Anna is a student of the Faculty of Philosophy, study of philosophy and religion. He grew up in Kozyatyn (Vinnytsia region), where he graduated school with a gold medal and school of sport with a 2nd level of volleyball. Beginning in 2016, Anna as the book editor, freelancer, from November 2017 to April 2018 Anna was a private entrepreneur (publisher), organizer of book presentations, editor in chief. Starting from May 2018, Anna participated in numerous training courses and projects, both local and international (Erasmus +). From August 2018, she joined to the NGO Ukrainian Students for Freedom. Since October 2018, she a member of the Foundation for Regional Initiatives, Anna was one of the organizers of several events from non-formal education, including her own project in hometown. At the beginning of 2019, Anna is having internship in Berlin, in the NGO “Pass the Crayon”.