December 8th-10th, we gathered the best representatives of our organization from all over Ukraine for the first USF Golden Retreat. We have brought together people who have helped us implement large-scale events throughout the year as well as created their projects.

For three days, we summed up 2019 and planned work for next year. Listened to speakers, worked in teams, and just had fun together!

This year we introduced the most prestigious award of the USF — the Golden Goose! The person receives it for the best-realized project! Congratulations to Max Shyrochenkov and the Kharkiv center, who won the Golden Goose for the Lawmaker School!

Congratulations to Taras Pogrebnyak, who received the Silver Goose for the best speech: “How the USF can change your life.” Congratulations to Anton Bondar and the entire Liberty MovieMent team, who received the Bronze Goose and an additional 24,000 hryvnias project grant!

Thank you to everyone who worked hard this year! We are sincerely glad to have such people on the team!