Yuliia Nazar has been an active member of Ukrainian Students for Freedom (USF) NGO since 2021. She was born and raised in the picturesque and beautiful city of Ternopil. She studied at the elementary school with in-depth study of the foundations of economics and I.Franko Ternopil Ukrainian Gymnasium. At present, she is mastering the occupation of “Design” at Ternopil Cooperative Vocational College. She takes an active part in the student life of the college and she is the chairman of the Student Government. Studying problems young people are faced with urged her to search for information and like-minded people, whom she found among the active members of the «Ukrainian Students for Freedom»‎ (USF) NGO. Participation in the Leadership Program 2021 shaped a clear vision of the future and made her realize that students and young people are the driving force of our country.

«Young people, students, in particular, have always been the driving force and have taken leading parts in all the most important events in the turbulent history of our nation. I am convinced that it is the conscious youth, coming from all over the country and united in one team, will be able to change the situation in Ukraine for the better. Freedom is the most valuable thing we possess, it is something we have been fighting for throughout centuries, and still, we limit ourselves within some boundaries, restricting our freedoms, losing the opportunity to be free through illiteracy and our own ignorance. Therefore, I believe that young people should unite and defend their freedoms together, improving their own positions, ensuring a secure future for themselves and their country.»‎