How to join our activities
if your student years have passed
or you just do not want to wait until
we open the selection for
the Leadership Program?

Now you can
get the status
of a follower of
our organization!

For us, it does matter neither your age nor where you live, not what you do, but it is vital that you support our principles and share our vision, more of which can be found here.

It is essential to understand that a person who has become a follower does not acquire the membership of “Ukrainian Students for Freedom.” Instead, the status of a follower provides:

  • “Follower Set,” which includes a card with an individual number and a sticker pack;
  • free access to USF authorial courses;
  • advantage when submitting a questionnaire for participating in our events;
  • access to the closed USF’s library;
  • weekly email newsletter with news and opportunities;
  • access to private chat and followers communities;
How to
a follower?
  • Fill the form.
  • Pay the entrance fee (needed to produce and ship “Follower Set”).
  • Wait for a letter with the confirmation.
Are you ready to share with us the ideas of a free society
and take an active part in the development of the organization?