Andrew was born in Uman, where he finished Uman town gymnasia with honours. From 2019 living in Kharkiv, studying in National Law University, studying “International law”. Andrew is an active member of Kharkiv Debra Union from September 2019. Became a part of the libertarian movement in January 2020, because of the interest in the event “School of legislators”. He has been working in an international company since August 2020.

Personally, freedom is something that every person should believe in. The crucial principles are free market, freedom of choice and voice. When you have the rights and obligations that will make some changes, but when you add freedom, this will make the country bloom. USF is the big family where you will discuss, find the truth and become better with the great people. To cut a long story short, we all have to implement to development of our country. We only can change Ukraine for the best when we live here and fight for our rights and ideas right now.