Glib repeatedly changed and revised his political views thinking about how society should look since his childhood. Later disappointed in the collectivist forms of anarchism, he came to the ideas of libertarianism and classical republicanism. In 2020, he joined the USF to find like-minded people. Gleb is fond of radical political philosophy, neo-institutional economics and guitar playing. Since 2019 He has been studying at the Faculty of Economics of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University majoring in Economics and Economic Policy to conduct research and educational activities in future.

We live in an extremely unfriendly world. We are surrounded by all sorts of hostile creatures like socialists, the Russian Federation, Revenue Service, simple bandits, supporters of Modern Monetary Theory. USF is people who have realized their unenviable position and who are trying to oppose themselves in the face of an aggressive environment that has attempted on our freedom.