Adil — the only (so far) Crimean Tatar in USF. He was born in Yevpatoriia, but has lived his whole life in Kyiv. Before joining USF, Adil in 2020-2021 led the Kyiv branch of The European Law Students’ Association (ELSA), and then in 2021-2022 held office as President of Ukraine National Group of ELSA. Since 2022 works as Assistant for External Relations of President of ELSA International. Law Student of 2021 by version of Ukrainian Attorneys’ Association. Practices law for three years, specializes in intellectual property and data protection. Besides that, does gig photography and English translation/interpretation, writes poetry and does standup comedy.

‘I knew about USF for a while, since 2019, but joined only in 2022. It was a highly conscious choice for me, not unlike approaching a lady with a marriage proposal for me — however, instead of a lady there is a community of 400+ people. I am deeply in love with the values of this organization and with the vibe of the people that comprise it, and so would like to offer my effort and zeal towards making sure our organization is known by more young Ukrainians, ready to join us in the fight for the future of Ukraine.’