Tetiana from Poltava. But she visited Ukraine from east to west and from north to south. Therefore she understands that the country needs to be sewn together by people and projects. To live here and now. “The world is big, and Ukraine is one in it” © Bohdan Havrylyshyn. And that’s why journalism for a girl has turned from a hobby into a profession that involves other skills: photography and videography. She was professionally engaged in ballroom choreography and swimming. A graduate (2018) of the Poltava City School of Arts “Small Academy of Arts” named after Raisa Kirichenko in the field of “fine arts”. A graduate (2018) of the Teen Press WOA Poltava Course project with the support of America House. A graduate (2018) Access Alumni Technology Training Program supported by the Embassy of the United States of America. A participant of hackathons. In particular, for girls “Hack4Good 2.0” (2018) within the initiative “Girls STEM” from the Center for CSR Development became the winner. The girl receives and raises the professional and general level by participating in media projects of IMI, AUP, Irex Ukraine, Internews Ukraine, Society Foundation, Nakipelo, others and mastering online courses on educational platforms EdEra, Prometheus, VUM, others. Among foreign languages ​​— English, German, Polish, Russian. A graduate of the Anti-Corruption School for Youth (2019) under the UN Development Program in Ukraine and the International Renaissance Foundation. A graduate of the Media School project (2020) from the Kyiv Center for Media Education. A participant of legal and business educational projects/programs. To gain experience in organization/ communications/useful affairs, Tetiana has been participating as a volunteer in the New Run half marathon since 2017, and in the Meridian Poltava International Poetry Festival and other situational projects since 2018. Since 2018, manager of the youth organization “Vzayemopomich”, which main activity is international exchanges. She is also the communications manager of the Horizon Center for Culture and Development. Participated in 4 international youth exchanges from Erasmus + as a participant and in the organizing teams. Since 2019, in the School of Media Patriots team. Since August 2020, co-founder and manager of the “OsoblyvaYa” project, launched within the British Council programs. The Winner of the Leadership Program “SDG-Ambassadors” (2020) from the Center for CSR Development.

Tetiana became interested in libertarianism in 2018 under the influence of the philosophy of objectivism of the American writer Ayn Rand (“Atlantis shrugged”) after watching the film adaptation of the trilogy. This prompted the reading of a novel whose quotations (including “no one can derive any value from others by force” and “no rights can exist without the right to think, work and preserve results: that’s property rights”) in the perception of life. In August 2020, Tetiana joined the public organization “Ukrainian Students for Freedom”, whose activities are based on the principles of protection, promotion and lobbying of the principles of a free society.