Danilo was born in Kyiv. He went to school there, from which he graduated with a silver medal. Not wanting to leave the capital, Danilo enrolled to the Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, majoring in International Business. From the first year, continuing the school tradition, he entered the student government, becoming an elected representative of his course to the Student Council of the IIR. Two years later he became its chairman. He became acquainted with the libertarian movement by taking part in the Model of the US Congress, which was first held in Kyiv by Ukrainian Students for Freedom in 2018. A year later he joined the USF and the educational organization Students for Freedom, where he continues to operate today.

USF plays an extremely important role for me as a community of people who are similar to me in thoughts, actions and desires. USF is a place where everyone can be themselves and defend truly great goals together with an extraordinary team of leaders. I am convinced that my life and the fruits of my work should belong to the country where I was born – Ukraine, my homeland. Together with the USS, I will promote the ideals of freedom and libertarianism for the benefit of the people.