Olena is doing her master’s in International Relations at Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. At the same time, she is a campus coordinator for Ukrainian Students for Freedom. She got aware of libertarian ideas during her exchange program in the USA but she didn’t identify herself as a libertarian at that time. Then, Olena watched a Joy movie and that was the turning point to percept herself as a libertarian. That movie shortly summarized most of the ideas that F. Hayek or M. Freedman had to write books about: stubborn and tenacious entrepreneurship, hard and persistent work, commercial innovation. Shortly after coming back to Ukraine she applied to become a coordinator for USF.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «I believe that together with USFF and its awesome team it’s possible to build a society, where “the best government is the least government”. USFF gives incredible opportunities and possibilities to drive changes, to influence the society, and make your voice to be heard.»