Daniil is a Chief Executive Officer at the Ukrainian Students for Freedom. Currently he pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy in the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. He has been in libertarian movement since 2014, right after the Revolution of Dignity. He was moderator of the Liberty Classes in 2014-2015. In the spring of 2017 together with Mykhailo Lavrovskyi and Mariia Chaplia created Ukrainian Students for Freedom. Become CEO in the winter of 2017.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «I am in USF, because I believe that only a new generation can change our country. The generation of those who deliberately chose to remain, to fight and to protect our Motherland. For us, people who have been trying to change this country since times of Revolution is essential to unite. We believe that future Ukraine can be oasis for those who is thirsty for freedom. And we are working in order to create this oasis.»

Daniil Lubkin

Mykhailo is a Chief Operating Officer in USF. He grew up in the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia. He studied in the University of Chernivtsi from 2014 to 2016 and Donetsk National University from 2016 pursuing a degree in political science. In 2017 Mykhailo moved to Kyiv to develop Ukrainian Students for Freedom – an NGO he created with Mariia Chaplia and Daniil Lubkin to promote the ideas of liberty among Ukrainian youth. From 2015 Mykhailo is an active member in Students for Liberty where he currently holds a position of Regional Director for Eastern Europe. During the spring of 2018 he was a research intern in the Cato Institute, DC, USA.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «For me, the ideas of liberty are not some imaginary ideals, but the purpose of my work. USF focuses on two things: youth and freedom. Youth, because we believe that only people born and raised in an independent Ukraine are able to change it. Freedom, because, as human history shows, it is a universal cure for poverty of any nation. I, as well as like-minded people from USF, do not want to seek happiness elsewhere, but I want to build it here and now. Freedom has always been the highest value for Ukrainians, therefore, I am convinced that it will be the best instrument for our prosperity.»

Mykhailo Lavroskyi

Darya is a 3rd year student at Department of Chinese, Korean and Japanese Philology, Institute of Philology at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. For the first time Darya has heard about the students` libertarian movement long time before she dared to become a part of it. The final push was during the Free Generation Forum 2017, where she was inspired by the power of common ideas so she took decisive action.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «Ukrainian Students for Freedom is an organization with no alternatives in Ukraine. I believe that students are those who are the driving force of a society and only we can change the future of our state. I believe that the state should not care about what I do and how I do it as soon as my actions don’t affect the rights and freedoms of other citizens. I want to live in a better country and I am convinced that it is the libertarian principles of a state system that will help Ukraine to become a peaceful and prosperous country.»

Darya Shershun

Dmytro is currently studying at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and pursuing his Master’s degree in law. He is also a Vice-President of BETA Ukraine and a member of Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine. Dmytro found out about libertarian ideas in 2015 during Kyiv Liberty Classes. In 2017 Dmytro applied for a Campus Coordinator program and finally realized his libertarian nature. Since then Dmytro is a member of Ukrainian Students for Freedom.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «Being a part of USF team not only gives a great chance to develop personal skills and get precious experience. It also provides the unique opportunity to legally struggle for personal and economic freedoms, to reform old inefficient system of public governance and to change people’s view of state, rights and liberty. »

Dmytro Usik

Olena is doing her master’s in International Relations at Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. At the same time, she is a campus coordinator for Ukrainian Students for Freedom. She got aware of libertarian ideas during her exchange program in the USA but she didn’t identify herself as a libertarian at that time. Then, Olena watched a Joy movie and that was the turning point to percept herself as a libertarian. That movie shortly summarized most of the ideas that F. Hayek or M. Freedman had to write books about: stubborn and tenacious entrepreneurship, hard and persistent work, commercial innovation. Shortly after coming back to Ukraine she applied to become a coordinator for USF.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «I believe that together with USFF and its awesome team it’s possible to build a society, where “the best government is the least government”. USFF gives incredible opportunities and possibilities to drive changes, to influence the society, and make your voice to be heard.»

Olena Yehorova

Max is a studies political science at Karazin Kharkiv National University. For the first time, he learned in detail and embraced the ideas of libertarianism during the Free Generation Forum 2016, when he realized that this ideology adhered to the principles that he was supportive of. In July 2017 he joined the Ukrainian Students for Freedom. At this moment, Max heads the Kharkiv branch of the organization.
On the USF: «Ukrainian Students for Freedom is one of the few organizations in Ukraine that promotes and offers genuine effective mechanisms for changing the state and society for the better. Briefly, we stand for the rational freedom of everyone, but for the freedom that is associated with autonomy, responsibility and respect for others. That’s why I’m with the USF.»

