Kate is an activist of USF. She grew up and lives in the city of Truskavets. She graduated from a high school here. She dreamed of becoming a doctor since childhood. So, in 2020, she entered the Danylo Halytskyi National Medical University, but at the Faculty of Pharmacy. After studying there for a year, she successfully passed the entrance exams exams, and entered her dream specialty – medicine. After the start of the full-scale invasion of Russia, she volunteered in her hometown, first setting up shelters for refugees, and then in a hospital, helping wounded soldiers in the intensive care unit. while studying at the university, he is actively interested in reforming medicine in Ukraine. She finished the course “How health care works”. She is a member of the Student Self-Government and is the head of the group.

It was with the beginning of Russia’s war with Ukraine that I understood what freedom is for Ukrainians and for Ukrainian youth in particular. I want to have the freedom to choose where to study and work, where to live. For me, Freedom is reasonable and fair laws that are implemented by members of society. It is to have the right to think and say what I think, even mistakenly. There are no bad thoughts, no bad tastes. There are different ones. Freedom is the ability to make decisions yourself and bear responsibility for them. USF is fighting for this. USF is youth, and youth is the driving force that is the future of our country.