He headed the scientific department of the faculty and university as part of the Student Parliament of the University, where he founded the Club of Intellectual Games, which organizes “Brain-rings”, “His game”, “What? Where? When?” and the university-wide “battle” for the Intellectual Power Cup of faculties. From 2018-2020 he held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Society of the University and editorial board of the student scientific journal “Vivat Academia”. He has a number of published scientific works (including professional ones) and theses of speeches of scientific conferences of the All-Ukrainian and International levels. Founder and head of the student philosophical club “Phoenix”.

For 2 years in a row, he took the first place in the list of “Top 100 KNTEU” – the best students of the university, the Fellow of the President of Ukraine in 2019, the winner of the Elections of the Studiomer of Kyiv at the “Student Republic 2020”, in 2019 successfully completed an internship at The Kyiv City Hall, volunteer of mass events – forums, summits and conferences.

For me, the USF is a platform for defending its life and ideological principles and ideals – freedom, freethinking, prosperity and development – and a tool for implementing them as a social narrative in the public, state institutions, and most importantly – in the minds of the future of the nation – young people.

Vladyslav Lopuga
Катерина Шатило

Kateryna is a USF activist. She has lived in Kharkiv since childhood. At school she was actively interested in politics, journalism, economics, physics. Graduated from the Levchenko Art School. Professionally engaged in basketball and volleyball. In 2020 joined the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, the specialty of “industrial design” and develops in the direction of transport design. At the academy is an active member of the student government and holds the position of head of the Faculty of Design. Currently works as a graphic and web designer. She found out about libertarianism on the USF page on Instagram and in the summer of 2021, she passed the leadership program and joined the Ukrainian Students for Freedom.

USF is about people, people who are free and strong. USF is more than just an organization; it is a homeland. I believe that together, as a single whole, we can revitalize our country and change it for the better. It is thanks to each member that we will reach our goal at the earliest. USF is the organization that has a great future in the Ukrainian (and not only) space.

Kateryna Shatylo
Зоряна Козак

Zoryana – born and grew up in Lviv, where she has took part in a series of projects since school. She maintains a proactive position in life and enjoys networking. Libertarianism support was developed during classes of history of economic thought in the first year at the University. USF activist since summer 2021.

The thing I love most about USF is that your point of view can be confidently expressed, and you will receive constructive feedback with some new information to know.

Zoryana Kozak
Дмитро Глуханюк

Dmytro was born and raised in Bohorodchany, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast’. Since the ninth grade he has taken part in various non-formal educational and cultural initiatives all over Ukraine in order to escape the “comfort zone” of a little town. He committed to volunteering 30 hours on a Ukrainian online-platform for English learners by the name “ENGin” during 2020-2021. Firstly identifying as a left-liberal, Dmytro has changed his political views after making right-liberal friends during the Verkhovna Rada Model and “ENGin” service. He has been pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Economics at Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute since 2020. Dmytro discovered libertarianism with the help of activist friends and the series of lectures by USS in the fall of the same year. He got selected and became a member of the organization at the Leadership Program in 2021.

«USF is unique not only because there is nothing like it in Ukraine. The true magic is hidden in the people – in those, who make you feel safe, in those, who can debate with you on any topic, in those, who inspire you to make changes here and now. And in all of us, who, despite the harsh times for liberalism, put the highest value on the pedestal – Freedom.

Dmytro Hlukhaniuk

Darya is a 3rd year student at Department of Chinese, Korean and Japanese Philology, Institute of Philology at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. For the first time Darya has heard about the students` libertarian movement long time before she dared to become a part of it. The final push was during the Free Generation Forum 2017, where she was inspired by the power of common ideas so she took decisive action.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «Ukrainian Students for Freedom is an organization with no alternatives in Ukraine. I believe that students are those who are the driving force of a society and only we can change the future of our state. I believe that the state should not care about what I do and how I do it as soon as my actions don’t affect the rights and freedoms of other citizens. I want to live in a better country and I am convinced that it is the libertarian principles of a state system that will help Ukraine to become a peaceful and prosperous country.»

Darya Shershun

Elizabeth was born in Kropyvnytskyi city. Graduated with honors from the gymnasium in 2014. Since 2012 she is an active member of the city and regional children’s parliament. Since 2005 I was studying at the music school in the violin class. Graduated from music school in 2013. In 2014 was honored with the diploma of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for Art Studies.In 2016 with the support of the international foundations’ published digest “Folklore of the Kirovograd Region”. 2014-2018 studies at the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman.
Graduated bachelor’s degree with honors in accounting and auditing of the Agricultural sector in 2018. During studying at the university became an active member and took a lead of the students guild of the faculty of the economics in the Agricultural sector. Joined press center of the student council.
In 2018 received a scholarship from Tomorrow UA. Since 2019 members of the students club “New economic view”. At the moment student of the last year of the master’s program at Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman in accounting and auditing of the Agricultural sector field of studies.

Elizabeth Mostova

Svitlana was growing up in Kyiv where finished high school. Since 2016, she has studied philology at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Since 2018, her major is international relations. In 2016 completed 6 months internship in Ministry of Education in Ukraine. She was an intern in NGO “Open Policy” in 2017. Also, in this year Svitlana participated in sessions of European Youth Parliament in Kyiv (twice), Poland and Belarus. In 2018, she became Young European Ambassador. Svitlana joined Ukrainian Students for Liberty in 2019 after finishing leadership program which USfL organized.

Svitlana Semyvolyeva
Іванна Антонюк

Ivanka grew up in Chernivtsi, where in 2019 she graduated from high school and entered Chernivtsi National University, majoring in “Social Work”. I learned about the libertarian movement from a friend who was a member of the Student Model Congress. Fascinated by the concepts and views of libertarianism, she decided to try to pass the national selection and filled out an application for participation in the Leadership Program. In 2020, she became a participant in the Leadership Program and an activist for Ukrainian Students for Freedom.

For me, USF is a platform for the development and realization of personal potential. It is an organization that will not only understand and support with a “kind word”, but also help to realize the boldest dreams, share their own experiences and epic failures. It is an organization of independent and uninvolved people who want to develop their country and the people who live in it. This environment of young people with fire in their eyes empowers me to become better and create something useful and cool for society.

Ivanna Antonyk

Serhii was born and raised in Vilkovo. From 2018 student of NULP, journalism. Chairman of the NGO «Council of Community Leaders», Chairman of the Board of the Lviv Youth Memorial. Member of the editorial board of Call of Conscience newspaper and Liberation Struggle magazine. Participant in the all-Ukrainian project «School of Youth Leaders of Communities».

Serhii Gnezdilov

Krystyna is excited about social sciences and study sociology in her university. She works as a project manager in ecomerce company . She is an ulumna of Ukrainian leadership academy.

Christina Yeremchik

Alex is an activist of the USF. Hailing from the glorious city of Brovary. In his hometown, he graduated from school and went to university in Kiev. From 2015-2019 studied at KNEU on economic specialty. He is currently receiving his Master’s degree from the Kyiv School of Economics, majoring in Public Policy and Governance. He joined the libertarian movement after KNEU, in the summer of 2019.

Alexander Belokin

Born in Lviv. Lviv Physics and mathematics lyceum alumni. She has an active social position and us truly keen on volunteering. Full of liberty.

Marianna Petrivsʹka

Natalia grew up in the city of Stryi, Lviv region. She obtained BA in International economic relations at the University of Economics in Katowice (Poland). She also studied at the University of Graz (Austria) and the Arizona State University (USA). Natalia became interested in libertarian ideas while attending the Ayn Rand Institute in California. Natalia is currently enrolled at Lviv Business School where she studies Innovation and entrepreneurship management.

Natalia Drozd
Єлена Ланівська

Elena was born and raised in Chernivtsi, where she graduated from school. From 2014 to 2018 she studied at the Chernivtsi Medical College of Bukovynian State Medical University, majoring in “Medical Affairs”. Since 2018 she has been a student of Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University in the field of Political Science.

