The leadership program is the main educational project of our organization, the purpose of which is to spread the ideas of freedom among Ukrainian youth. Every year, in May, we open a set for future leaders, who then become part of our organization.

Participation in the program involves passing an online course and attending a four-day summer camp. Together with speakers, coaches and mentors, we delve into the topics of leadership, economics, political science, and community service.


As a participant in our program, we see a young person who wants to build the student movement in Ukraine, promote the ideas of freedom, and work for our country’s free future.

Since the beginning of the academic year, leaders are working to spread the ideas of freedom. Implementing projects in their cities and organizing events in different regions of Ukraine, participants consolidate the acquired knowledge and skills in practice. Leaders have access to a nationwide network of Ukrainian Students for Freedom, which includes both material resources and an extensive network of activists who spread freedom worldwide.

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who wants to change Ukraine for the better.
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