Sonya who became a member of USF just by applying for the Leadership Program and only then she liked the people there and the whole idea of organization. She’s from the small but really beautiful and inspiring town, Zalishchyky. And if you had never heard about it just look at its pictures and enjoy it. She took a gap year after graduating from school and she thinks it was one of the best decisions she’d ever made. She studies Political Science in Ukrainian Catholic University, travels a lot, writes nice texts, runs almost every morning and sometimes goes to international programs.

«As already mentioned, I learned about the organization by accident – applying for the Leadership Program – and already there, getting to know the ideology and views of the members of the organization, I realized that they are close to me and that I want to be part of this community. I see great strength in the giant youth movement, which is based on the right (in my opinion) values, the participants of which are incredibly interesting and intelligent individuals. Therefore, I know that we will continue to create a country of free people, as we are doing it now.»