“Freedom is independence.” Freedom is an opportunity to choose the path of development of one’s own life. Freedom is the ability to take actions following your desires, which determines the essence of the person, not as a result of extraneous coercion. A person is born to be free and to be responsible for the way he or she lives. For me, USF is a story about youth. About free youth living in independent Ukraine. Young people who change the future. USF is a group of like-minded people who together can do even more than one by one. These are friends, who are ready to defend their homeland side by side and fight for its independence and freedom viribus unitis (together).


Elena Lanivska

Fedor is an activist of the USF. He was born and raised in Dnipro, where he graduated from college, then went to college to major in radio electronics assembly and maintenance. Graduating from college Fedir went to university, where he is now studying for a fifth year in the specialty “Materials Science and Metal Processing”. He first learned about the libertarian movement at the end of 2018, and joined in mid-2019. Since 2014, he has traveled to multinational projects, visited many European countries and has extensive experience in project activities. Since the beginning of 2018, he has been the head of the Youth of the Democratic Alliance in Dnipro

Fedir Zabolotnyy

Olha is a fourth-year VNMU dental student. At the same time, she is studying law at Donetsk National University. Since December 2018 she has become the head of the Vinnitsa branch of the Ukrainian Dental Students Association. In August 2019 she has joined the Ukrainian Students for Freedom after she had been selected for the Western Region Leadership Program.

Olga Filevich

Orest is studying at the National University “”Lviv Polytechnic”” in the 4th year. He chose his faculty for the purpose of further management of public processes.
Most of his life he lived in the cultural capital of Ukraine – in the city of Lviv. Actively participates in the student life of his university. Believes that only a new generation of students (leaders) can change the state of affairs in the country.
He joined the organization in 2019, during the summer convention.

Orest Andrusyshyn

Rashyd was born and raised in Kharkiv. He is studying the Foreign Languages at the Karazin National University. In the fall of 2018 he got a splendid opportunity to observe the mid-term elections in the USA and bring the experience he gained to Ukraine. He joined the organization in the summer of 2019.

Rashyd Bilalov
Софія Кривульченко

Kryvulchenko Sofia is a USS activist. At the moment, my life is connected with photography, German philology and a bit of economics. Thanks to friends, she got into the Leadership Program in 2021.

For me, the idea of ​​freedom is more than established norms. Freedom does not have to be permissive. I feel free when I know that my every opinion will not be condemned.

Sofia Kryvulchenko

Kate studies at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy at the Faculty of Economics, gaining the profession of marketer. Since 2017 he is a full member of the Little Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the field of historical history. She has completed an internship at J.K.Communication as a graphic designer and is currently working at a social startup Better Events. She learned about the libertarian movement directly from the members of the USF during a presentation of public organizations in Kyiv in the fall of 2018. She is actively involved in volunteer work and implements her own projects and initiatives.

Kateryna Zozulya

Valentina grew up in Kremenchug, where she spent her childhood. She has been studying “”Computer Engineering”” at the National Technical University “”Kharkiv Politechnical Institute”” since 2016. she has been actively involved in volunteer work and participates in a lot of youth development projects in Kharkiv and Ukraine since the end of 2018. In 2019, as part of the team, she won in the local competition “”The League of Enlightened Youth”” and their social project ‘Find Yourself’ was funded by government and sponsors.
Also since 2019 she has joined the libertarian movement and she is actively engaged in introducing young people to the ideas of libertarianism and the importance of being aware of the concepts of the political world

Valentine Shapoval

Taya was born and raised in Kyiv. She studied at the Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth for 5 years on the profile of a guide, tourist and young journalist. She is a member of the organization Cannabis Treat. She tried to conquer higher education in NAU in the field of tourism, but before the first session went to work as a journalist. She decided to connect her life with the social and political sphere. She came to the USF after the first Student model of Congress, where she realized the importance of organization in the life of Ukraine and her own.

Tayisiya Reshetnikova

Victoriia graduated from Uman City High School. A 4th year student of the Institute of International Relations (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv). Also studied at the University of Cadiz (Spain) as an exchange student. A professional table tennis player (candidate for master of sports). Actively involved in volunteering and organizing various events. A UNICEF volunteer, also was a deputy head of the Institute’s Political and Diplomatic Club. Participated in the initiative of NGO “Progressive Citizens of Ukraine”, which aimed to raise funds for the construction of inclusive playgrounds for children. A graduate of DRI Summer School, “”First Steps in Politics.”” An Erasmus + International Balancing Happiness Youth Exchange participant. Carries out a project “”YOU CAN””, which provides the educational and mentoring support for students in orphanages.

Viktoriya Kapelyushna

Vsevolod was born and raised in Sevastopol. In 2014, due to the occupation of Crimea, he moved and graduated from school in Kyiv. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in International Relations and Security Studies from the Matej Bel University (Slovakia). He studied on exchange via Erasmus at the Complutense University of Madrid and passed internships at the think tank in Prague and at the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

In 2019 he coordinated the project “Building Europe in Ukraine”. Currently, he is a political analyst at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine.

Vsevolod firstly met Ukrainian Students for Freedom at the First Congress Model in 2018, and joined the organization soon after

Vsevolod Vereshagin

Ulyana is an activist of the public organization of the USS. She grew up in Novoselytsya, Chernivtsi region, where she graduated from school. She is currently studying at the Medical College of Bukovina State Medical University (speciality “”medical assistant””). She is also a public activist and a member of others NGOs.

Juliana Bernatska
Олена Марчевська

Olena learns international relations and is studying for a master’s degree at the Borys Hrinchenko University of Kyiv. Works as a manager-translator.
She was first imbued with the ideas of libertarianism during the Leadership Program 2019, after which she became a member of the organization. The girl has an active public position and often participates in volunteer projects.

Olena Marchevska

Tetiana is a student of museology and expertise of historical and cultural values department at Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. In summer 2018 she stood up for historic monument on the Poshtova Square in Kyiv. For now she is one of those who creating modern archeological museum on Poshtova Square.

Tatiana Rodkina

Natalya was born in Kharkiv.She is the fourth-year law student at Lviv national university of Ivan Franko. In the university she heard about ideas of libertarianism for the first time. After she found out about the existence of student movement of libertarianism, she decided to join. The first step was participation in school of leaders, where she understood that her internal beliefs are same as views of Libertarianism. Natalya has been a member of USF since August 2019.

Natalia Zhdanova

Serhii was born and raised in Kharkiv, now he is a student faculty of sociology at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. His field of study is crime and migration. He participates actively in scientific conferences and educational events. Also, among the hobbies of Serhii, an important place is occupied by the history of Ukraine and political science.

His first faced with the ideas of libertarianism was in 2018 through the Internet. This went hand in hand with an interest in the study of modern leftist movements in the US and the EU. This helped Serhii to be convinced of the fallacy of an approach that places ephemeral «justice» above freedom and to become a sympathizer of classical liberalism.

Serhii Masalitin

Natalia is a public figure in Volyn. She is a 4th year student at the EENU by Lesya Ukrainka is majoring in management. From school she was actively involved in student self-government. Accordingly, when she entered the university she immediately became a member of the Student Council of EENU. In 2017 she served as the Student Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management. In 2018 she became the head of the organizational department of the Volyn Student Council. She organized many events, including the largest ones such as: Student Republic, Leader School, Best Volyn Student. 2018—2019 (October – January) was on academic exchange in Poland (Akademia Pomorska w Słupsku). In the summer of 2019, she became a member of the Ukrainian students for the liberty.

Natalia Bogush

Eugene (Zheka – Liquid) – activist of public organization Ukrainian Students For Liberty. He was born in Novovorontsovka Kherson region. Graduated from high school in 2019. Studying at the University of Customs and Finance on a software engineer. Joined to USF in august 2019.

Eugene Kozlov

Daryna is a member of USF since July of 2019. She is studying political science in one of the oldest universities in Ukraine – Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. In this university she is trying to understand functioning mechanism of state, implementation of rule of law and civil liberties in Ukraine.
Freedom is an inalienable part of her life without which other aspects of being lose meaning».

Darina Penkova

Tatiana was born and raised in Zhytomyr region. Later she moved to Kyiv, where she studies and works. Since 2018, she has been studying in the direction of Architecture and Urban Planning at INNO KNUBA. During her studies she participated in various competitions, was engaged in artistic creativity. He wants to create a comfortable and beautiful space which a person will feel comfortable. Prefers environmental and humane lifestyles.

