Sophia was born and raised in Kyiv. She graduated from high school here, received a secondary music education, and since 2019 she has been a student of Borys Hrinchenko Kyiv University in the field of “Advertising and PR”. First found out about the libertarian movement in 2020 at the Ayn Rand Conference Europe. As Sofia herself admits, this trip radically changed her worldview and attitude to life. At the same time, she runs a charity, since 2020 she’s a volunteer of the all-Ukrainian volunteer movement “Building Ukraine Together”, a participant in the information campaign of the advertising agency Postmen “Break the circle of violence”. Sophia relentlessly spreads the idea that the beginning of change starts with an alteration in mentality!

Ukrainian Students for Freedom is about the best individuals. The concentration of the young, indomitable, hard-working, and most ambitious is right here. It’s about the future. The future is free, independent and happy. This is the future that must be fought for and built on one’s own. It’s about family. USF is a tremendous network on the territory of Ukraine and outside its borders, united by a common idea. It’s about the exchange. Exchange of experience, thoughts, help. One of the most important factors of development is a mutual exchange, which is permanently proceeding.