Denys grew up in the town of Rozdilna in Odessa region. From 2015 to 2020 he worked in various positions at the pupil admınıstratıon of his school. He has participated in a large number of social, volunteer and environmental projects in Ukraine, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, including “Horizons of the Future”, “ZeroWasteSchool”, “Model of the Government of Ukraine”, “Reporters in Action” and others. Since 2020 he has been a student of Odessa Mechnikov National University, specialising in International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studios. In February 2020, Denys was elected as a congressman for the project “Students’ Congress Model” from the NGO “Ukrainian Students for Freedom”. In August 2020, Denys passed the USF Leadership Program. In October he was elected as a Secretary of the Odessa USF branch and the Head of the Southern Cross-Region.

“I am a new person in the USF, but I have something to say. First of all, I consider myself a conservative liberal. Human rights of an individual and an artist must be one hundred per cent guaranteed. Economic freedom must be secured by the honesty and transparency of business-state relations. However, in my opinion, changes aimed at liberalizing society must be implemented gradually, thoughtfully and without radicalism. Reforms have never been and will never be quick and easy. It is a complex and long process. I see it as my public and political duty to carry out educating and consolidating of society in order to implement new and relevant changes that will make the life of our society better”.