In June, we completed a student school: “Who is John Galt?”. For two months, 15 participants improved the knowledge of Objectivism and studied the way of life Ayn Rand, a world-renowned author who is still changing the worldview of people around the world.

We had eight classes, including lectures and workshops, together with experts in Objectivism. The participants were acquainted with the biography of Ayn Rand, studied Objectivism philosophy in the context of policies and business various nations as well as understood how to worked Objectivism in practice.

In the photo, a workshop by Imre Wessels — a friend of our organization, the Ambassador of The Embassy of Liberland in Ukraine, and a former member of the Libertarian Party of the Netherlands.

We are glad to complete this project. We believe that only self-aware and intellectually developed youth can build a better future!