Student's Model of Congress is a simulation game. This game revolves around providing the participants with practical and theoretical skills in the fields of:
  • Policy-making;
  • Law making;
  • Debate;
  • Public speaking;
  • Professional negotiations;
  • Effective communication.
More info:
The leadership program is the main educational project of our organization, the purpose of which is to spread the ideas of freedom among Ukrainian youth. Every year, in May, we open a set for future leaders, who then become part of our organization.
Free Generation Forum is an open platform for discussing the present, past, and most importantly, the future of free Ukraine. Ukrainian and international experts meet with those who influence the future, with the first free generation that grew up on the former Soviet Union territory. Why are reforms not happening as fast as we would like? What is the danger of populism? How to defeat corruption? Is the world becoming freer? How to deal with obstacles created by the state? We answer these and other questions at the Free Generation Forum!