Vsevolod adheres to three basic rules:
1. Keep learning all the time. The world never stands still, so self-education allows me to keep up with the times.
2. Do it well. Perfectionism helps maintain quality. If you study, then for the maximum score. If you participate in a competition, then win. If you take on a project, then make it perfect.
3. Inspire others. Teamwork is one of the most effective working methods. Therefore, the ability to maintain a team spirit is important.

«Ukrainian Students for Freedom is a team of incredible people who pay special attention to educational projects for young people, acquaint young people with the works of prominent philosophers and the works of great economists. Everyone has a choice: does he want to be free. Freedom of mind is exactly what makes us truly free. You can be free physically, but the mind is more important. Education is an essential foundation of this freedom. That is why my like-minded people and I pay so much attention to educational projects.»