Max Syrochenkov

Julia is the secretary of the Kharkiv branch of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom. She is currently International Law and Political Science student. Julia studies in the National Law University and Karazin Kharkiv National University. She started to be interested in the ideas of libertarianism after joining the university, but the main reason for joining movement was the Free Generation Forum 2016. She is now proud to be a part of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom.
On Students For Freedom: «I’m sure that libertarianism is not an ideology, but a lifestyle. Ideas of freedom are not imposed values for me, but a meaningful choice. Therefore, when there was an opportunity to join the Ukrainian Students for Freedom, I didn’t doubt a moment».

Julia Kurochkina

Oleksandr graduated from the Institute of international relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a Bachelor’s degree in international law. Currently continues his studies there as a Master’s student. Oleksandr says he finally established himself as libertarian after reading Henry Hazlitt’s “Economics in one lesson”, although he was leaning towards the ideas of free market his whole life. Oleksandr believes that freedom is not just a vague concept but an ultimate recipe for success in the country dimension. That’s why he concentrates his main efforts in the organization on our legislative initiatives.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «For me libertarianism ultimately began with the desire to make my country a better place. After years of studies and pondering I have come to a conclusion that the only reliable and proven way to do it is (economic) freedom. It is very important to have the support of your like-minds if you don’t want to sit aside while changes are happening. That’s why I am with USF – to implement projects and ideas I couldn’t implement alone. And to have fun doing it!»

Oleksandr Vysotskyi

Mariana is a 4th year student at the Kyiv Economics University pursuing her degree in finance. Firstly, Mariana got in touch with libertarian ideas during cycle of lectures Liberty Classes. Then, after visiting the Free Generation Forum, she decided to join to a team of like-minded people for the realization of common goals.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «USF is not just an organization that wants to spread the idea of freedom, it is also a place where you realize that you not only shouldn’t adapt to the existing conditions, but by yourself can influence the state of surrounding things.»

Mariana Grushka

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of NaUKMA, Department of Finance. The path to libertarianism began at the Maidan, where Tymur was a part of 16 Sotnya of Self-Defense. Those events forced him to think about the meaning of personal freedom. As a result, he figured out more about Austrian School, the Georgian free-market reforms and ideas of Ayn Rand. All of that encouraged him to take a part in the Kaha Bendukidze’s memorial conference in November 2014, where he has heard about more about libertarianism and realized that such ideas inspire him.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «Since the time of ESFL summit, I have been trying to attend all thematic events, so when I heard about the opportunity to join the libertarian organization – I decided to become a part of it.»

Tymur Pluishch

Iryna is a fourth-year Finance student at Kyiv Vadym Hetman National Economic University. She takes an active civil position. Iryna aorganizes a variety of university educational events, and she is interested in scientific activities and likes to volunteer. She first got in touch with libertarian ideas during Liberty Classes which took place in 2015. Iryna decided to apply for the campus coordinator to join the like-minded people and start pro-liberty activities.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «I am in the USF because I believe, that everyone has the rights and freedoms and that nobody can limit them. I am ready to defend this. In USF I work with legislations to make our country freer and better place to live.»

Iryna Kinakh

Anastasia was born in 1997 when the Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma made Ukraine a crony capitalist’s state. She lives at the small, comfortable city of Chernivtsi where she is on her way to finish Bachelor Degree in Political Science at Chernivtsi National University. Anastasiia does not like routine and spending time in her comfort zone. That is why her resume full of jobs, internships and social initiatives. She loves crisis communication, political marketing and flowers.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «I am with USF because I don’t like my reality and don’t want to be just critic. I want to do something instead. I don’t like archaic rules and regulations; they don’t work at reality. We need to run fast and create new and effective policies, even by making not very popular decisions. I love the team of USF, because people like that make me confident that we can accept new rules of our lives and all together can co-live at this difficult world.»

Anastasiia Pavliuk

Kateryna is currently attaining a degree in Software Engineering at Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv. She was first properly introduced to the ideas of libertarianism while taking an online course created by USF members, took inspiration from them, then joined the team at an offline training camp. In her utopian dreams, Kateryna sees the future in which everyone is educated enough to understand and accept libertarianism — and that is the goal she shares with USF and intends to achieve team wise.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «USF is the biggest discovery of my life as a student, and I am extremely happy to shape the future of my country together with some of the brightest people I’ve ever met. There is no stop to my eagerness to help USF fulfill its both pure and complex purpose.»

