Mykhailo grew up in the Zaporizhzhia. Since 2018, he has been actively involved in the organization of MUNs and events dedicated to the comprehensive development of youth. Co-founder and head of PR & HR departments in the NGO “HurryUP! Ukraine”.

Mykhailo takes an active part in promoting Ukraine’s modern vision of politics in “The Last Capitalist” team. He also works in the team of “SHPALTA” (independent media), DeepStateUA and a number of other authoritative resources of the Ukrainian telegram. Mykhailo participated in and organized actions in support of Ukrainian political prisoners, the Ukrainian language and other relevant topics for Ukrainian society. He has long been interested in the political life of the country, but became acquainted with the ideas of freedom only in 2019-2020. He participated in the Student Model Congress in 2020 and the Leadership Program 2021.

«USS is about freedom and a team of like-minded people who are making changes now. USS is about friends who are able to modernize Ukrainian society.»