Sofia is a 2nd year student at Sumy State University majoring in psychology. For the first time she got acquainted with libertarian ideas in her first year of study, at a lecture organized by the Students for freedom. For her, it was a motivation to move forward only, prioritizing further life. Sofia participated in the Fifth All-Ukrainian Model Organization of the United Nations in Lviv from Platform of New Diplomacy and in the First Student Model of Congress from the Students for freedom held in Kyiv. Considering the world’s problems that affect the development of both our country and all countries of the world helps to develop critical thinking and diplomatic skills. The advocacy of human rights and freedoms and the drafting of bills by students emphasized that nothing is impossible and that Ukraine’s future is only in the hands of young people. It was after the Student Model of Congress that she became fully interested in the ideas of libertarianism and chose the Students for freedom.