Kateryna Repekh

Pavlo is an active member of the Ukrainian Students for Freedom since the beginning of the organization’s activity. Being a fifth-year law student, Pavlo brought not only legal knowledge to our establishment but also a sufficient amount of knowledge in the area of libertarianism. In 2018, Pavlo was representing the USF at Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D.C. At the moment, he is occupying a position of the secretary of the Lviv team.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom:

Pavlo Potichnyi

Vladyslav graduated from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a master degree in Law. His first meeting with libertarianism happened at the university when he clearly realized that socialism is not working and state interference has only a negative impact on society. Although he is sure that he was a libertarian from an early age as he always advocated equality of opportunity and opposed state interference. After Free Generation Forum in 2016 he applied to join Ukrainian Students For Freedom and started his pro-liberty activism.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «As practice shows, almost all changes and progressive new ideas come from students. It is impossible to change the country qualitatively without student support. So, organizations as Ukrainian Students for Freedom are needed in a developing country. Being a part of such remarkable team which spreads the ideas of liberty is a great honor and opportunity for development.»

Vladyslav Bozhko

Dmytro has a degree of bachelor of cultural studies from Chernivtsi National University.
He is an active member of the USF since 2017. He is interested in the ideas of liberty since the studying at a university where he defended the rights and freedoms of students in the student’s parliament, on strikes and rallies. He considers political philosophy from the point of view of cultural processes.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «I am convinced that for the general cultural progress of our state, its preservation and harmonization, we need a completely new set of rules within our society. In my opinion, the foundation of this set can be found in the ideas of liberty. The best organization that promotes these ideas among Ukrainian youth is USF, that’s why I am a part of it.»

Dmytro Babichenko

This year Daryna is going to graduate from Odesa National University with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. This field of study has led her to libertarian idea. Daryna has been actively visiting various events dedicated to questions of democracy and security, which have sharply occurred in 2014-2015 in Ukraine. Consequently, Daryna has understood that her ideas still seem incomprehensible and strange to many people that surround her, as she really started following the philosophy of freedom in the moment, when this freedom was undermined. The first time she attended the libertarian event was autumn 2017 after the invitation of her friend. Daryna has started having a fancy for the ideas of free societies since that very moment when she heard the marvelous story of Georgia’s transformations and took part in an amazing discussion of many problems.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «She decided to become a part of the organization because of common thoughts, views and interesting people to undertake great steps with. The other reason is rooted in the irresistible wish to rehabilitate and renew freedom in people’s minds and in own head as well. The organization is a little leap into an inexhaustible flow of ideas, concepts and ways to their implementation. It gives you a chance to feel you as a part of a new, revolutionary history, which one day will disturb this society.»

Daryna Nestropa

Illia is an alumni of the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership. He is a first year student in the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, studying Applied Mathematics. Also, he is an intern at the Horizon Capital. In the first place, he found out about the libertarian ideas in the end of his studying at the UAL. Then with his friend, he joined the Ukrainian Students for Freedom.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «Unfortunately, in Ukraine, even after 26 years since the collapse of the USSR, society still stuck in communism and socialism, which impedes the stable development of the country. I think that what we are doing here in the Ukrainian Students for Freedom will help dispel myths about capitalism, and will help Ukraine build a free society.»

Illia Platukhin

Svitlana was born in 1997 in Bukovina, she lives in wonderful city of Chernivtsi, where she has been studying at Chernivtsi National University for two years at the Faculty of History, Political Science and International Relations. International information, the specialty she has chosen, is extremely interesting for her as it helps to gain knowledge in the most diverse areas of public life. After graduating in the Studienkolleg Sachsen in Leipzig and returning to her hometown, she began to actively engage in project management in the field of Ukrainian literature, where she gained an interesting and incredible experience. She lives under the slogan — there is no unimportant and unnecessary knowledge, and life is a constant movement forward and the development of its own horizons and opportunities.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «The USF for me is a powerful platform for self-development and implementation of very important projects for our country. Acquainted with amazing individuals in USF, I realized that our country is remarkable human potential of young, ambitious, creative and caring people. I am interested in building a new reality with them and shaping the prospects for the future. For me is unacceptable to just watch, and I know that together we are building a strong youth organization with fresh creative ideas, which then form the basis of a new civil society.»

Svitlana Konstantynyuk

Ostap was born in a town of Morshyn, which is located on the West of Ukraine. He obtained bachelor degree in public international law in the Institute of international relations of the Taras Shevchenk National University of Kyiv. Currently he is a student of the human rights master`s program of the Law School of the Ukrainian Catholic University.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «I believe that economic freedom secured by effective rules is a condition of successful society. For the USF building such society model is one of the priorities.»

