Natalia grew up in Lviv, where she graduated from school. Since 2017 she has been a student of Lviv University of Trade and Economics in the field of Law. Natalia joined the libertarian movement in early 2020 when she entered the School of Legislators in Lviv in February. At the end of February of the same year, she took part in the Student Model of the US Congress. Since July 2020 she has been a member of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom organization.

Freedom is the ability of an individual to act following his/her desires, interests, goals based on knowledge of objective reality. At the same time, Freedom is an ideal of human interaction. Freedom is the ability to choose different ways of courses of events. The absence of choice is equal to the absence of Freedom. However, Freedom is not only the ideal of human interaction. It can be defined as a prism to evaluate and understand the world. In my opinion, the prism of Freedom, helps us to see the dignity of people, which is called equal rights, as well as the injustice and wrongness of the violation of these rights and freedoms.