Oleksii was born in 2001 in the city of Odesa. He started his active social activities in school, when at the age of 17 he was elected to the Youth Council of Odesa. In 2019, he entered the ONUA majoring in “Political Science” and is currently a 4th-year student. Serious and systematic violations of the rights and freedoms of students, which have long become a hallmark of this university, could not but infuriate Oleksiy and determined his desire to unite and build the student movement, which contributed to his establishment on the path of struggle for Freedom and Dignity. From this path, he is sure, he will never get off.

‘Immediately, three of my best friends are part of this extended family, so my introduction to USF was inevitable. Back in September 2021, I joined the Odesa branch as a supporter and since then I dreamed of getting into the Leadership Program and becoming a full-fledged activist. USF seems to me to be the largest, most active and most united student movement in Ukraine and Eastern Europe in general, which defends the ideals of Freedom and Human Dignity. I am honored to be one of these people.’