Anastasia was born in 1997 when the Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma made Ukraine a crony capitalist’s state. She lives at the small, comfortable city of Chernivtsi where she is on her way to finish Bachelor Degree in Political Science at Chernivtsi National University. Anastasiia does not like routine and spending time in her comfort zone. That is why her resume full of jobs, internships and social initiatives. She loves crisis communication, political marketing and flowers.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «I am with USF because I don’t like my reality and don’t want to be just critic. I want to do something instead. I don’t like archaic rules and regulations; they don’t work at reality. We need to run fast and create new and effective policies, even by making not very popular decisions. I love the team of USF, because people like that make me confident that we can accept new rules of our lives and all together can co-live at this difficult world.»