Olexandra is a student of the Franko National University of Lviv in the field of “Political Science”. She was born and raised in Kreminna city in Luhansk region. She realized the importance of liberal values ​​after the Revolution of Dignity and the Russian occupation of Ukraine’s territories. She currently works as a journalist for a media of Luhansk region and is engaged in public activities in the NGO “Center for Civil Liberties”.

For me, liberalism is an ideology based on the principles of political and individual freedoms, pluralism and the rule of law. USS is almost the only organization in Ukraine that truly professes these principles and has a huge potential to become a platform capable of uniting the country on the basis of liberal values. It is the USF that proposes effective mechanisms for political and social change in Ukraine, and also provides ample opportunities to become an active part of these changes. That’s why I’m from USF.