Ukrainian Students for Freedom has won Atlas Network’s 2018 Smith Student Outreach Award for its inaugural Leadership Program, which works with student leaders to provide communicative skills and knowledge on a range of activities from policy proposals to hosting events. Launched in 2013, the Smith Student Outreach Award is an annual award recognizing the best student-focused project for liberty. The winning organization receives $3,000 and is selected from among current year grantees. The award is generously sponsored by the Smith Family Foundation.

Привіт із Нью-Йорку! На цьогорічному Liberty Forum, який організовують наші партнери Atlas Network, Українські Студенти за Свободу отримали нагороду як найкращий студентський проект року!

Опубліковано Українські Студенти за Свободу Четвер, 8 листопад 2018 р.

“The work of Ukrainian Students for Freedom has strengthened my hope for the future,” said Dr. Tom Palmer, executive vice president for international programs and George M. Yeager chair for advancing liberty at Atlas Network. “In a country riven by factionalism and cronyism, war and violence, a principled group of young people have boldly stood up for liberty and the rule of law, for property and free exchange, for limited government as the framework for voluntary and peaceful cooperation, in short, for the public good. Ukrainian Students for Freedom work closely with Atlas Network’s partners and their activist network stretches throughout the country. They demand a free country and they will have it.”