Maria is an activist of the USS. She was born, studied and grew up until the age of 10 in the village of Novopavlivka in the city of Krasnyi Luch (now Khrustalnyi), where she gave bribes to all those who stereotypically encroached on her rights and prepared to enter Kharkiv. Outside of school in Kharkiv, she was engaged in geology and local history for 7 years, there she was imbued with respect for the country and Kharkiv, and their little-known depths. In the 10th grade, Maria read Ayn Rand’s The Source and began studying Objectivism. Entered in 2015 at KhNU named after V.N. Karazina started volunteering at OHCHR out of curiosity, and was there for the first event in October 2015. Then there were training and volunteer events out of curiosity. While sitting in the bomb shelters, Maria thought about why all her attention was only on herself, libertarian issues or volunteering without deep questions about modern activity and its intersection with utopia, and in the summer of 2022 she applied for PL-2022. What path will she take next? Let’s see.

‘USF is people. And the gathering of these people, like the stars in the sky, shines very brightly. Because that is the radiance of will. Freedom is not only about doing whatever you want. This is an understanding of the essence of each step. The ability to burn for one’s own purpose and pass the flame like a baton until the imaginary picture is pressed into physical reality. Now my fire is your fire.’