Vladylsav is an alumni of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy, and a student of the Philosophy Faculty of Yuri Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. Currently he holds a position of the head of the Lviv Branch of Ukrainian Students for Freedom. For the first time he touched upon the ideas of freedom, studying the philosophy of French and English enlightenment at the Faculty of Philosophy. «I was struck by the way people struggled for freedom to think and create the world in which they want to live, initiated an era of “enlightenment” that gave a powerful impetus to the development of sciences. I am deeply convinced that a just society can exist only where justice is determined not by the state nomenclature but by the common sense of every citizen who clearly understands his responsibility for each subsequent step.»
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «I am deeply convinced that the value of the word “Freedom” for everyone who was born in the Independent Ukraine is so tightly engraved in the subconscious that it has become not only a feature of nature but a value of life. I am very glad that I have similar minded people in the USF, with whom I can create my beloved Free Ukraine.»