Lisa has lived in Kyiv since birth. From the age of 5, she was actively involved in synchronized swimming, which eventually became a professional occupation until the 10th grade. She earned the title of Master of Sports and returned to the Lyceum “Scientific Change”, which she graduated from in 2018 with a silver medal and a distinction in economic achievements. The latter she received due to winning third place in the All-Ukrainian competition of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, where she presented her work in the field of economics. After that, she continued this path and entered KNU named after Taras Shevchenko, the Faculty of Economics, majoring in International Economics because during 2016-2018 she actively participated in the UNME school and university, where she first became interested in global issues of the world. Now Lisa has been a very active student for three years, a leader in her community that participates in many youth programs. Since 2020 she has been the president of the local section in Ukraine of the largest European organization Erasmus Student Network Ukraine | Kyiv.

Every year people become more and more valuable to me. They say “your people are everywhere”, but this was a rarity before I joined the USF. It was, by the way, the main reason for my joining: I lacked a community where I could talk freely and lovingly about Ukraine and its problems, about how to help my country and myself in current conditions. I like the values of individualism that we carry, I will not say that I already 100% correlate with them, but that’s why I’m here. Freedom is the first value on my list.