Ostap Hunkevych

Mykhailo is a student of Software engineering in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The ideas of liberty struck him with acquaintance with several members of NGOs. Therefore, he tried to expand his knowledge in this area and then, immediately, understood that it is what he should represent and where he belong to be.
On Ukrainian Students For Freedom: «USF is an amazing organization that has managed to spread the message of liberty among Ukrainians and brings students to understand its truth and importance, and I’m truly excited to be a part of it.»

Mykhailo Reshetniak

Vladylsav is an alumni of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy, and a student of the Philosophy Faculty of Yuri Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. Currently he holds a position of the head of the Lviv Branch of Ukrainian Students for Freedom. For the first time he touched upon the ideas of freedom, studying the philosophy of French and English enlightenment at the Faculty of Philosophy. «I was struck by the way people struggled for freedom to think and create the world in which they want to live, initiated an era of “enlightenment” that gave a powerful impetus to the development of sciences. I am deeply convinced that a just society can exist only where justice is determined not by the state nomenclature but by the common sense of every citizen who clearly understands his responsibility for each subsequent step.»
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «I am deeply convinced that the value of the word “Freedom” for everyone who was born in the Independent Ukraine is so tightly engraved in the subconscious that it has become not only a feature of nature but a value of life. I am very glad that I have similar minded people in the USF, with whom I can create my beloved Free Ukraine.»

Vladyslav Malchevskyi

Sophia is a student of the Faculty of International Relations at the Ivan Franko Lviv National University. She acquainted with the ideas of libertarianism several years ago, when she read works by Ayn Rand. After a long period of reflection and acceptance of the principles of libertarianism, people and events related to libertarianism, she started to look for people and events associated with libertarianism and got into the Free Generation Forum 2016, where she met interesting people and members of the ESFL. She joined USF on Summer 2017.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «Libertarianism is a principle of life for me, which helps to improve its quality».

Sofia Rodygina

Yevheniia Koliada studies at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv at the Faculty of Journalism. She is also a Coordinator at Ukrainian Students for Freedom in Lviv, Ukraine. Yevheniia first got in touch with libertarian movement during the Campus Coordinator Program which was organized by Ukrainian Students for Freedom in August 2017. Then she realized that libertarian community stands for the same values as she does, so she decided to join the movement. Yevheniia believes that personal freedom and independence are the most important things in modern life, that is why she supports libertarian movement and spreads the ideas of liberty.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «Among my colleagues at USF I see brilliant minds who have an opportunity to change the whole generation and thereby change the future of our country. I’m glad to see that our local libertarian community is growing fast, especially, among students. I think, majority of young Ukrainians are libertarian by they hearts, even though they aren’t aware of that yet. Perhaps, Ukrainian society really needs the ideas of liberty. And our organization is only helping to spread those beliefs.»

Yevheniia Koliada

Danylo is a 2nd year student at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, studying Security of Information and Communication Systems. He became interested in the ideas of libertarianism when he was in the 11th grade at school, thanks to the active participation in Model of the United Nations. After he learned about the student libertarian movement he became a part of it with no doubt.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «It is possible to give young people the necessary platform for self-realization and teach them what is libertarianism, with the help of Ukrainian Students for Freedom and its participants. It is students who are a part of a society that is capable of decisive changes and actions. We create new opportunities for
students and provide interesting things that can be implemented in Ukraine. I want the political and public activity of our citizens to improve and reach new heights, and with this Ukraine will also improve.»

Данило Вдовенко

Sergiy study International Business at Kyiv National Economic University. He is a member of Ukrainian Students for Freedom since fall of 2017. In the first place Sergiy read about libertarian ideas during Finance and Macroeconomics courses. He thinks that libertarian ideas should be implemented and adjusted to real time. He realizes that tax system and role of government in economy of Ukraine should be minimalized, and somebody must do it. After the Free Generation Forum and training camp of USF he joined team and since then his pro-liberty activism started. He is ready for new challenges to change Ukraine for better.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «Students are the engine that creates new ideas and new ways for policy changing. We are students and our mission is to make our country better with our minds and energy. Our team trying to deliver this message to other students of our country with lectures, courses and workshops. I believe in USF and will do my best to promote our ideas. »

Sergiy Oliynik

Ivan is a 3rd year student of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University where he is pursuing his degree in international relations. First encountered libertarian ideas during the second year of study, at a lecture organized by USF. Later he applied for the USF’s leadership program, and joined the organization. He started to discover new ideas right after the first USF’s retreat, which took place in Kiev.
On Ukrainian Students for Freedom: «I am sure that Ukrainian Students for Freedom is an organization that can distribute and embody into reality the ideas of freedom in Ukraine. USF has a great team that promotes the ideas of free society, as well as great tools to spread those ideas.»

Ivan Yurchyshyn