Polina grew up in Kyiv. In 2019, after graduating from the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, she entered the Kyiv National University. She has always been interested in politics and was sympathetic to the idea of libertarianism, but dared to take an active part in the public life of the country only in the first year of studying at the speciality “International Relations”. Polina started her acquaintance with the USF with the 2020 Leadership Program, after which she finally became convinced that she was ready to fight for the Freedom of each individual.

For me, “Ukrainian Students for Freedom” is the group of like-minded people that everyone needs to be surrounded by in order to be confident in the correctness of their actions. Yes, communication with USF members is permanently convincing me that a free society is a value that deserves to fight for. Besides, the organization provides a sense of belonging to the community, which not only adds confidence but also diminishes the fear of the unknown.