Andrew grew up and lived in Zhytomyr, where he studied physics at the lyceum and then graduated from Zhytomyr Technological College (at KNUBA) with a degree in Software Engineering, and then entered the 2nd year of a private university UACU in Kyiv for international economic relations. He joined the libertarian movement in Ukraine after the Student Model of the Congress, where he learned about the USF. Since then, he has not missed almost any event that took place in Zhytomyr or neighbouring cities.

Each institution is not some abstract thing, but it consists of absolutely unique individuals. And USF is, uppermost, people: even if I knew that this is the only libertarian student movement in Ukraine, I would not have joined it if there was not such an incredible group of wonderful personalities. 

Personally, I find a view of economic relations in the libertarian ideas pursued by the USF because this is the only main thing that worries me in the actions of the authorities. USF opened a wide circle of like-minded people across the country, and in six months in the organization, I have friends in every part of the country. Besides, three of them visited me, and I came to stay at four of them.