A large-scale youth forum — Free Generation Forum 2019, was held in Kyiv on December 7th. We brought together more than 150 proactive people to discuss the present and future of Ukraine!

This year, we organized lectures from leading experts, panel discussions with the participation of Ukrainian editors as well as fierce debate with international speakers for the participants!

Speakers of the Free Generation Forum 2019:

Tom G. Palmer is a libertarian author and theorist, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, and vice president of international programs at the Atlas Network. Tom Palmer presented his book, “Why Freedom?”, which our organization has translated into the last six months.

Olexiy Arestovich is a military expert and blogger. During the lecture, he discussed the disciplinary society and whether it could be reformed.

Yaroslav Romanchuk — Belarusian economist, head of the Mises Research Center, he told how the right economic policy is capable of radically changing Ukraine.

During the panel discussion “Sustainable Development Goals and Economic Development of Ukraine,” speakers discussed whether the business could solve environmental issues. Six Ukrainian experts involved in ecological improvement have been involved in the discussion.

Thanks a lot for participating in the Forum and interest in the future of our country! We also thank the speakers for useful lectures and discussions!