Tamara is a student at West Ukrainian National University, where she study journalism. Also, she’s a student at Tavrida National University at the Philology faculty (Hebrew language). She loves the East culture since her childhood, so Tamara is also studying Japanese and is a member of a Korean cover dance team. But, of course, there is nothing that can exceed her love for Ukraine, that’s how she joined USF in 2022 after completing the “Leadership Program”. Tamara is a part of the Ternopil center, she’s actively participating in different international programs where she represents Ukraine and spreads people’s awareness of our country

“In the end, all our hearts United into one We will be together until the end When the day comes” – these words stayed in my mind for a long time after finishing the Leadership Program, because they so pithily describe USF. It’s about freedom, about people, about fighting for a free country. A big family, which will stand up for everyone»