Nikita grew up in the city of Kramatorsk, where he received his secondary education. From 2017 to 2021 he studied economics and law at the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics. He was actively involved in organizing and conducting many university competitions, presentations, speeches and student council. Since 2018 he has been actively involved in public and volunteer activities: participated in the AIESEC, EU Study Days in Ukraine, FRI and Erasmus + programmes. First got acquainted with Ukrainian Students for Freedom in early 2019 at the School of Legislator. After that he started to actively participate in other libertarian events: School of Legislator 2020, Student Model Congress 2020, Leadership Programme 2020 and others.

For me, Ukrainian Students for Freedom is about people, opportunities and inspiration.

People – every active member of this respected organization has not only the passion and desire to stand out but also a lot of experience, knowledge and energy. An important feature is that everyone has their vision and a passionate desire to stand up for it, even if the entire society does not agree. By combining this with critical thinking, you can be a true leader who will lead his or her team to victory. Opportunity –  having a bunch of supporters behind you is much easier and more convenient to change the world than doing it alone. As a part of a group, you bring its values, ideas and culture to bear. Inspiration – it always comes when you see people sitting at the same table with you and debating on some obscure topic, and on the next day, they become political and social leaders. It always leads you to think that you can do and get more than we have now.