Tatiana Klyukovskaya

Maksym is a 4th year student at Khmelnytskyi Cooperative Trade and Economic Institute, majoring in Management. He introduced the ideas of libertarianism in the “V Ukrainian Lviv Model UN”. After that he took part in the “USF Leadership Program”, where he realized that this ideology professes exactly those principles, of which he is a supporter. In 2016 – 2017, he was the deputy chairman of the student self-government of the institute for college issues. Since February 2019 – Member of the Youth Public Council at the Department of Youth and Sports of the Khmelnitskyi City Council. Participant in short-term Erasmus + projects. Maksym is an active and positive person, does not like routine and stability. And that is why he traveled half of Ukraine, is engaged in marathon running and received a sports and tourist degree of I category of difficulty in hiking.

Maxim Dem

Serhii was born and raised in Horishni Plavni, Poltava region, where he studied at school. Since 2017 he have been styding at the faculty of advocacy of Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, where he was the head of the council of students of the faculty, and now he is the memver of SEC of the university. Since 2018 he is a legal advisor of NGO «Young Agents of Change». In 2019 he joined Ukrainian Students for Freedom. He is an LGBT+ activist, and he makes researches on excess to justice for LGBT+ people, he is a volunteer of KyivPride and KharkivPride.

Serhii Pazyi

Anastasia is a diverse person. She is a political activist and also works through dance, drawing, and fascinated by science. Her dream is to make a biotechnology company and lift science in Ukraine.

Anastasia Nazar

Sofia is a 2nd year student at Sumy State University majoring in psychology. For the first time she got acquainted with libertarian ideas in her first year of study, at a lecture organized by the Students for freedom. For her, it was a motivation to move forward only, prioritizing further life. Sofia participated in the Fifth All-Ukrainian Model Organization of the United Nations in Lviv from Platform of New Diplomacy and in the First Student Model of Congress from the Students for freedom held in Kyiv. Considering the world’s problems that affect the development of both our country and all countries of the world helps to develop critical thinking and diplomatic skills. The advocacy of human rights and freedoms and the drafting of bills by students emphasized that nothing is impossible and that Ukraine’s future is only in the hands of young people. It was after the Student Model of Congress that she became fully interested in the ideas of libertarianism and chose the Students for freedom.

Sophia Malus

Anastasia is a future journalist and editor. She grew up in a village near Vinnytsia and now lives and studies in Lviv. Active volunteers at various forums and enthusiasts in their city also take part in various schools and training in journalism and need to use that self-development is the key to success.

Anastasia Rudyuk

Kateryna is a forever student who is finally finishing her 4th year of philosophy in NaUKMA after 2 years of learning applied maths, that’s why she always analyzes and criticizes everything from different points of view. She was born in Kyiv, yet she spent her childhood in Chernihiv with her communist grandpa and authoritarian grandma. She were very mixed-up when her very liberal mother took her back to Kyiv at the age of 9, and she couldn’t decide on her world outlook. However, studying philosophy has helped her mathematical brain with setting priorities, and the trip to the US has shown the life in a country where these prorities are the law (at least, most of them, at least in some states), and finally, her heart was won by Ron Swanson.
Besides USF, Kateryna volunteers, learns stuff and travels as often as she can.

Kateryna Rumyantseva

Oleksandr Nemchenko – was born and raised in Lviv, where he graduated from high school. Since 2017 he has been studying at Lviv Trade and Economics University in Law. He learned about the movement of libertarianism after participating in the First Student Model of Congress, where he served on the House Committee on Armed Services in Ukraine. In the summer of 2019 he was selected for the leadership program, where he became a member of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom organization. Today, he is part of the Lviv center organization’s, with which he has already managed to represent the organization at the Youth Forum Molodvizh.

Alexander Nemchenko

Bohdan is an activist from Donbass, the founder of the NGO «Pokrovsky Youth Business Center — «Depo». He grew up in Pokrovsk, where he graduated from the school and entered the evacuated university – DonNTU under the direction of “management” in 2017, where since 2018 he heads the student’s self-goverment faculty Economics and Management “, and since 2019 joined the Donetsk branch of the University of Modern Knowledge, where he studies” law”.He joined libertarianism after accidentally watching a video of Mikhail Svetov in 2017. Since 2018, he has joined the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union where the dice holds the position of coordinator of information. In August 2019, was elected chairman of the Youth Council of Pokrovsk city.

Bogdan Mironenko

Julia – the member of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom. Was born in Tavrijsk city (Kherson region). Since 2015 she has been studying at the Lviv State University of Life Safety in the field of practical psychology. Joined the libertarian system in 2019, when passed the USF Ledership Program in August.

Julia Kostrulina

This year, Denis is going to graduate from Vinnytsia National Technical University with a Master’s degree in Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies. He joined the USF in the summer of 2019 to achieve a common goal with the organization – to change Ukraine for the better.

Denis Belous

Anastasia was born in the city of Kharkov, where she studies at V. N. KARAZIN Kharkiv National University since 2017 in the direction of «History and archeology». Since the beginning of 2018, she has been active in life regarding youth activities, therefore she was a member of two public organizations – AIESEC (from March to October 2018) and Volunesians Ukraine (from May 2019). She joined the libertarian movement in August 2019, cause of taking part in the leadership program.

Anastasia Kovaleva

Yana is a member of USF in Chernivtsi region. She was born in Chernivtsi. She studied at the Chernivtsi college of the CHNU of the facalty of law from 2014-2018 year. Now she is a student of LvivDUVS. She joined to the libertarian of the West in Vinnitsa.

Yana Zendick

In 2019, Bogdan graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the university of economics and law “KROK” in the specialty “Marketing”. From the age of 15 he was a supporter of ideas of socialism, but after studying the scientific works of the representatives of the Austrian School of Economics, he turned to the side of libertarians (anarcho-capitalism). His favorite authors are Murray Rothbard, Hans-Herman Hoppe, David Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, Jesus Huerta de Soto and Walter Block.

Bogdan Doroshenko

Roman is the head of the Department of education of USF. He was born in Drohobych town, lived in Bila Tserkva in the Kyiv region, and then actually in Kyiv city, where he completed his high school education. Bachelor of the Faculty of History of Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, educational program «Oriental Studies». He enrolled in the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy in 2021 to pursue a master’s degree in political science. Roman first became acquainted with libertarian ideas while reading Milton Friedman’s «Capitalism and Freedom» in his first year of university. He first heard about the USF from a friend, who had taken part in the Student Model Congress at the time. Eventually, Roman applied for and was accepted into the Leadership program of USF.

«USF is a community who value freedom and believe that the status quo «is not okay». These are young people who want to see free institutions flourish in Ukraine and are doing everything they can to make that happen, from public lectures and rallies to the creation of draft laws.»

Roman Lishniansky

Andriy is a law student at Lviv University of Trade and Economics. He grew up and lives in the picturesque city of Lviv. He first learned about the benefits of libertarianism at the university and realized that the expansion of human rights and freedoms, not state interference in a person’s private life, and an exclusively market economy – have only positive consequences for society and the state. He learned about “Ukrainian Students for Freedom” at the “Student Model of the US Congress” and in August 2019, having joined the regional selection, he joined the team of “Ukrainian Students for Freedom” :).

Andrey Panasyuk
Анастасія Воліченко

Anastasiia Volichenko is a social activist. She was born and raised in Kremenchuk. From 2009 to 2020 she studied at the Kremenchug Lyceum number 4. She was engaged in professional volleyball and athletics. From 2010 to 2016 she was engaged in origami, from 2015 – journalism. During this time she won two victories at the International level, origami and journalism, both third place.
In 2018, she began to take an active part in the public life of the town of Kremenchuk (volunteer activity). Six months later, she received the International Gold Heart Award 2018. A year later, she won a grant from the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) and graduated from the School of Volunteer and Public Participation “Agents of Change. Children””. During 2018-2019 she implemented two projects: “”Local School of Success. Kremenchuk”” and “”YRD: your rights and duties””
In the winter of 2019, it became the Ambassador Klitschko Foundation. In the summer of 2019, she joined the libertarian movement and is an active member of the International organization Students For Liberty.

