«We demand to cease this debate concerning the legalization of cannabis!»

These words launched by Representatives of the “National Dryzhuna” on March 7, our event in Chernivtsi. These guys brock in carrying the loudspeaker and the desire to disrupt the discussion. Still, when they saw that convincing us was possible only by arguments, and not by the number of people, the nationalist association decided to join our dialogue.

It is impossible to develop a shared vision, especially on this issue, especially if two ideologically opposing organizations are in one place. However, an argumentative discussion and a constructive dialogue is already a victory. Let’s face that fact is that Ukrainians concern about the essential issues of the present!

We sincerely thank Ivanna Gerasymchyk for devoting our time, and the Patrol police of the Chernivtsi region for joining the conversation and helping to maintain order at the right moment.