Ivanka grew up in Chernivtsi, where in 2019 she graduated from high school and entered Chernivtsi National University, majoring in “Social Work”. I learned about the libertarian movement from a friend who was a member of the Student Model Congress. Fascinated by the concepts and views of libertarianism, she decided to try to pass the national selection and filled out an application for participation in the Leadership Program. In 2020, she became a participant in the Leadership Program and an activist for Ukrainian Students for Freedom.

For me, USF is a platform for the development and realization of personal potential. It is an organization that will not only understand and support with a “kind word”, but also help to realize the boldest dreams, share their own experiences and epic failures. It is an organization of independent and uninvolved people who want to develop their country and the people who live in it. This environment of young people with fire in their eyes empowers me to become better and create something useful and cool for society.