Anastasia Volichenko

Anastasiia studies at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in the direction of Computer Engineering. She got acquainted with the idea of libertarianism due to works by Ayn Rand. When she rethought her outlook on life she started searching people with the same ideas. That is how she has found USF.

Anastasia Rylnikov

Taras is on his way to graduate from the Institute of International Relations, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and receive a bachelor degree in International Communication. Being a finalist of national historical contests in the past and a participant of a startup-incubator in present, Taras considers the ideas of liberty to be a crucial part of both political well-being and economic prosperity.

Taras Plaskun

Bogdan grew up in the town of Schastye, but for several years considers himself a Kharkiv citizen. He is a 3rd year student at the Faculty of History at KNU. V.N. Karazin. Engaged in volunteering, social activities and design work in the Youth Council of Kharkov. He learned about USF from a friend who became interested in the leadership program.

Bogdan Lepitsky

Bogdan is a 3rd year student at Stritivka Pedagogical College of Kobza Art, Bandura specialty. He became interested in libertarianism at school. He had about the same values ​​and political orientations. In 2019, he was selected for leadership program of the Students for Liberty in Kyiv.

Bogdan Yurchenko

Mykhailo grew up in Melitopol, where he graduated high school. From 2015 to 2019 he studied at the Lviv National University in the specialty of «Department of Modern and Contemporary History of Foreign Countries», from 2019 continued his studies in the field of Political Science at the University of Lviv. He joined the libertarian in 2019 when he was selected as a participant for the West Regional Congress in Vinnytsia. Since 2019 he has been working as a project manager at the MO Institute of the City.

Mykhailo Zinenko

Anastasia is a 4th year student at the Political Science in Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University. She livess and studies in the Vinnytsya city, where she successfully graduated from the Physics-mathematic Gymnasium №17. Studying for 4 years at the bachelor’s, the most useful were various types of internships, conferences, schools, which made it possible not only to see Ukraine, but also to learn different political processes and problems on the other hand. Joining the Ukrainian students for freedom, I understand that all the changes start with us. And only with such a strong desire and motivation as every member of the our organization, it is possible to change the future.

Anastasia Yurchishin

Oksana – an activist of Ukrainian Students for Liberty. She grew up in Cherkasy, where she finished school. She has been studying in Cherkasy state Technological University since 2016, speciality “Philology”. Since 2015, she has taken part in MUN conferences and since 2017 in EYP sessions. Oksana was a volunteer in many events, including the largest conference in the world, concerning health issues, in the Netherlands.

Oksana Reshetnyak

Mykola is a student of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. He grew up in Ostrog, where he graduated from school. Since 2014 she is a student of LNU. He’s studing in the field of computer science. Joined Libertarian movement in the summer of 2018. Since 2017, a member of the Ukrainian Students’ Union for Freedom.

Mykola Danylyuk

Diana is a second-year student at Kyiv National Economic University specializing in Management of Agribusiness. While getting an education Diana is engaged in community and volunteering activities: she is a co-director of the English-speaking camp MASCOT and an activist of Teenergizer organization created by HIV-positive teenagers. She discovered libertarianism ideas while taking part in the community project and decided to become a member of USF team afterwards.

Diana Repenko

Vladyslav is a student, finalist of the UGRAD program, activist, and volunteer. He was born and raised in Sumy. Vlad studies at Sumy State University in the major “International Economic Relations”. Becoming a finalist of the UGRAD program in 2018-19 that sponsors by the US Department of State, he was able to feel the libertarian principles being a student of the American university. He participated in leadership movement, he was the president of the School Government and the head of the City and Regional Council of High School Students. Vladyslav participates in various ERASMUS + projects as well.

Vladyslav Shapoval

Danylo is a student of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, is studying at the Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, specializing in computer science, a specialty – artificial intelligence. He grew up in the city of Boyarka.
From early years, he began to participate in all possible activities. He visited the program of tourism, chess, athletics, dance, football, theater, crafts, etc. Danylo has a desire to develop and make the world better, believes that freedom is possible for everyone, so joined the union Ukrainian students for freedom to do this together.
He gots acquainted with like-minded people at the USS congress in Vinnytsya in August 2019. It is active at the university and beyond.

Danylo Kanevsky

Alexander was born and raised in the city of Vinnytsia. In 2015 he entered Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University, majoring in “International Relations”. His political and ideological enlightenment, on global scale, took place in 2016 after United States presidential elections. Alexander received his Red Pill from such personalities as Dennis Prager (PragerU), Dave Rubin (The Rubin Report), Ben Shapiro (The Daily Wire) Christina Hoff Sommer, Niall Ferguson, Jordan B. Peterson, Stephen Bannon, Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), Steven Crowder (Louder with Crowder), Lauren Southern, Cassie Jaye (The Red Pill), Paul Elam (MRA, A Voice For Men), Yaron Brook (Ayn Rand Institute), Milton Friedman, Dr. Sebastian Gorka and others. Over the years, his competency and awareness has only increased, as well as the number of his online subscriptions, and the number of events he took part in. Therefore, having brought his mind to order, he is ready for the practical application of his knowledge and skills for the benefit of himself, and others.

Alexander Zlochevsky

Pavlo obtained Bachelor Degree in International relations at Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. During his studies, Pavlo participated twice in the Erasmus+ Study Mobility Programmes: he studied at Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz (Graz, Austria) and at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Athens, Greece). In 2018, he went on to study International relations at Budapest Business School (Budapest, Hungary). Since August 2018, he has been an activist of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom NGO.

Pavel Burdyak

Yana is a student at Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, studying International Economics. First time she heard about the ideas of libertarianism from the CEO of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom – Daniil Lubkin. Yana immediately realized that the principles promoted by libertarians must live in Ukraine. So when she saw the Leadership Program by USF, she joined the organization without doubt.

Yana Petrenko

Oleksandra is Fellow 2020 of EaP Civil Society Fellowship Programme, author of the project “Citizen Engagement for Transparent Land Management in Rural United Territorial Communities of Ukraine”, member of Civic Tech Sisters, a program assisting young female leaders from Ukraine and Germany, Open Up Ukraine.

Skilled in civic engagement and digital literacy, Oleksandra is working towards building strong local communities in Ukraine. In her capacity as a researcher of land management and participatory decision making, she is contributing to actualize the public discussion on the importance of digital development in communities and the value of openness in Ukraine: data, code, research, and formats.


«I believe in innovation! I believe in Freedom! I am proud to be a part of free Ukrainian youth!»

Olexandra Smilyanets
Денис Глушко

Den is a student of the Faculty of Finance at the University of Customs and Finance. During student years, he became interested in libertarianism. After that he expanded his knowledge on this subject and faced the opportunity to become a member of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom.

Denis Glushko

Vladislav is an activist of USL. He grew up in Mariupol, where he graduated from school. From 2014 to 2019 he is studying in the National Aviation University on the specialty Transportion Technologies. He has joined Ukrainian Students for Liberty in the middle of 2018 during the Ukrainian congress of the USL.

Revin Vladislav

Arthur is an associate member of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom. He has grown up in Khmelnytskyi, where he graduated from a gymnasium. In 2018 he began studying economics in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. His participation in the organization started with its national conference earlier that year.

Arthur Burak

Dmytro Kanievskyi, a first-year student at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, studies artificial intelligence systems. Learned and carried away by liberterianism in August 2018 on the leadership program from “Ukrainian Students for Freedom”. After that, he begins to participate in the organization’s meeting in Kyiv and learn more and more about libertarianism. Now helps in the Kyiv center of the organization.

Dmytro Kanievskyi

Victoria was born in Ivano-Frankivsk . In 2017 she graduated from Natural-Mathematical Lyceum. Then she went to Ukrainian Leadership Academy and in 2018 became an alumna of this program. Now Victoria is studying in Ukrainian Catholic University as a philosopher-teologist. In 2018 she joined to Ukrainian Students for Freedom.

