Leo was born in Vylkovo, but lived most of his life in Odesa. He joined the volunteer and activist movement in 2017. Since 2020, he has been a member of the Student Council of Karpenko-Karyi University. He took an active part in several organizations (in particular, CO “Sunflower of Peace”, “Hurry Up! Ukraine”, VC “Expedition” and others) with a social direction, has implemented and working projects in various fields. He joined USF after the 2022 Leadership Program.

The formation of the young generation depends on such lively and active initiatives as the USF. When there are freedom fighters, when the idea of ​​freedom is heard thanks to people like the members of the USF. The value of freedoms and appreciation of rights should be disseminated and implemented through such projects that are implemented and can be implemented within the framework of this organization.