Sergiy study International Business at Kyiv National Economic University. He is a member of Ukrainian Students for Freedom since fall of 2017. In the first place Sergiy read about libertarian ideas during Finance and Macroeconomics courses. He thinks that libertarian ideas should be implemented and adjusted to real time. He realizes that tax system and role of government in economy of Ukraine should be minimalized, and somebody must do it. After the Free Generation Forum and training camp of USF he joined team and since then his pro-liberty activism started. He is ready for new challenges to change Ukraine for better.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «Students are the engine that creates new ideas and new ways for policy changing. We are students and our mission is to make our country better with our minds and energy. Our team trying to deliver this message to other students of our country with lectures, courses and workshops. I believe in USF and will do my best to promote our ideas. »