Victoria Oshur

Andrii was born in a small town Vashkivtsi in Chernivtsi region and grew up there. In 2016 started the studying in Chernivtsi National University and now is a third-year student in international studies. Became a member of the NGO ‘Diplomacy center’ in the beginning of the 2-nd year of studying and now is the head of international and interethnic projects. In May 2018 joined USF. Alumni of a couple Ukrainian and international programs. The most important one is the Erasmus+ training course in peacebuilding and social transformations. Andrii is a youth worker certificated by the EU.

Andrey Goryuk

Tatyana is a member of the Kharkiv branch of the USL in the late summer of 2018. She was born in the Tokmak city of Zaporizhzhya region, however, she grew up in Kharkiv and since 2016 has been studying at Karazin Kharkiv National University at the Faculty of Economics in the specialty “International Economics”. Tetiana joined the organization after passing the final stage of the leadership program and participating in the first national congress of the Ukrainian Students For Liberty in August 23-26, 2018.

Nazaruk Tatyana

Taras is a graduate of the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership. Student of “Cyber ​​Security” program at Lviv Polytechnic University. For the first time, I learned about “Ukrainian Students for Liberty” according to the recommendations of my friend, and joined the movement in the summer of 2018.

Taras Chaus

Anastasia is an activist of the USF. Born and raised in the city of Cherkasy, where she studied in gymnasia №31. From 2016 till now she studies at the Uman State Pedagogical University named after Pavlo Tychyna in the specialty “Primary Education. Psychology”. In 2017 graduated from the “Academy of Youth Leader”. Later, she received the work of a sound engineer in the Student People’s Drama and Comedy theater. On May 3, 2018, she holds the post of deputy head of the university’s student government, Anastasia is the head of the press center and heads the official student site. She joined the libertarian movement in August 2018, when she got to the National Congress of the USF.

Anastasia Aksenenko

Taras is second-year student at KhPI, where he study “AI systems” and develops neural networks. He is part of active youth, often works as volunteer, interested in marketing, psychology and entrepreneurship. He became interested in libertarianism in the summer of 2018 during a 3000-kilometer hitchhiking trip across Europe, during which he have been reading book “Why nations fail” and actively communicating with the local. Three days after arriving to Ukraine, he fell into the USL leadership program and now he is the coordinator of the Kharkiv branch.

Taras Pogrebnyak

Daria is a 3rd year student at the Faculty of International legal relations, National University “Odessa Law Academy”. She takes active public position, contributes to the development of legal science, volunteering. She found out the great ideas of libertarianism when she learned about the concept of freedom and rule of law during her studies. That’s why she decided to be a member of the USF at the First All-Ukrainian Congress in August 2018.

Daria Onischuk

Yana grew up in a village in Chernihiv, where he graduated from school with honors. In 2017 she joined the Boris Grinchenko University of Kyiv in the direction of “Public Communications”. In organization joined the summer of 2018, when she fell into the leadership program and the first national congress of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom NGO. Prior to that, she was trained at the Ministry of Youth and Sport within the framework of the “State Builder” project.

Yana Konok

Olga studies International law at the Institute of International Relations, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. She joined «Ukrainian Students for Freedom» after her second year, although she had been interested in the libertarian idea further back. A big role in Olga’s will to join the libertarian movement has been played by the process of education at the university and a common understanding of how much the Ukrainian society is in the need of great changes to be actually able to approach the standards of living like those of the prosperous countries.

Olga Brovko

He was born and had been growing in Ternopil. Afterwards, he started to wonder about everything and begun wandering to investigate the world. Now, he is Ukrainian Leadership Academy Alumni and Undergraduate in Applied Physics. A long time he didn’t know which political ideologie best represents his values, untill he found out libertarian ideas. Nowadays, as an activist of Ukrainian students for freedom try to reproduce the principles of freedom in his and in other people’s lives.

Vasily Dyba

Tverdokhlib Dmitro is a activist, moderator, facilitator and student of the Dnipro National University named after Oles Honchar. Born and raised in the city of Dnipro, where he graduated from the Technical Lyceum at the Dnipropetrovsk University named after V. Lazaryan. Has musical education. He is currently studying at the undergraduate degree at the university on the specialty “Micro and nanoelectronics”. In the years 2015-2016, he was a debater, participated in all-Ukrainian tournaments. From 2015 to 2017 – he was an active member of the university self-government bodies at the University, holding the posts: Chairman of the Student Council, Head of the Financial Committee of the University Students Council and Vice-Chairman of the Student Council on financial issues. For more than 3 years he has been working at the NGO “Youth Human Rights Protection Agency”, where I am the coordinator of the Dnipro department. For more than 2 years he has been an active member of the Dnipro Youth Council for the subdivision of the National Youth Council of Ukraine, where he holds the post of Board Member. He is the acting coordinator of the “Youth Capital of Ukraine” contest in the city of Dnipro. Worked as an organizer of cultural and leisure activities in the “Youth Center of Dnipropetrovsk region”. He is a graduate of the “Higher Political School” in 2018 and a graduate of the “Fourth Anticorruption School” in 2018. I trained for the facilitator on the course of the interactive exhibition “Security Route” in 2018.

Dmitro Tverdokhlib

Born and graduated from the school in Bar. Since 2016 she studies at Vinnitsa Technical College on the specialty “Computer Engineering”. With the views of libertarianism, she became acquainted more closely in the summer of 2018. Then she attended the “Leadership Program” of Ukrainian Students for Freedom. After that, she definitely decided to become part of this movement.

Kateryna Datsyuk
Юлія Кабушко

Yulia is a functionary of Ukrainian students for freedom and studying in the third year of the National Law University, majoring in law. In her city, she created a Youth Council as part of an initiative group, and after its creation, she holds the position of Secretary.
Yulia is also engaged in active social activities in her city, volunteering, and also helps implement USF projects.

«‎Ukrainian Students for Freedom» have become a big boost to my activities. It was after The Leadership Program that I discovered many channels for development and opportunities. USF is for me the best friends and support, from whom you can always ask for help and advice. The main wealth of the organization is people, spending time with whom you get an unreal charge of love, warmth and motivation.»


Yuliia Kabushka

Active and determined. Alina was born and lives in the city of Sumy. Since 2016 student of the Department of Journalism of Sumy State University. I chose the specialty without hesitation, since after 15 years I studied at the school of journalism and telecommunications. At the university he held the position of PR-manager in student self-government. From 2015 to 2016 he was the head of the media service of the SMGO “Foundation for Regional Initiatives”. From 2017 became the press secretary of the Sumy youth political movement Valentin Nalyvaichenko “Justice”. I passed an internship on the 1 + 1 channel as a correspondent and even created my own newspaper “Yours Sumy”, whose circulation was 10,000 copies. In the summer of 2018 he joined the USF.

Alina Turlevskaya

Kristina was born and raised in the town of Kropivnitsky, where she graduated from school. Upon joining the university, she moved to Kharkiv. She is currently studying at the second course of the Faculty of Psychology of the Kharkiv National University of V.N. Karazin She joined the Libertarian movement in the summer of 2018, when in August she were selected for the Leadership Program took place in Vinnytsia. In 2018, along with her team, she received a grant from the EU and UNICEF for the project – a new generation of consulting psychological center in Kharkiv. Also since 2018 she is a member of the international organization Ukrainian Students For Liberty.

Kristina Gaidai

Olena is doing her master’s in International Relations at Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. At the same time, she is a campus coordinator for Ukrainian Students for Freedom. She got aware of libertarian ideas during her exchange program in the USA but she didn’t identify herself as a libertarian at that time. Then, Olena watched a Joy movie and that was the turning point to percept herself as a libertarian. That movie shortly summarized most of the ideas that F. Hayek or M. Freedman had to write books about: stubborn and tenacious entrepreneurship, hard and persistent work, commercial innovation. Shortly after coming back to Ukraine she applied to become a coordinator for USF.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «I believe that together with USFF and its awesome team it’s possible to build a society, where “the best government is the least government”. USFF gives incredible opportunities and possibilities to drive changes, to influence the society, and make your voice to be heard.»

