Students’ Model
of Congress

Congress is a simulation game for students and young leaders that reflects the mechanism of the US Congress. The event is held in the form of congressional hearings, each of which has its own specification. By analogy with the US Congress structure, participants of the Students’ Model of Congress are divided into two parties. The Blue Party and the Yellow Party – ideologically opposing political forces, each of which defends its ideals and principles of state-building.

Every year we choose new topics that form the basis of drafting bills. Candidates who collect the most votes on the website become participants of the Students’ Model of Congress. There are 150 participants. After registering and determining the candidate’s party, everyone should start their “election campaign”: develop a congressman’s program, choose a political line and take into account the electorate’s needs. After the formation of the lists, online voting begins on our website. The top 150 candidates are invited to participate in the project.

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