Olena Yehorova

Max is a graduate of Karazin National University (Kharkiv), Master of Political Science. He first learned in detail and was imbued with the ideas of libertarianism at the Free Generation Forum 2016, when he realized that this ideology professes exactly the principles he supports. In July 2017, he joined the Ukrainian Students for Freedom, from 2017 to 2021 he was the chairman of the Kharkiv branch, and now he is the coordinator of the Lviv branch.

«Ukrainian Students for Freedom» is one of the few organizations in Ukraine that promotes and offers genuine effective mechanisms for changing the state and society for the better. Briefly, we stand for the rational freedom of everyone, but for the freedom that is associated with autonomy, responsibility and respect for others. That’s why I’m with the USF.»

Max Shyrochenkov

Julia is the secretary of the Kharkiv branch of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom. She is currently International Law and Political Science student. Julia studies in the National Law University and Karazin Kharkiv National University. She started to be interested in the ideas of libertarianism after joining the university, but the main reason for joining movement was the Free Generation Forum 2016. She is now proud to be a part of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom.
On Students For Freedom: «I’m sure that libertarianism is not an ideology, but a lifestyle. Ideas of freedom are not imposed values for me, but a meaningful choice. Therefore, when there was an opportunity to join the Ukrainian Students for Freedom, I didn’t doubt a moment».

Julia Kurochkina

Oleksandr graduated from the Institute of international relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a Bachelor’s degree in international law. Currently continues his studies there as a Master’s student. Oleksandr says he finally established himself as libertarian after reading Henry Hazlitt’s “Economics in one lesson”, although he was leaning towards the ideas of free market his whole life. Oleksandr believes that freedom is not just a vague concept but an ultimate recipe for success in the country dimension. That’s why he concentrates his main efforts in the organization on our legislative initiatives.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «For me libertarianism ultimately began with the desire to make my country a better place. After years of studies and pondering I have come to a conclusion that the only reliable and proven way to do it is (economic) freedom. It is very important to have the support of your like-minds if you don’t want to sit aside while changes are happening. That’s why I am with USF – to implement projects and ideas I couldn’t implement alone. And to have fun doing it!»

Oleksandr Vysotskyi

Mariana is a 4th year student at the Kyiv Economics University pursuing her degree in finance. Firstly, Mariana got in touch with libertarian ideas during cycle of lectures Liberty Classes. Then, after visiting the Free Generation Forum, she decided to join to a team of like-minded people for the realization of common goals.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «USF is not just an organization that wants to spread the idea of freedom, it is also a place where you realize that you not only shouldn’t adapt to the existing conditions, but by yourself can influence the state of surrounding things.»

Mariana Grushka

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of NaUKMA, Department of Finance. The path to libertarianism began at the Maidan, where Tymur was a part of 16 Sotnya of Self-Defense. Those events forced him to think about the meaning of personal freedom. As a result, he figured out more about Austrian School, the Georgian free-market reforms and ideas of Ayn Rand. All of that encouraged him to take a part in the Kaha Bendukidze’s memorial conference in November 2014, where he has heard about more about libertarianism and realized that such ideas inspire him.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «Since the time of ESFL summit, I have been trying to attend all thematic events, so when I heard about the opportunity to join the libertarian organization – I decided to become a part of it.»

Tymur Pluishch

Iryna is a fourth-year Finance student at Kyiv Vadym Hetman National Economic University. She takes an active civil position. Iryna aorganizes a variety of university educational events, and she is interested in scientific activities and likes to volunteer. She first got in touch with libertarian ideas during Liberty Classes which took place in 2015. Iryna decided to apply for the campus coordinator to join the like-minded people and start pro-liberty activities.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «I am in the USF because I believe, that everyone has the rights and freedoms and that nobody can limit them. I am ready to defend this. In USF I work with legislations to make our country freer and better place to live.»

Iryna Kinakh

Anastasia was born in 1997 when the Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma made Ukraine a crony capitalist’s state. She lives at the small, comfortable city of Chernivtsi where she is on her way to finish Bachelor Degree in Political Science at Chernivtsi National University. Anastasiia does not like routine and spending time in her comfort zone. That is why her resume full of jobs, internships and social initiatives. She loves crisis communication, political marketing and flowers.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «I am with USF because I don’t like my reality and don’t want to be just critic. I want to do something instead. I don’t like archaic rules and regulations; they don’t work at reality. We need to run fast and create new and effective policies, even by making not very popular decisions. I love the team of USF, because people like that make me confident that we can accept new rules of our lives and all together can co-live at this difficult world.»

Anastasiia Pavliuk

Kateryna is currently attaining a degree in Software Engineering at Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv. She was first properly introduced to the ideas of libertarianism while taking an online course created by USF members, took inspiration from them, then joined the team at an offline training camp. In her utopian dreams, Kateryna sees the future in which everyone is educated enough to understand and accept libertarianism — and that is the goal she shares with USF and intends to achieve team wise.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «USF is the biggest discovery of my life as a student, and I am extremely happy to shape the future of my country together with some of the brightest people I’ve ever met. There is no stop to my eagerness to help USF fulfill its both pure and complex purpose.»

Kateryna Repekh

Pavlo is an active member of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom since the beginning of the organization’s activity. Being a fifth-year law student, Pavlo brought not only legal knowledge to our establishment but also a sufficient amount of knowledge in the area of libertarianism. In 2018, Pavlo was representing the USF at Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D.C. At the moment, he is occupying a position of the secretary of the Lviv team.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom:

Pavlo Potichnyi

Vladyslav graduated from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a master degree in Law. His first meeting with libertarianism happened at the university when he clearly realized that socialism is not working and state interference has only a negative impact on society. Although he is sure that he was a libertarian from an early age as he always advocated equality of opportunity and opposed state interference. After Free Generation Forum in 2016 he applied to join Ukrainian Students For Freedom and started his pro-liberty activism.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «As practice shows, almost all changes and progressive new ideas come from students. It is impossible to change the country qualitatively without student support. So, organizations as Ukrainian Students for Freedom are needed in a developing country. Being a part of such remarkable team which spreads the ideas of liberty is a great honor and opportunity for development.»

Vladyslav Bozhko

Dmytro has a degree of bachelor of cultural studies from Chernivtsi National University.
He is an active member of the USF since 2017. He is interested in the ideas of liberty since the studying at a university where he defended the rights and freedoms of students in the student’s parliament, on strikes and rallies. He considers political philosophy from the point of view of cultural processes.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «I am convinced that for the general cultural progress of our state, its preservation and harmonization, we need a completely new set of rules within our society. In my opinion, the foundation of this set can be found in the ideas of liberty. The best organization that promotes these ideas among Ukrainian youth is USF, that’s why I am a part of it.»

Dmytro Babichenko

This year Daryna is going to graduate from Odesa National University with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. This field of study has led her to libertarian idea. Daryna has been actively visiting various events dedicated to questions of democracy and security, which have sharply occurred in 2014-2015 in Ukraine. Consequently, Daryna has understood that her ideas still seem incomprehensible and strange to many people that surround her, as she really started following the philosophy of freedom in the moment, when this freedom was undermined. The first time she attended the libertarian event was autumn 2017 after the invitation of her friend. Daryna has started having a fancy for the ideas of free societies since that very moment when she heard the marvelous story of Georgia’s transformations and took part in an amazing discussion of many problems.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «She decided to become a part of the organization because of common thoughts, views and interesting people to undertake great steps with. The other reason is rooted in the irresistible wish to rehabilitate and renew freedom in people’s minds and in own head as well. The organization is a little leap into an inexhaustible flow of ideas, concepts and ways to their implementation. It gives you a chance to feel you as a part of a new, revolutionary history, which one day will disturb this society.»

Daryna Nestropa

Illia is an alumni of the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership. He is a first year student in the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, studying Applied Mathematics. Also, he is an intern at the Horizon Capital. In the first place, he found out about the libertarian ideas in the end of his studying at the UAL. Then with his friend, he joined the Ukrainian Students for Freedom.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «Unfortunately, in Ukraine, even after 26 years since the collapse of the USSR, society still stuck in communism and socialism, which impedes the stable development of the country. I think that what we are doing here in the Ukrainian Students for Freedom will help dispel myths about capitalism, and will help Ukraine build a free society.»

Illia Platukhin

Svitlana was born in 1997 in Bukovina, she lives in wonderful city of Chernivtsi, where she has been studying at Chernivtsi National University for two years at the Faculty of History, Political Science and International Relations. International information, the specialty she has chosen, is extremely interesting for her as it helps to gain knowledge in the most diverse areas of public life. After graduating in the Studienkolleg Sachsen in Leipzig and returning to her hometown, she began to actively engage in project management in the field of Ukrainian literature, where she gained an interesting and incredible experience. She lives under the slogan — there is no unimportant and unnecessary knowledge, and life is a constant movement forward and the development of its own horizons and opportunities.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «The USF for me is a powerful platform for self-development and implementation of very important projects for our country. Acquainted with amazing individuals in USF, I realized that our country is remarkable human potential of young, ambitious, creative and caring people. I am interested in building a new reality with them and shaping the prospects for the future. For me is unacceptable to just watch, and I know that together we are building a strong youth organization with fresh creative ideas, which then form the basis of a new civil society.»

Svitlana Konstantynyuk

Mykhailo is a student of Software engineering in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The ideas of liberty struck him with acquaintance with several members of NGOs. Therefore, he tried to expand his knowledge in this area and then, immediately, understood that it is what he should represent and where he belong to be.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «USF is an amazing organization that has managed to spread the message of liberty among Ukrainians and brings students to understand its truth and importance, and I’m truly excited to be a part of it.»

Mykhailo Reshetniak

Vladylsav is an alumni of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy, and a student of the Philosophy Faculty of Yuri Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. Currently he holds a position of the head of the Lviv Branch of Ukrainian Students for Freedom. For the first time he touched upon the ideas of freedom, studying the philosophy of French and English enlightenment at the Faculty of Philosophy. «I was struck by the way people struggled for freedom to think and create the world in which they want to live, initiated an era of “enlightenment” that gave a powerful impetus to the development of sciences. I am deeply convinced that a just society can exist only where justice is determined not by the state nomenclature but by the common sense of every citizen who clearly understands his responsibility for each subsequent step.»
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «I am deeply convinced that the value of the word “Freedom” for everyone who was born in the Independent Ukraine is so tightly engraved in the subconscious that it has become not only a feature of nature but a value of life. I am very glad that I have similar minded people in the USF, with whom I can create my beloved Free Ukraine.»

Vladyslav Malchevskyi

Sophia is a student of the Faculty of International Relations at the Ivan Franko Lviv National University. She acquainted with the ideas of libertarianism several years ago, when she read works by Ayn Rand. After a long period of reflection and acceptance of the principles of libertarianism, people and events related to libertarianism, she started to look for people and events associated with libertarianism and got into the Free Generation Forum 2016, where she met interesting people and members of the ESFL. She joined USF on Summer 2017.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «Libertarianism is a principle of life for me, which helps to improve its quality».

Sofia Rodygina

Yevheniia Koliada studies at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv at the Faculty of Journalism. She is also a Coordinator at Ukrainian Students for Freedom in Lviv, Ukraine. Yevheniia first got in touch with libertarian movement during the Campus Coordinator Program which was organized by Ukrainian Students for Freedom in August 2017. Then she realized that libertarian community stands for the same values as she does, so she decided to join the movement. Yevheniia believes that personal freedom and independence are the most important things in modern life, that is why she supports libertarian movement and spreads the ideas of liberty.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «Among my colleagues at USF I see brilliant minds who have an opportunity to change the whole generation and thereby change the future of our country. I’m glad to see that our local libertarian community is growing fast, especially, among students. I think, majority of young Ukrainians are libertarian by they hearts, even though they aren’t aware of that yet. Perhaps, Ukrainian society really needs the ideas of liberty. And our organization is only helping to spread those beliefs.»

Yevheniia Koliada

Danylo is a 2nd-year student at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, studying Security of Information and Communication Systems. He became interested in the ideas of libertarianism when he was in the 11th grade at school, thanks to the active participation in Model of the United Nations. After he learned about the student libertarian movement he became a part of it with no doubt.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «It is possible to give young people the necessary platform for self-realization and teach them what is libertarianism, with the help of Ukrainian Students for Freedom and its participants. It is students who are a part of a society that is capable of decisive changes and actions. We create new opportunities for
students and provide interesting things that can be implemented in Ukraine. I want the political and public activity of our citizens to improve and reach new heights, and with this Ukraine will also improve.»

Danylo Vdovenko

Serhii study International Business at Kyiv National Economic University. He is a member of Ukrainian Students for Freedom since fall of 2017. In the first place Serhii read about libertarian ideas during Finance and Macroeconomics courses. He thinks that libertarian ideas should be implemented and adjusted to real time. He realizes that tax system and role of government in economy of Ukraine should be minimalized, and somebody must do it. After the Free Generation Forum and training camp of USF he joined team and since then his pro-liberty activism started. He is ready for new challenges to change Ukraine for better.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «Students are the engine that creates new ideas and new ways for policy changing. We are students and our mission is to make our country better with our minds and energy. Our team trying to deliver this message to other students of our country with lectures, courses and workshops. I believe in USF and will do my best to promote our ideas. »

Serhii Oliynik

Ivan is a 3rd year student of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University where he is pursuing his degree in international relations. First encountered libertarian ideas during the second year of study, at a lecture organized by USF. Later he applied for the USF’s leadership program, and joined the organization. He started to discover new ideas right after the first USF’s retreat, which took place in Kiev.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «I am sure that Ukrainian Students for Freedom is an organization that can distribute and embody into reality the ideas of freedom in Ukraine. USF has a great team that promotes the ideas of free society, as well as great tools to spread those ideas.»

Ivan Yurchyshyn
Назар Ковбаса

Nazar grew up in the city of Kryvyi Rih, where he graduated from the Humanities and Technology Lyceum with in-depth study of mathematics. From 2016 to the present he is studying at Ternopil National Medical University in the field of “Dentistry”. He joined the libertarian movement in the summer of 2020, when he joined the leadership program in Vinnytsia. From 2017 to 2020, the first deputy chairman of the Student Parliament of TNMU. From 2019-2020 he was vice president of the Ukrainian Students’ Association. In 2020 he became a co-founder of the NGO “League of Students of Ternopil Region”.

For me, the idea of freedom is first and foremost a way to the spiritual and material enrichment of man. This is exactly the thesis I carry with me throughout my life. When people choose between bread and freedom, they eventually lose everything, including bread. If the people choose freedom, they will have bread grown by themselves and not taken away by anyone. It is through the prism of this opinion that every Ukrainian should consider the events taking place in the country, and this is what I see in the people around me in the USL.

Nazar Kovbasa
Дмитро Домалега

Dmitro grew up in Pavlograd, where he graduated from school. Since 2018 he has been studying at Dnipro, at the University of Customs and Finance, majoring in International Law. Dmytro became interested in the ideas of libertarianism in the ninth grade after reading Murray Rothbard’s “For a New Liberty”. In 2019, he learned about the public organization “Ukrainian Students for Freedom” and became its member in August 2020.

I became interested in the ideas of freedom at school. I quickly realized that freedom is a universal value that can give Ukraine the opportunity to take its place among developed countries. But before that, we have a long and difficult way to build civilized democratic institutions, which can only be done by the young generation of Ukrainian leaders, who are burning with ideas of individual freedom and who have a strong desire to see their country strong and independent. Those are people that the USF unites. This organisation gives us a sense of community and the opportunity to act for the good of Ukraine, guided by the ideals of freedom.

Dmitro Domalega
Анна Гриньків

Anna was born in the suburbs of Mykolaiv where she graduated from high school and decided to migrate. At the age of 16 she enrolled The National University of Ostroh Academy as ‘Cultural Studies’ major. In 2019 studied as undeclared major at Nazareth College (Rochester, NY) for Ukrainian diaspora’s grant. In August 2020 joined USF as an activitist of the Western Leadership Program, who origins from the South and lives on the East; at that point she’d decided to spend life in Ukraine. During 2020-2021 Anna has been participating in the formation program by ULA in Kharkiv; has joined NGO ‘APOKAZHY’; has become a co-author of the students’ self-governing project. In 2021 enrolled The National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy for gaining a master degree in Philosophy.

For me, Ukrainian Students for Freedom is about outlining a new vision of the future of Ukraine, seeing it through the prism of contemporary values ​​and creating a new discourse, devoid of previously existing destructive outside influences. My short-term experience of participating in the Leadership Program has become key in the process of creating my political views and has clearly contributed to the intensification of my interest in modern Ukrainian politics. Further work with a mentor has become an important driver of intellectual and emotional development, and work with local representatives of the organization motivates to join public activism and respond to resonant social problems in Ukraine.

Anna Grynkiv
Софія Матушак

Sophia is a sophomore at the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Chernivtsi National University. She is majoring in English, and her minor is French. In September 2019 she joined international youth organisation AIESEC where she had experience working as an event-manager and SMM manager. Sophia has diverse experience in volunteering at different events and forums. She joined Ukrainian Students for Freedom in summer 2019.

Ukrainian Students for Freedom are young people who do not want to put up with the sad realities of our country or go abroad in search of opportunities or better living conditions. On the contrary, those are youngsters who sincerely aspire to change the situation and guarantee the prosperity of their homeland. Only a free generation born in independent Ukraine can overcome the outdated and inefficient system. For me, USF is about taking the initiative and being confident that we will definitely have a bright future in our homeland.

Sophia Matushak
Андрій Пасічник

Andriy was born and raised in Chernivtsi, where he graduated from an English-language high school in 2017. Since 2017 he has been a student of the Yuriy Fedkovych National University of Chernivtsi in the field of International Relations.

USF is an incredibly great project. USF is unique networking with extremely educated and intelligent people, an exceptional group of like-minded people who literally live with the same breath as you. It is impressive. As soon as you become a part of this community, there is an unusual feeling that you have a unique understanding with your interlocutor, which can probably be felt only with close people. USF is about freedom. It’s such a basic thing that everyone should understand, but we’re taking it to a fundamentally new, defined level – our own freedom, economic freedom, and the principles of a free society. This, as I believe, is important and necessary for our society and our country today.


Andriy Pasichnyk
ВІкторія Кравчик

Viktoriya grew up in Ivano-Frankivsk region, in 2018 she moved to Lviv. She is currently studying International Relations at Ivan Franko Lviv National University. Since 2018 she has been putting a lot of effort into the development of the faculty as an active member of the NGO “Young Diplomacy”. She studies languages intensively, now Viktoriya speaks 4 foreign languages. She joined the libertarian movement in the summer of 2020 when she passed the Leadership Program, but she has shared such ideas since school years.

Ukrainian Students for Freedom is about development and change. Changing yourself and the reality around you. It is an organization that acts as it has gathered very different people united by the same ideals. Those who not only agree with the principles of freedom but are also ready to take steps to implement them.

Viktoriya Kravchyk
Семен Обломей

Semen grew up and lived in Kyiv. He studies at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, majoring in forestry.

Semen Oblomei
Максим Білокіз

Maxim first lived in the village of Gogolevo, Shishatsky district, Poltava region, then in 2016 moved to the city of Kremenchuk, where he graduated. In 2017 he entered the Poltava University of Economics and Trade. He became interested in the libertarian movement in 2019, and a year later joined the USS. B is also an activist of European Solidarity.

For me, Freedom is the goal I strive for in every aspect of my life. Ukrainian Students for Freedom is realizing the potential of talented Ukrainian youth, and this is what impresses me the most. Back in school, I thought that after studying at university I would go abroad to work, but already at university, my point of view on this issue has changed. I realized that there are people like me who want to build a successful future in Ukraine.

Maxim Bilokiz

Anna is a student of the Faculty of Philosophy, study of philosophy and religion. He grew up in Kozyatyn (Vinnytsia region), where he graduated school with a gold medal and school of sport with a 2nd level of volleyball. Beginning in 2016, Anna as the book editor, freelancer, from November 2017 to April 2018 Anna was a private entrepreneur (publisher), organizer of book presentations, editor in chief. Starting from May 2018, Anna participated in numerous training courses and projects, both local and international (Erasmus +). From August 2018, she joined to the NGO Ukrainian Students for Freedom. Since October 2018, she a member of the Foundation for Regional Initiatives, Anna was one of the organizers of several events from non-formal education, including her own project in hometown. At the beginning of 2019, Anna is having internship in Berlin, in the NGO “Pass the Crayon”.

Anna Gainalius
Олександра Карапуз

Olexandra is a student of the Franko National University of Lviv in the field of “Political Science”. She was born and raised in Kreminna city in Luhansk region. She realized the importance of liberal values ​​after the Revolution of Dignity and the Russian occupation of Ukraine’s territories. She currently works as a journalist for a media of Luhansk region and is engaged in public activities in the NGO “Center for Civil Liberties”.

For me, liberalism is an ideology based on the principles of political and individual freedoms, pluralism and the rule of law. USS is almost the only organization in Ukraine that truly professes these principles and has a huge potential to become a platform capable of uniting the country on the basis of liberal values. It is the USF that proposes effective mechanisms for political and social change in Ukraine, and also provides ample opportunities to become an active part of these changes. That’s why I’m from USF.

Olexandra Karapuz
Олександр Приведенець

Olexander comes from a small town in picturesque Volyn, called Kamin-Kashirsky, where he studied at school. In 2019 he started studying at the Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University in the field of “History, Archeology and European Studies”. He was involved in public activities, where he gained experience in project management and implementation. On this day he works in the administrative service. He joined the libertarian movement in 2020, and in the same year, he joined Ukrainian Students for Freedom.

Freedom has always been close to me because having the freedom you can do whatever you want, develop, build, change yourself or this world. As we know from history, there are constant wars for freedom, because everyone strives for it, it is the engine of change in society, the subject of inspiration and development. It is USF that gives me the opportunity to feel it fully and the opportunity to change something for the better.

Olexander Pryvedenec
Владислав Мовчан

Vladislav was born in the village of Novovorontsovka, Kherson region, where he grew up and finished school. Since 2019 he has been studying at the National Aerospace University “KHAI” with a degree in “Cyber Security”. In 2020 he joined the organization Ukrainian Students for Freedom.

I am convinced that the students who joined the USS are the driving force that will be able to show the Ukrainian people that in our country you can feel like a truly free person.

Vladislav Movchan
Наталія Мацура

Natalia grew up in Lviv, where she graduated from school. Since 2017 she has been a student of Lviv University of Trade and Economics in the field of Law. Natalia joined the libertarian movement in early 2020 when she entered the School of Legislators in Lviv in February. At the end of February of the same year, she took part in the Student Model of the US Congress. Since July 2020 she has been a member of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom organization.

Freedom is the ability of an individual to act following his/her desires, interests, goals based on knowledge of objective reality. At the same time, Freedom is an ideal of human interaction. Freedom is the ability to choose different ways of courses of events. The absence of choice is equal to the absence of Freedom. However, Freedom is not only the ideal of human interaction. It can be defined as a prism to evaluate and understand the world. In my opinion, the prism of Freedom, helps us to see the dignity of people, which is called equal rights, as well as the injustice and wrongness of the violation of these rights and freedoms.


Nataliya Mazura
Денис Гузар

Denis grew up in the city of Uman until 2013, after that he moved to Ternopil, where he finished school. From 2015 to 2019 he studied at the Ternopil Technical College named after Ivan Pulyuy in the field of “Computer Engineering”, then he continued his studies at the Ternopil National Technical University named after Ivan Pulyuy. Since the end of 2018, Denis has been a member of the public organization “Science Center of Ternopil”. In the summer of 2020, he became an activist for Ukrainian Students for Freedom.

USF pays special attention to two areas: youth and freedom. For me, the ideas of freedom are always top priorities, this is the goal which I work for. Young people are the most powerful driving force in the country. Young people are those individuals who have promoted the world’s greatest changes, overthrew tyrants and wanted a better life for all. I do not want to leave my native country in search of happiness and dignified life, so we are building it here and now.

Denis Huzar
Володимир Савчук